Best Mixologists of February 2021

World’s Best Mixologists Of February 2021

Best Mixologists of February 2021

We love to share some good vibes, so sit back and enjoy another monthly dose of the best bartenders and mixologists worldwide who have proven that passion and skills can earn you a spot in the industry. If you haven’t checked out our January list that featured the most skilled flair bartending artists, we suggest that you do!

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1. Joey The Bartender

Joey The Bartender measuring drink using a jigger

Joey The Bartender @joey_the_bartender is the bar manager of House of Gods Hotel in Scotland and one of the masters behind crafting delicious concoctions. The hotel is the recipient of the Sunday Times Hotel of the Year award in 2020, boasting two main bars known as “Lilith’s Lounge” and “Paradise Lost.” These bars feature cocktails inspired by the fables of Rock n’ Roll’s hotel debauchery.

You can view this rising bartender’s art and craft in his Instagram profile, where Joey shares cocktail recipes that are relatively easy to make at the comfort of your home. Some genius mixes that he made include “Misty Eyes, a mixture of absinthe, cocoa powder, falernum, tanquery, gomme, and lime juice.

2. Alessandro Fichera

Alessandro Fichera throwing a glass 

Next on the list is a professional bartender hailing from Sicily, Italy. Alessandro Fichera @mr.fichera formerly worked at Mortimer House in the majestic six-floor Art Deco building at Fitzrovia. He then found a new calling at Al Portio di Fratelli Burgio, which is open 24 hours a day and offers genuine flavors of homemade cocktail recipes using locally produced ingredients.

Alessandro’s bartending skills are very evident through the recipes he shares on his Instagram account. A drink is even named after him; the “Fichera” cocktail is a mixture of gin, lemon juice, Cointreau, simple syrup, tabasco, and basil.

3. Vlad SlickBartender

Vlad SlickBartender looking at a glass with liquor

One of the well-known bartenders out there is Vladymr Buryanov, aka Vlad SlickBartender @slickbartender_. He is a degree holder from Miami Bartender School, which offers courses ranging from mixology, working flair, and international bartending.

Vlad’s love for mixing cocktails made him join various bartending competitions worldwide before setting up his social media accounts. Now, he is a Tiktok and YouTube content creator and produces videos about the world of bartending, tips and tricks in mixing cocktails, amazing concoction recipes, bars, and product reviews.

4. Mr. Tolmach

Mr.Tolmach holding a cocktail shaker

Another YouTuber bartender on the list is Mr. Tolmach @mr.tolmach. This young and adventurous bartender and mixologist is known for his content focusing on various popular cocktail recipes. Some of his videos include showing the step by step process of crafting Cognac Cobbler, Triple Love Cocktail, and Zelda Sour, among others. 

Besides recipes, Mr. Tolmach is also fond of creating videos of his actual work in a bar. This way, his YouTube viewers get to see what transpires in a bartender’s life that most of us don’t know. Although derived from classic cocktails, his recipes add a new flare and approach, making them one-of-a-kind. He is also a proud endorser and ambassador of Auchentoshan Whisky, a well-known whiskey brand in Scotland.

5. Nick Alampi

Nick Alampi throwing a cocktail shaker

Nick Alampi’s @nick_alampi skill in manipulating bar tools and liquor bottles in an amazing way is very evident on his Instagram account, where he always posts videos of him practicing flair bartending in his home, bars, and even while on vacation. 

Some of his notable performances include throwing and playing cocktails shakers in the air while catching them at the same time before he adds ice and drinks to the container. He also likes to do bartending tricks at the beach, in the mountains, or anywhere he feels like doing it. Aside from flair bartending, Nick formulates his masterpiece cocktails at Ghe Sem Monti, a bar and restaurant in Milan, Italy.

6. Flippo Tadei

Flippo Tadei mixing a cocktail using a stirrer

Flippo Tadei @flippotadei is an excellent bartender, mixologist, and co-founder of Abanik Bar. This restaurant serves savory dishes that pair perfectly with their sweet, tangy, and hard drinks. The Abanik Bar also offers a 2-hour tasting workshop wherein participants will be able to try and make three different cocktails and adapt other recipes that they can quickly execute in the comfort of their homes. 

Flippo is also a graduate of the Flair Crew Bar Academy, an institution that teaches mixology and bartending in a professional setting. Some fantastic recipes he posted on his Instagram account include “Viva Mexico”, a beautiful marriage between mezcal, Aperol, lime juice, grapefruit shrub, and ginger beer.

7. Bruno Vanzan

Bruno Vanzan with three glasses of cocktail and other bar tools

Bruno Vanzan @brunovanzan_official started joining flair competitions in 2006. And only two years after that, he bagged his first world title as the Bacardi and Martini World Champion. After his succeeding travels on different continents, he was named one of the world’s top 10 barmen in 2010. 

He also started his television career in 2012 together with Benedetta Parodi in the culinary program I Menu di Benedetta. One of his most iconic feats and ventures is the world’s largest catering for Amway in Dubai, where he and his team served 10,000 cocktails in 45 minutes. This event prompted his exclusive deal with the airline Emirates for two of his cocktail recipes.

8. Israel Diaz

Israel Diaz pouring cocktail in a glass

Israel Diaz’s @israwolfdiaz successful career in the world of mixology can be traced back to 18 years of experience in crafting cocktails and being a barista. At the age of 18, he was already passionate about gastronomy and cooking, which led him to discover mixology. At age 21, he became the bar manager of Nikki Beach and was later appointed to run three restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.

After managing several bars and restaurants, Diaz finally opened his bar called the Alquimista Cocktail Room that features various tasty dishes and their signature drinks. He was also named and appointed as the Ambassador of Riviera Nayarit in mixology, where he represented the city in various regional and national tourist fairs. 

As of 2020, he became one of the notable collaborators in MasterChef Mexico. It was also the same year where he received the Mixology Mentor Award.

9. Karim Aly

Karim Aly mixing a liquor in a cocktail shaker

Karim Aly @bar.chemistry has vast experience working in various bars in Italy, Australia, and the UK. He has gained numerous learnings from studying hospitality in a school in Milan, the Carlo Porta Milano. He also studied in the prestigious European Bartender School in Sydney, Australia.

Karim became the head bartender for Cittamani, a contemporary Italian restaurant. He also worked as a bartender in the well-known Dessert Bar in Milan. In his free time, he is fond of sharing his cocktail recipes via his Instagram account. One of his notable mixes is the Rosemary Cocktail, a mixture of hazelnut, Ketel One, rose syrup, mezcal, fresh lime juice, Amaro Montenegro, and rosebuds.

10. Atilla Iskifoglu

Atilla Iskifoglu doing flair bartending

If you are a constant viewer and fan of Britain’s Got Talent, you probably have seen the impeccable skills of bartender Atilla Iskifoglu @atilabarman. He appeared on the talent search last 2009, where he performed his flair bartending skills in front of Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, and Amanda Holden. This world-renowned bartender has also served the likes of John Travolta, Madonna, and other celebrities. 

Atilla is a Turkish world champion flair bartender who has won various international competitions, one of which is the European Flair Champion, where he got first place for four consecutive years. He has also shared his knowledge with his co-bartenders by training at least 800 people in over 15 countries.


We hope you enjoyed this list of the world’s best bartenders and mixologists. They truly deserve to be in the spotlight because of their passion and dedication to crafting cocktails and showmanship. 

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