World's Best Mixologists Of November 2021

World's Best Mixologists Of November 2021

World's Best Mixologists Of November 2021

This month's featured mixologists are a group of people whose experience in the industry is a testimony to their skills and passion for this craft. They have made their mark with delicious and unique cocktails over their years of service.

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1. Simone Magagnato 

Simone Magagnato pouring a drink

Simone Magagnato @simone_magagnato is a bartender and bar manager at The Kudetà. It is a cozy bar where you can enjoy some delicious Italian tapas and drinks. The ambiance is perfect for winding down after dinner, as manager Simone takes care of customers' needs while mixing up specialty cocktails with his expert skills!

2. Dennis Zoppi

Dennis Zoppi with a glass of cocktail

Dennis Zoppi @denniszoppi is a creative entrepreneur bartender who loves to think outside the box and come up with new ideas. He has been designing unique glasses for mixology. Also, he is a coach and consultant of many well-known brands such as Diageo and Buchi.

3. Leandro DiMonriva

Leandro DiMonrive holding a glass of cocktail

Leandro DiMonriva @theeducatedbarlfy is the man behind the famous Educated Barfly, a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing cocktail recipes and proper drink-making techniques. He has 10 years of experience working in some of the most celebrated cocktail bars around Los Angeles. Over those years, he mastered classic drinks and worked with many prominent bartenders.

4. Francesco D’Arienzo

Francesco D’Arienzo behind the bar

Life as a bartender is both exciting and unpredictable. You never know what kind of emotions you may be able to deliver through your drinks. This is the main inspiration that made Francesco D' Arienzo @francescoflorence pursue this craft. He is also working at the Galaxy Bar with a team, aiming to enter the Best 50 Bars.

5. Noemi Duce

Noemi Duce pouring liquor into a glass

Noemi Duce @noemiduce is a flair bartender who likes to showcase her talents in front of people. Aside from showing her skills in the bar, she also likes to perform and practice her tricks on the beach. This lady always has something new up her sleeve!

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6. Kaitlyn Stewart

Kaitlyn Stewart behind a bar

Kaitlyn Stewart @k8os is a Global Bartending Champion. In 2017, she was the first Canadian to win the prestigious World Class Global Bartender of The Year title. Since then, she has been traveling around doing pop-up bars at some of the world's best venues and judging international bartenders competitions!

7. Bannie Kang

Bannie Kang in front of the bar

Bannie Kang @bannie_k, the co-founder of MU Taipei, was crowned Bartender of the Year (Asia) at the DRiNK Awards. Bannie is an experienced bartender with over 10 years in their field who knows how to turn any occasion into something special!

8. GN Chan

GN Chan holding a glass of cocktail

For GN Chan @ggnchan, bartending is more than just making drinks. It’s about the performance and how well you can captivate your audience with a cocktail. He used BACARDÍ Legacy as the standard to judge in-house competitions when his drink won first place in the said competition.

9. Loca Coppet

Loca Coppet making glasses of cocktail

Loca Coppet @la.loca_ is a bartender who likes to show her creativity in mixing drinks. She makes amazing cocktails with fresh ingredients and new techniques to bring something innovative to the industry!

10. Martin Hudak

Martin Hudak holding a glass of cocktail and some dessert

Martin Hudak @martin_hudak is a global coffee ambassador for Mr. Black, and he's not just any old barista. The former senior bartender at The Savoy has been championing the drink since 2017! Martin wants to bridge the gap between caffeinated beverage and spirits communities.


These cocktail creators are a big reason why so many people enjoy drinks. They work hard every day and make creative concoctions for all of us to enjoy! 

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