The Best Bartending Colleges In The US In 2023

The Best Bartending Colleges In The US In 2023

Best Bartending Colleges & Tips

Do you like bartending? Do you wish to switch from the existing career but don't know how to arrange that well?

Bartending is a profession that requires mixing and serving drinks. It's a fun, attractive career with many growth opportunities. Even though it may seem like just pouring liquids, there's so much more than meets the eye when you're in charge of entertaining guests at your local bar or restaurant!

If you're looking for the best bartending colleges, then this post will be helpful to you! The following article will explore what exactly goes into becoming a professional bartender.

Reasons for Taking Bartending Courses

Bartender doing bartending work in front of the wine rack

There are bartending schools in every city and state where aspiring bartenders can learn their trade. Often, these schools offer a variety of courses so that you may choose the ones you need at any given time. The HORECA sector introduces enormous opportunities for growth, including as a bartender.

You may gain here precious communication experience, develop exceptional skills of doing some bartending-related matters, like juggling glasses, and participate in various competitions. The industry promises many opportunities but requires special training instead as it is already a competitive one.

Do you want to know if a bartending school will help you make your dream of being a fantastic mixologist come true? Don't worry about the price tag. There are scholarships for those who need them just as much or more than money does! 

Here are a few of the reasons why taking bartending courses is beneficial for you:

  • The school curriculum is comprehensive in most cases

Bartending schools offer a complete and well-rounded education. It gives you the basics you may need to know about the bartender profession. You can explore all things related to a career independently by writing your research paper and risk missing certain important things.

You may also attend the already-existing courses and get first-hand information about bar equipment, front and back bars, types of alcohols, psychology of interacting with customers, etiquette basics, bar cleaning, handling money, legal requirements, and the like.

  • You will gain your first bartending exercise

Learning the basics is the fundamentals of your success ladder. It is always easy to gain new knowledge and explore the specifics of a professional when there is somebody skilled nearby. 

You may acquire some basic knowledge, learn special tricks, and take the first steps.

  • You can build your own network

You will learn from people already in the field of your professional interest. You may also meet other students that share similar goals and interests as you, which can lead to valuable connections for both parties involved!

Wouldn't it be great if your professional contacts grew by leaps and bounds after taking these courses? You can get started with a great bartending school today.

Bartending Schools Worth Your Attention

Man pouring liquor onto shot glasses

You can learn bartending by yourself, but it is best to learn the craft in school. To be a successful student, you must express your interest and motivation for pursuing these bartending courses.

It will require writing one of those "motivation letters" (such as StudyEssay) only to join with other students also seeking admission into well-known bartending schools!

Here are the top 3 best bartending courses:

1. Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing in Fort Lauderdale

This school was launched in 2007 and is licensed by the Florida Department of Education. The course was created by professionals and composed to find suitable job opportunities. It is also possible to start practice after the course hours.

2. Professional Bartending School of San Diego

This school is located in Texas and is state-approved. This course is designated to enable developing the enhanced skills required for a professional - yes, you will learn exciting tricks for a bartender here. The classes usually take 4 hours a day and maybe customized to your needs at some parts.

3. Ace Bartending Academy in Las Vegas

Simply imagine how many valuable experiences and knowledge you may get here? These courses are carried out by professionals and can be completed within two weeks only. 

You will need to attend those Monday-Friday but evening courses are also available. You will get precise knowledge here and have a great time!

Scholarships for Bartending

Bartending pouring a drink from a cocktail shaker

If you are worried about the money you should pay for attending courses, there is no reason to become desperate about that.

You may be surprised, but there are many existing grants for bartending schools you may apply to get the required financing. Here are some excellent examples for you to consider:

1. A.J. Grisanti Memorial Scholarship Fund

This one is among the top scholarships for applicants who wish to receive a HORECA sector education. This scholarship will also be available to applicants who want to attend a bartender school and practice later. It is possible to get $2,500 from this program. 

2. Tampa Bay Hospitality Alliance Scholarship

This is an amazing opportunity for applicants who reside in Florida and intend to apply to a local educational establishment to study HORECA-related jobs. It is necessary to show sincere interest in the area to gain basic funding of up to $1,000. 

3. Pennsylvania Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Scholarships

Applicants need to succeed with their projects to win funding. The accreditation committee will choose the winners, providing up to $5,000 in scholarship. That is why this program is so desired among students.

Another option to consider is applying for student loans. At some point, this option may even motivate students to enhance their knowledge faster. Career Training Smart Option Student Loan is an excellent example of a loan worth considering.

Things to Consider When Selecting Your Bartending Course

When choosing a school, it's vital to be well-informed and make an educated decision. The best way is by taking the time needed for research to avoid making any mistakes that could set you up with regrets later on, like spending too much money or regretting your choice.

It might be necessary to pay attention to several factors such as these:

  • Knowledge and skills you'd like to acquire
  • Specialty of the school
  • Price of the course you'd like to take
  • Length of the course
  • Course certifications


Bartending is a fun profession that offers new and exciting experiences every day. Whether you’re looking for something to do after school or just want an interesting hobby, bartending can be a perfect choice!

Suppose you're interested in learning about how to become a bartender. In that case, we recommend finding a professional nearby who has experience and knowledge so they can share their tricks and tips—and also show you what it takes to get hired at any bar across the country.

Have you attended one of the schools listed in this post? Let us know in the comments below.

Rebecca Carter is a content writer. She works for an essay writing company and is always eager to help students with their assignments. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and enjoys writing about her life and experiences.



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