World’s Best Mixologists

World’s Best Mixologists Of April 2021

World’s Best Mixologists

We’re almost halfway through the year. And while we have been consistently giving you the most talented and inspiring bartenders and mixologists for the previous months, we are not in any way stopping anytime soon! 

This month’s featured bartenders are not only great at crafting cocktails but also managing their own business and other passion projects. Curious about the people who made it last month? Check out our March list

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1. Giorgio Chiarello

Giorgio Chiarello with a glass of cocktail 

Giorgio Chiarello @giorgiochiarello is an Italian flair bartending champion who has won several national and international competitions, such as the prestigious World Flair Association and Road House America’s Open. His expertise also bought him to teach various American bartending techniques in Italian cities. 

Aside from being a proud product of the City of Love, Chiarello is also involved in projects and collaboration in Korea, Tokyo, and Yokohama in Japan, where he attended one of the best bars in the city - the New Jack.

2. Alex Jump

Alex Jump holding a strainer into a glass

Women have a place in the world of bartending, and Alex Jump @axljump surely knows how to be great. She is the head bartender at Death & Co Denver, one of the world’s high-end and well-known cocktail institutions. 

Aside from the hustle of crafting delicious cocktails, she is also the co-founder of Focus On Health, a company dedicated to providing health and wellness services for the hospitality industry. 

But Jump’s passion for the art of bartending doesn’t stop there. She was also appointed as the ambassador for Seedlip, the first distilled non-alcoholic brand. Outside her amazing jobs,  she is also dedicated to the well-being of her fellow bartenders.

3. Giorgio Bargiani

Giorgio Bargiani pouring liquor into a glass

The Connaught Bar has been named the number one bar in the world for several years already. But this feat wouldn’t be possible without Giorgio Bargiani @giorgio_bar_giani, the establishment’s head mixologist. This man’s creativity and passion for bartending started in his aunt’s restaurant-bar at Pisa, Italy. 

While studying for his Communications degree, Bargiani started exposing himself as a bartender in different local nightclubs. But the luxury and vibes of topnotch bars and hotels in London inspired him to take his profession to a higher level by joining the Connaught Bar. Since then, he is one of the key individuals who created the ultra-premium in-house gin and other menu offerings.

4. David Gran

David Gran with a bottle of liquor

David Gran @mybar_by_david_gran is a mixologist hailing from the city of Aschaffenburg, Germany. As young as he may seem, he has already proven that age is never a hindrance to be exceptional in the world of bartending. 

Gran manages his website, where he shares recipes of unique and beautiful cocktails. One of his creations is Six Seeds, a red and brown ombre drink made of gin, pomegranate syrup, grapefruit juice, lemon, cinnamon, and orange bitters

However, aside from showcasing his concoctions globally, he also reviews different liquor brands in his Instagram account. And together with his camera, he creates tutorial videos on making some of his finest drinks.

5. Vitaly Kolpin

 Vitaly Kolpin pouring liquor into a glass

While being a bartender is a fantastic job on its own, Vitaly Kolpin @vitaly_kolpin felt the need to share his expertise with those who want to learn and be professional in the field. So he founded the Craft Bar Skills, a complete course that boosts bartenders’ overall ability and preparedness. 

Kolpin has already conducted 300 training programs and master classes all over the world. He is also known as one of the leading instructors in Russian and foreign bartender schools such as the Petersburg Bartenders Association, Roman Toroshin Training Center, Bartenders FAQtory, Flair Project, 4Flair, and European Bartenders School.

6. Millie Tang

 Millie Tang pouring liquor into a glass

If creativity is the question, Millie Tang @millietang is an excellent answer. This young female started her bartending journey in the weirdest way possible when a friend lied about her skills in making cocktails to get her a job in one of Brisbane’s well-established bars. From that moment on, her passion and dedication to anything bar-related paved the way to where she is now.

She has established her name in Australia and other countries such as Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, and Spain. Also, she has won several international competitions, such as Licor 43 Bartenders & Baristas Challenge 2019, Drinks World T25 Most Influential Top 100 2018, and Australian Bartender 100 Most Influential List 2019, among others. 

7. Manfredi Mezzo Muso Samperi

Manfredi Mezzo Muso Samperi with bottles of liquor

The 7th bartender on the list is both a bartender and a businessman. Manfredi Mezzo Muso Samperi @manfredisamperi is Al Settantasette’s owner, a bar in Italy that features distinct and gorgeous-looking drinks loaded with vibrant and complex flavors. 

But aside from managing his own business, Samperi is also a full-time bartender who does not only limit his creations to his customers. Instead, he shares them with his followers on Instagram.

One of his best concoctions is Cherry Christmas, a fun and festive drink perfect for Christmas or regular occasions. The recipe calls for bourbon whiskey, sweet and sour, cherry wine, and cranberry juice.

8.Tristan Stephenson

Tristan Stephenson pouring liquor into a glass

Next on our list is Tristan Stephenson @tristanstephenson, a bartender and entrepreneur from London. He owns and manages the Black Rock, a whisky bar that features cool and refreshing drinks that you would love to have any time of the day. 

One of their spot-on creations is Tropical Thunder, a fruity beverage with hints of pina colada salt. They also offer this cocktail and other drinks for takeout and deliveries! But aside from being a full-time bartender and entrepreneur, Stephenson also shares his knowledge in the world of cocktails through a podcast via the Diageo Bar Academy.

9. Plakidas Achilleas

Plakidas Achilleas using a cocktail shaker

Next on our list is Plakidas Achilleas @achilleaspl, head bartender and owner of Gorilla Bar and Kokonat Bay. Both establishments feature their blend of classic cocktails. Gorilla Bar offers the usual beverages, but instead of being served in glasses, they are housed in cans that you can take with you without worrying about losing the drinks’ quality.

Aside from these two excellent bars, Achilleas is also Pig Nose and Mahalo Food Truck’s owner. The former is a mobile cocktail bar that you can hire for your events or celebrations. Simultaneously, the latter is a food truck catering service that features tasty appetizers and dishes perfect for gatherings.

10. Joshua Monaghan

Joshua Monaghan

Ending this list is one of the most sought-after bartenders and business owners, Joshua Monaghan @_joshua_monaghan_. He is the co-owner of Big Mojito Sunday and Comunidad Bartenders bajio. The former is a bar that offers several classic and unique cocktails with a mojito as its base liquor. Meanwhile, the latter is a training class that provides courses in bartending.


These best bartenders are talented behind the bar and innovative individuals who establish their names with their businesses.

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