World's Best Mixologists of January 2022

World's Best Mixologists Of January 2022

World's Best Mixologists of January 2022

The world will be a very different place in 2022. More individuals will go out and look for a job that would make them happy every day. One of these careers is bartending and mixology. And if you are still debating whether to go into this field, let these experts inspire you. This month, we have another group of world-famous people known for their drinks and cocktail skills.

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1. Enrico Fiore

Enrico Fiore pouring liquor behind a bar

Enrico Fiore @enrico_flower has been a competitor in international flair and mixology competitions for over six years, with more than 60 participants behind him. He's collaborated with the most important fashion brands while presenting music videos by various artists across Italy!    

2. Luca Valentin

Luca Valentin pouring liquor into a cocktail shaker

Luca Valentin @valentinluca was 17 years old when he discovered his flair for bartending and went on to compete in shows worldwide, including a recent qualification at Romanii au Talent/Romania’s Got Talent. 

3. Ludovic Bretel

Ludovic Bretel behind the bar

Ludovic Bretel is a master of cocktails and uses Instagram to share his creations. He also helps discover or rediscover liquor houses that are part of the French heritage and highlights small local producers and distillers with colorful profiles like himself!

4. Elon Soddu

Elon Soddu holding a glass of cocktail

In an industry where it’s hard to stand out, Elon Soddu @elon_soddu has managed not only to be memorable but also thrive. He was the head bartender at Beaufort Bar for over 3 years before leading both of The Savoy’s bars until May 2021. Recently, he opened his bar featuring classic and unique cocktails.

5. Matteo Zed

Matteo Zed with a bottle of liquor

Matteo Zed @matteo.zed is a world-renowned cocktail consultant and bartender who has been named Best Italian Bartender Working Abroad by Bargiolnale magazine. He is a veteran of the bar scene, having competed at many global finals to win multiple national titles in Italy, America, and other parts of the world.

Amazon Banner6. Mary Talaiporou

Mary Talaiporou pouring liquor

Maria Talaiporou @mary_talaiporou has worked in nearly every hospitality business there is, from bars to restaurants. As a bar manager at Nikkei Peruvian Resto- Bar and brand ambassador for Schweppes Greece, she has used her expertise across many different types of venues!

7. Ran Van Ongevalle

Ran Van Ongevalle shaking a cocktail shaker

Hailing from The Pharmacy, Ran Van Ongevalle @ranvanongevalle is a well-seasoned bartender. One of his recent and major feats was when he battled 37 other bartenders to secure first place at the Bacardi Legacy competition last 2017 with his cocktail "Clarita.” 

8. Dorijan Skoblar 

Dorijan Skoblar pouring liquor into a glass

Dorijan Skoblar @dorijan_skoblar passion for bartending dates back to his high school days when the professor took him and other students on tours of various competitions. He realized creativity is an integral part of making a great barman during this time. Today you can find him working with colleagues towards creating new cocktails or sharing knowledge through social networks. 

9. Nazgul 

Twisting an orange into a cocktail

Nazgul @nglkz is a bartender who likes to showcase power and creativity in her concoctions. She is world-famous for her power-packed drinks that are aesthetically pleasing and tasty. She wants to play around with unusual combinations of ingredients, but her customers love them! 

10. Istvan Kovacs

Istvan Kovacs doing flair bartending

Istvan Kovacs @istvanandonly knows how to stir some cocktail mixes and puts on a fantastic show behind the bar. This up-and-coming bartender already took home some prestigious awards under his belt, such as: Hungarian Champion, Roadhouse Grand Finalist, Tiki Comp Champion, and Flair God of Southport. 


Bartending is a job to help people feel happy and entertained. With more and more people going into careers that make them happy, this field will only grow as a result!

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