The barman juggler throws up an ice for cocktail at bar

8 Best Bartender Scholarships In The US In 2023

The barman juggler throws up an ice for cocktail at bar

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The modern HORECA industry’s current situation pushes people to rethink their careers and look for new opportunities. No matter if you are new to the foodservice industry or want to switch your career path, the best way to succeed is to have practice and a robust theoretical basis approved by relevant diplomas.

If you are willing to become a professional bartender, the best way is to choose an educational establishment that offers culinary and foodservice disciplines. Many US universities’ faculties allow to study such fields as culinary arts, event managing and bartending.

For students who cannot afford the cost, there is an option to get support from establishments. This support is given in the form of scholarships. There is usually a list of particular requirements for scholarship applicants, and one of them can be writing an essay. If you need help with creating a persuasive paper, you can opt to use a good writing service, for example, WriteMyEssayOnline

We have gathered some of the most exciting scholarships in the US for studying bartending in a culinary course.

1. Cosimo DiBrizzi Culinary Arts Scholarship

This scholarship is related to Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley and was established by the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce support. 

To apply for this scholarship, students must be residents of the Mid-Hudson Valley for at least five years, demonstrate their interest in culinary arts, and opt to enroll at the Culinary Institute of America. Successful applicants are awarded from USD 1,500 to USD 3,000.

2. American Culinary Federation Monterey Bay Chapter Marc H. Vedrines Scholarship

The scholarship relates to the Community Foundation for Monterey County. Applicants can choose a post-secondary educational establishment or enter a selected culinary school.

An amount of USD 1,000 – USD 2,500 can be given to successful applicants who will show and approve their financial needs and explain their interest in the culinary field.

3. A.J. Grisanti Memorial Scholarship Fund

This is one of the desired scholarships for students willing to receive education in a food service or restaurant-related major. 

The preferences are given to students who plan to enroll in such educational establishments as Indianapolis Vocational Technical College, Wake Technical College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Kendall College or College of DuPage, University of Denver, and others. Successful recipients get USD 2,500.

4. Pennsylvania Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Scholarships

This scholarship allows students to get the desired degree in the field of culinary arts. Applicants who will succeed in their projects and will be chosen by an accreditation committee that includes a member of the PRAEF will get up to USD 5,000 for their study in a chosen university. Many applicants desire to get this scholarship annually. 

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5. McInroy-Sheffer People Trust Scholarship

The amount up to USD 3,000 is a possible reward for successful recipients willing to enroll in such schools as Pennsylvania College of Technology or Harrisburg University. To become an applicant, you must show interest in culinary arts and foodservice.

6. ECTC Culinary Arts Scholarship

This scholarship is for students of Culinary Arts courses at several colleges at Elizabethtown. Among these colleges is Technical College. The scholarship usually doesn’t have very high demand, and applicants who fit the requirements can quickly get a grant of USD 500.

7. Tampa Bay Hospitality Alliance Scholarship

This is a beautiful opportunity for students who permanently reside in Florida and have plans to enroll in a college or university to study hospitality or food service programs. A piece of working advice for future applicants to get this scholarship is to show their high interest in the foodservice industry. 

The committee will also pay attention to your GPA, which must be at least 3.0 or higher. The amount that is awarded is USD 1,000.

8. John Crook Scholarship

A non-renewable scholarship is dedicated to supporting Edgar County, Illinois seniors interested in culinary arts and food service-related fields.

The financial aid is awarded to students to enroll in different educational establishments for four years of study in the culinary art field. The candidates need to be the first generation to go to university in their family. The award is USD 500.

International Online Bartending Schools

These are the scholarships that allow students to enter university, college, or a high school in the US and study bartending as a part of an overall culinary course.

If you are willing to focus your knowledge after finishing your degree, you can choose an additional bartender education by attending online classes and schools. Here are some that are possible to participate in:

  • A Bar Above (USA)
  • Barsmarts (USA)
  • Jerry Global (Singapore)
  • Ananas (Australia)
  • European Bartender School (Gibraltar)
  • Gypsy (Australia)


If your dream is to become a professional bartender, prepare yourself to be patient and study a lot. Remember that proficiency and practical skills must be well-balanced with a strong theoretical basis. Moreover, if you do not have guaranteed funds that could support your education, you can get a scholarship in a chosen field. 

We hope that the information we provided in this article was useful for you and your applying for a culinary art/bartender scholarship will be successful. And if you are willing to dive deeper into the bartending arts, we recommend attending the online bartending schools listed above.


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