A mixologist in practice

How To Become A Mixologist In California

A mixologist in practice

Thinking of becoming a mixologist? Take time to understand the craft. Mixologists must work in different social settings and have excellent customer service.

While you don’t need any formal education, it’s essential to find ways to advance your career and stand out from the crowd. Statistics show that there are about 3,288 mixologists in the U.S. So If you’d like to become a mixologist in California, here’s what you can do.

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1. Get Certified

To become an expert in your craft, you need to take mixology and bartending courses. Look for an online course or go to a bartending school. These classes will boost your skills and provide some opportunities for job placements.

Attending these schools is also crucial because you can network with people in the hospitality industry. Once you get your certification or license, you can look for job opportunities.

2. Gain Experience

A mixologist having fun at work 
To boost your chances of employment, you can take up other roles in the hospitality industry. For instance, you can work as a server or hostess at a restaurant before advancing to become a mixologist.
The average salary for a mixologist in the U.S. is about $32,440 annually–this varies depending on your location and the type of establishment you end up working at. If you have a wealth of experience, you are more likely to secure a job with a higher salary.

3. Invest in the Right Tools

Tools of the trade for a mixologist 

To become a renowned mixologist, you need to have the right tools. You'll need food-grade, long-lasting, rust-free tools. You also need to set a budget for these items. Before buying, take time to research the best products and compare prices.

If you are cash strapped, you can borrow money from your friends or family to buy the items. If that’s not an option, you can look for other financing sources in your area by searching for “title loans California” or “title loans for entrepreneurs.” You’ll get a short-term loan and purchase the tools.

4. Join a Professional Organization

To expand your network, you can join a national or regional organization for bartenders, mixologists, and professionals in the industry.

The people you meet in these organizations will provide more information about the profession–the information you need to have a successful career. In addition, you can get details about available job opportunities if you are looking for work.

5. Keep Practicing

To improve your craft, you need to keep practicing and learning. Keep up with the latest trends like flavor profiles and ingredients to stay relevant in the industry.

You can increase your knowledge by taking more courses, reading industry newsletters, following experienced mixologists on social media, and getting feedback from friends and family. 

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Starting a career as a mixologist in California requires commitment and lots of effort. You need to get certified, invest in the right tools, and keep up with the latest industry trends. We hope these tips will help kickstart your career. Apply them and see yourself become a successful mixologist!


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