Professional Bartender Creates a Cocktail on the Bar

8 Easy Flair Bartending Tricks You Can Master Fast

Professional Bartender Creates a Cocktail on the Bar

Many bartenders don't know flair techniques, but it's not that hard. The key elements for successful flair bartending tricks are concentration and balance. It is just like any other sport—you need to practice before you can do it in front of an audience!

These easy moves will have you becoming the bartender with all the skills in no time at all.

Best Flair Bartending Moves for Beginners

1. Basic Flip

A bartender pouring liquor into the cocktail shaker

Starting out as flair bartenders can be tough, but there are many easy tricks to help you get the hang of it. One move that most bartenders start with is called "basic flip." 

All you have to do is grab the bottle by its neck and spin it around in front of your body before catching it again! The drink will pour when they catch on, so no more worry about spilling drinks for all those thirsty patrons!

2. Ice Throwing

A bartender doing ice throwing

For a refreshing treat, throw ice cubes in the air and catch them in your drink. This move will be one of the first flair bartending moves you ever learn if juggling is easy for you at all!

3. Bottle Stalls

A bartender holding a cocktail shakers

Flip like a pro with this one tricky trick! To master it, you need to get the bottle spinning in your hand before catching it. Then, you can either catch and hold onto the neck of the bottle or just let go- but be careful not to drop it.

This is more difficult than flipping from palm to palm because when using that technique, you use the only momentum instead of manually rotating an object for additional speed.

4. Palm Spin

The ability to spin a bottle and pour is not as easy as it may seem. Many people have tried this before, but only a few succeed in doing so perfectly! 

The skill takes some serious dedication if you're going for the 360-degree mark or even 3 spins. As you practice, try spinning 2 bottles at once- that'll give your fingers quite the workout!

5. Ten out of Ten

The 10 out of 10 practice technique is about trying to land that tricky move using a bar tool ten times in a row. Then, when you miss, start back at number one again until you nail it! 

Ten iterations are challenging yet achievable for even novice bartenders who have practiced before and know what they’re doing—the repetition trains your focus, so when you've nailed nine moves in a row, don't get too relaxed or risk messing up on #10.

6. Tin Pivots

A bartender throwing cocktail shakers

Tin pivots are the next movement to master because they can be used in combination with tin flips. As you spin the tin horizontally, the key here is to get your thumb and fingers out of the way—this will allow for a pure, spinning experience on its surface so long as it has enough momentum from being spun overhand rapidly.

Once that's done, try rotating on an axis by grabbing hold of one side or another; even without any other movements at all, there'll still be plenty going on!

7. Pour Cuts

You can make your pour more fun with a few tricks! One is the swoop. Simply take the bottle and sweep it up from low to high, like you would if you were drawing a letter ‘Z’ in front of somebody's head or something similarly swoopy—all while holding an ice cube between two fingers on one hand for dramatic effect.

The second cut is called "the snap." Do you know how bartenders usually have that little bell they ring when someone orders another round? 

Well, this technique does precisely what its name implies. But, first, pull your back so far as possible before launching forward to swing out rigidly towards them again, just like ringing those bells around town at Christmas time.

8. Spoon Flip

You can't really go wrong with a tin flip or spoon toss, as they are both relatively easy tricks. Spoon flips have the advantage of having an extended handle to grab on to after you complete the trick, while spins require more practice and patience before succeeding. 

When getting started, you should try spinning your spoon around your index finger - don't be discouraged if this is difficult at first!

Flair Bartenders Equipment

Bartenders are like magicians. They can make beverages come to life with the flick of a wrist. There’s no need for an ordinary drink when you have flair bartending equipment at home. 

With all your favorite liquors and mixers on hand, this is one party trick that will always keep people coming back for more! Check out this flair bartending equipment that you can use.

1. Flair Bottle

 flair bottle
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The first and maybe the most obvious choice is the flair bottle. This tool was designed specifically for making you a master of flair bartending. Still, it can also be used by beginners to practice their skills before trying them out in front of an audience. 

Made from shatter-proof solid plastic that won’t break so long as you take precautions during your training sessions, this handy little helper should last throughout many drops over years to come!

2. Tin Cocktail Shaker

tin cocktail shaker
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The tin cocktail shaker is a bartender's best friend. It does not matter if you are doing classic or flair bartending. The metal container can be used for all types of mixing drinks. Tin is the most common material for cocktail shakers because it is lightweight, durable, and cheap. 

In addition, it is easier to clean than stainless steel or glass because it doesn't have any seams that can trap bacteria from ice cubes melting in them overnight.

3. Collinson Bar Spoon

Collinson Bar Spoon
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Collinson bar spoons are the perfect way to make your cocktails more appealing and entertaining. The Collinson Bar Spoon is designed with a decorative yet functional flair that will add an extra level of elegance to any drink-making routine. 

Perfect for stirring martinis or lifting ice cubes out of a glass without spilling them all over the table, this unique bar spoon is a much-needed tool in the flair bartending arena. It allows for easy grips and provides an excellent way to whip up any drink.

4. Jigger

CucinaPrime Cocktail Jigger Set
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The flair bartending scene is all the rage these days, and jiggers are an essential tool for this style of drink making.

Jiggering has become such an essential skill in the industry that it's worth taking time to master while you can! These little tools will help with measuring liquids for your drinks as well as figuring out when they're good or bad before pouring them into glasses - which could save some embarrassment later on down the line.

5. Bar Service Spill Mat

Bar Service Spill Mat
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A bar mat helps keep any spilled liquids from going all over the floor and potentially messing up your floors. This product is an excellent addition for flair bartenders as it can help them do tricks without worrying about their feet getting wet or worse, slipping on some liquid before they finish drinking!

Customers want safety when they go out with friends in town, especially if you have slippery surfaces like tiles that could cause someone to slip right off their chair onto the ground. Likewise, a bartender needs precision so they don't spill anything while giving everyone at the table one heck of an experience through this professional-grade tool designed just for these purposes. 


Flair bartending is a skill that takes years to master, but with these easy tricks, you can learn how to flair in no time at all. If you want to become a bartender with all the skills and start making your way up the ranks of a professional, make sure you practice before showing off your new moves on stage!

Remember to focus on concentration and balance when executing any of these simple tricks so that you don't end up spilling anything or falling while trying them out for the first time. 

Which one of these simple tricks do YOU think will be easiest for you? Let us know in the comment section.


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