World’s Best Mixologists of September 2021

World’s Best Mixologists Of September 2021

World’s Best Mixologists of September 2021

In a world where people are constantly looking for unique experiences, the bartenders who make up this month’s list have done just that. They've created drinks with flavors and ingredients that you can't find at any other bar in the world. If you haven’t checked out our August list yet, make sure to pay a visit here

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1. Sabry Rodriguez Cuack

Sabry Rodriguez Cuack holding two cocktail shakers


Sabrina Rodríguez @sabryrodriguezcuack is a young bartender who works as the maipucina in charge of drinks at the Zitto pizza restaurant. With a degree in gastronomy, Sabrina was trained to make cocktails with experts and professionals like Inés de Los Santos or Javier Sosa before taking on this role.

Passionate about soccer as a child (fanatic for Boca Juniors forward player), her dream has always been becoming a sports journalist. But when doors of mixing cocktails opened for her, she couldn't look back anymore.

2. MDFK Andi

MDFK Andi doing flair bartending

MDFK Andi @mdfkandi is a bartender who likes to leave his mark on each of the drinks he makes by adding a personal touch to them. 

He is fond of entertaining his guests by doing tricks such as serving drinks by placing a tower of glasses in his arm. He also owns and manages DRYNXMYTH, an online shop that features bottled and ready-to-drink cocktails.

3. Lauren Mote

Lauren Mote holding a glass of cocktail

Lauren Mote @laurenmote, a woman in an industry dominated by men, has made significant marks. She is a mixologist and sommelier who co-founded Bittered Sling Bitters. 

She also won Bartender of the Year 2015 via Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards and the Diageo World Class Canada competition.

4. Dimitra Adonakopoulou

Dimitra Adonakopoulou holding a glass of cocktail

While some bartenders choose to stay with the classics, Dimitra Adonakopoulou @dimitra_adonakopoulou likes to experiment. 

The bartender in Greece serves cocktails with a twist, including those with strong and bold flavors. She is also a bar manager at the Artisanal Restaurant, Shamone Club, and Shamonette.

5. Denny Bakiev

Denny Bakiev pouring liquor into a shot glass

What would happen when one's love for bartending and travel are combined? Well, for Denny Bakiev @dennybakiev, that would result in fun and exciting cocktails that reflect the beauty of the beach, mountains, and the city. 

The bartender is currently based in Bali, Indonesia, but he loves to get inspiration from different countries he has already visited.

6. Gerardo Marcogiuseppe

Gerardo Marcogiuseppe mixing cocktails

The art of bartending requires not just skills but passion for coming up with delicious and eye-catchy concoctions. For Gerardo Marcogiuseppe @jerard.m, he ensures to make an artistic statement in every drink. 

Besides his creative creations, Gerardo has also won several competitions, such as the Bar Italia in 2008 and the Jose Cuervo.

7. Raiza Carrera

Raiza Carrera @raizacarrera is a Peruvian who has lived in Barcelona for three years. She started working in the hospitality industry when she was young and then moved to Buenos Aires, where her career would take longer than expected. 

As a member of the LGBT, it was way more challenging to be in the industry. However, her dedication didn't stop her from earning a place in the world of bartending. Now, she proudly shows off her Peruvian culture through the drinks she makes.

8. The Rookie Bartender

The Rookie Bartender holding a glass of cocktail

The Rookie Bartender @baseldrinks believes that a cocktail should taste not only pleasing but also look good. Thus, all his creations are carefully crafted to bring out a unique balance between aesthetics and taste.

He is constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done with cocktails, even going as far as creating drinks that have never been heard of!

9. Anny Barrera

Anny Barrera holding a jigger

Anny Barrera's @annybarrera_ career in bartending started when she was 21 and faced many obstacles because of her age (she was considered too young to be behind a bar) and as a woman working in an industry that had been dominated by men.

However, her passion for this craft didn't stop her. She is constantly pushing herself, testing new techniques, or trying out different ingredients to discover how they interact with each other to come up with original combinations of flavors and textures!

10. Ivan Skyba

Ivan Skyba holding a glass of cocktail

Ivan Skyba @bartenderis_ knows his way of attracting people's attention. While bartending is fun and exciting on its own, this young professional found his way to reach more audiences through his massive following in his TikTok and Instagram accounts. 

He uses both platforms to share his delicious and beautiful concoctions, as well as tricks in crafting the best cocktails.


These bartenders have been recognized as some of the best out there. If you're looking for a delicious cocktail, these are the people to go to. You'll be sure to get not only a fantastic drink but also a one-of-a-kind experience when visiting!

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