World's Best Mixologists of October 2021

World's Best Mixologists Of October 2021

World's Best Mixologists of October 2021

The number of mixologists and bartenders in this industry has been rapidly growing, along with their skills. So for this month, we have chosen people at the forefront of this trend to celebrate their commitment to making cocktails that bring joy to many people worldwide. 

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1. Danil Nevsky

Danil Nevsky pouring liquor into glasses

Danil Nevsky @cocktailman describes himself as a bartender and vagabond. After working in Scotland at bars such as Orchid, he explored Tales & Spirits Amsterdam before moving on to Two Schmucks Barcelona.

There he also co-owns the popular cocktail app Cocktails For You. Dan's latest project is consulting for mixologists around Europe through presentations or workshops while traveling home every now again—a life of adventure!

2. Agung Prabowo

 Agung Prabowo with bottles of liquor

Since winning the top spot on Asia's 50 Best Bars list for his business The Old Man in 2019, Jakarta-born mixologist Agung Prabowo @agprabs also co-opened Hong Kong's first sustainable bar. Within this lab are recycled products of waste and food to be made into usable items like candles or soap!

3. Darko Velichkovski

Darko Velichkovski holding a bottle of liquor

Darko Velichkovski @darkomeh is a bar manager, mixologist, and innovator. He's the creator of some innovative food and cocktail pairing menus in The London Project Dubai—a restaurant and bar that redefined what a complete hang-out place should be.

4. Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez with a glass of cocktail

Jessica Sanchez @semsanchez, a bartender from Latin America known for her cocktails and skills at Nakka Jardins in São Paulo, is considered the best of all bartenders around. She is also a part of creating the menu and cocktail recipes for the restaurant.

The "girl boss" made sure that the drink creation process started with a macro view. The completion of each cocktail, presentation and quality in every detail was carefully thought out beforehand by the samurai artistry that goes into making them—including the ice!

5. Ash Lewis

Ash Lewis with two glasses of cocktails

Ash Lewis @professional_lush had a desperate need to be home-schooled. She went on this path at an early age to start working in restaurants and creating new experiences, which got her excited about life!

Even then, Ashley knew it was the right decision because, over time, all these skills helped mold into something even more significant than expected—a bartender who's both creative yet technical.

6. João Costa

João Costa holding a glass of cocktail

João Costa @joaopsbcosta is a young lover of bartending and mixology. His passion for cocktails started with the idea that he wanted to try every cocktail recipe ever made and give each person their unique experience based on what they like best!

While still young, he has already received numerous awards, such as being the finalist in Patron Perfectionists and 3rd top barman in Do Ano 2019.

7. Morgan Raelin

Morgan Raelin drinking a glass of cocktail

Morgan Raelin @morgan_raelin is an up-and-coming bartender that is also an ambassador of different brands in the world of cocktails, such as Don Ciccio & Figli Spirits and World of Genever.

She is also one of the most notable female bartenders and mixologists who like to get creative with her drinks' colors and flavors.

8. Valentino Longo

Valentino Longo pouring liquor into a glass

Valentino Longo @valentino_longo was born and raised in Rome, Italy, where he grew up longing to follow his grandmother into the restaurant business. His first dream as a child was opening an independent coffee shop, but then he realized that early mornings were not for everyone, so he shifted direction towards cocktails instead!

Valentino took on this new ambition upon becoming old enough. Working at Hotel de Russie's landmark Stravinsky Bar is what got him started behind-the-bar before heading off overseas after landing positions at five-star hotels like The Ritz London.

9. Raul Guzman

Raul Guzman pouring liquor into a glass

Raul Guzman @raulbartender is a bartender, instructor, and lover of cocktails. In his Instagram account, he showcases his life as an educator teaching people worldwide how to mix drinks with flair in every corner of Europe!

10. Lucas Kelm

Lucas Kelm holding a glass and two bottles of liquor

Lucas Kelm @lucasfkelm arrived in Italy from Argentina with his family and began working as a waiter. In 2013, after approaching the world of bartending for some time, he had enough experience to compete across Europe and win many prestigious titles!


If there is anyone who deserves recognition in the cocktail world, it would be these people because they work hard every day making creative drinks that so many people enjoy. 

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