World's Best Mixologists of March 2022

World's Best Mixologists Of March 2022

World's Best Mixologists of March 2022

In the world of mixology, there are few names as revered as those of the World's Best Mixologists Of March 2022. These bartenders have pushed the envelope and created new and innovative cocktails that have delighted bar-goers from around the globe. 

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1. Umit Kirmizialan

Umit Krimizialan making a cocktail

Umit Kirmizialan @umittkirmizialan, a World Champion Mixologist, is currently working as a bar supervisor at Dubai's prestigious Burj Al Arab hotel. Kirmizialan has been actively involved in the beverage industry for 10 years and has many unique cocktail recipes and presentations that have won him accolades from all over the world. 

2. Ricardo Sousa

Rick Sousa pouring liquor into a cocktail shaker

Ricardo Sousa @rickmixologist is a bar consultant for some of the best bars in Brazil. He has been practicing and teaching his skills to other bartenders for years. According to locals, he is currently the head mixologist in charge of creating, manipulating, training, and giving the best standard service according to locals!  

His work was also ranked number 10 in the World Class Competition 2021. In addition, he was also ranked number 10 on Best Margarita Cointreau Challenge worldwide 2021 and ranked the same spot on Flor de Cana Challenge 2020.

3. Adal Marquez

Adal Marquez behind the bar

The list of accomplishments for this gifted individual is extensive. Adal Marquez @adalmarquezbartender is the head bartender at Boadas Barcelona (one in ten Most Iconic Bars) and is a professor at Cartagena University. Aside from these, he also serves as an ambassador for 1883 Maison Routin Spain!

4. Leonardo Mistretta

Leonardo Mistretta behind a bar

Leonardo Mistretta @cocktailsbyquentin is a professional bartender mixologist who has been entertaining customers with flair displays and delicious cocktails for almost 5 years now. He is the head bartender of Spazio Astra, a local bar-restaurant in his area. 

5. Yangdup Lama

Yangdup Lama behind a bar

Yangdup Lama @thespiritedmonk, a bartender extraordinaire and owner of Delhi’s Sidecar bar, is one of the best bartenders in the world. This prestigious award is a testament to Lama’s skills behind the bar and his influence on the cocktail scene in India. With this win, Lama solidifies his place as one of the most respected bartenders on the planet.

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6. David Gran

David Gran with bottles of liquor

David Gran @mybar_by_david_gran is a bartender and mixologist based in Germany. He has amassed a following on Instagram for his creative cocktail concoctions, often incorporating fruit and floral flavors. Recently, Gran launched a website to share his recipes and techniques. Whether you're looking for something fruity or floral, Gran's cocktails are sure to tantalize your taste buds. 

7. Diego Ferrari

Diego Ferrari behind a bar

Diego Ferrari @diegoferrari_cocktailart is a mixologist and author who has been mentioned as one of the best Italian brand ambassadors in the world. In 2020, Drink International Magazine ranked him #83 in the 100 World's Most Influential Bartenders. 

Ferrari's book, "Low Alcohol Cocktails-New Frontier in Mixology," explores the trend of low alcohol cocktails and offers recipes for drinks that are both tasty and refreshing. Thanks to his inventive recipes and passion for mixology, Ferrari has gained a reputation as one of the most innovative bartenders out there.

8. Bertalan Andrei

Bertalan Andrei behind a bar

The era of social media has allowed barkeepers to share their skills with the world. One such bartender, Bertalan Andrei @andreibartabar, creates videos on YouTube to show audiences how he makes cocktails and does flair bartending—both techniques learned from around the globe!

9. Ilia Gorshkov

Ilia Gorshkov pouring liquor into a cocktail shaker

Ilia Gorshkov @drinks_and_ilya has made a name for himself in the bartending world at a young age. He started his career as a barman in a small kiosk before being accepted by Villa Cora Why, one of the best hotels in the world. He also learned from Paolo Ponzo, who taught him a new type of mixing and guided him on a path to approach the public in a new way. 

10. Eugene Sokolov

Eugene Sokolov doing flair bartending

The drinks are definitely going down as Eugene Sokolov, a flair bartender and has been working for the past years. He started as just another regular mixologist but eventually found his way onto the stage where he could entertain patrons with tricks that would impress them all!

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These bartenders have created new and innovative cocktails that have been so popular around the world they've earned themselves a place as one of humanity’s best-loved mixologists.

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