World’s Best Mixologists Of May 2021

World’s Best Mixologists Of May 2021

Best Mixologists of May 2021For the past months, we showcased various bartenders and mixologists who have already proven their place in the world of cocktails and showmanship. 

This May, we are giving you another list of world-renowned barmen that continue to make their mark in making drinks, serving customers, and just being amazing in general. These bartenders have their own stories, and each one of them is a testament that dreams do come true. Want to check out last month’s featured personalities? Here is our April list

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1. Zack Prohaska

Zack Prohaska behind the bar counter

First on the list is the “healthy bartender,” Zack Prohaska @zackprohaska. He owns and manages CD Bartending, an online school dedicated to conducting bartending classes. 

His virtual school offers three outstanding programs that allow students to learn bar techniques. They also have a flair bartending class for those who are interested in the art of showmanship.

Prohaska also provides event services such as cocktail catering and virtual cocktail parties. He showcases his bartending prowess in his Instagram account by posting videos of his cocktail creations. Aside from this, he manages to stay fit by actively working out, which is evident in his physique.

2. Michael Moreni

Michael Moreni shaking a cocktail shaker

Michael Moreni @michael_moreni has an overflowing passion for flair bartending. He loves making drinks and showing tricks behind the bar. 

He moved to London in 2017 and worked at the famous Roadhouse. Since then, he has never stopped working for his dream. And in 2019, he took home third place at the Roadhouse World Grand Final.

Moreni is also the founder and owner of Extreme Masterclass, a specific bartending class that offers an in-depth study on multi-object techniques. The program is open to all interested participants who want to improve their skills in handling bar tools

3. Luis Inchaurraga 

Luis Inchaurraga pouring liquor into a jigger

Not every bartender exposes themselves to the intricate work involved in the cocktail’s ingredients. However, Luis Inchaurraga @luisinchaurraga believes that knowing what goes into the raw materials dictates how good his creations will be. 

This famous bartender started his journey in hospitality management in 1996. His work in this industry paved the way for his constant travel worldwide, where he met with farmers, winemakers, chemists, master mixers, and distillers. 

There, he learned how drinks are made from raw materials to the final product. His knowledge made him establish the House of Mixology, a bar school that exposes students to the real world of being a bartender.

4. Christian Delpech 

Christian Delpech pouring liquor in a cocktail shaker

Free pouring seems easy until you try it for yourself. And even bartenders who have undergone training may find this trick quite challenging. But it is not the case for Christian Delpech @christiandelpech_official, a 19-time World Champion in Flair Bartending

Delpech began his career after he took inspiration from Tom Cruise’s film “Cocktail.” He started working at bars in Argentina but soon moved to Spain to expand his horizon. There he practiced the art of magic, which has been a vital part of his career in flair bartending. 

He won several prestigious international competitions, such as the 2001 Legends of Bartending 3 Las Vegas, 2006 Road House Grand Finals London, and 2007 Skyy Global Challenge Grand Finals Monte Carlo. He also created his school, the Art of Free Pouring Masterclass, where he educates people on how to execute the “free pour” correctly.

5. Stephanie Marinkovic 

 Stephanie Marinkovic pouring wine into a glass 

Next on our list is Stephanie Marinkovic @stephmarink, a woman who pours her heart out in crafting aesthetically pleasing and delicious cocktails. Young as she may seem, this bartender has already proven her artistry as the head bartender of Espaço 13. 

Some of her creations include Kando, a cocktail made with Jameson-infused aspargo, sugar, and spices. It also contains dry vermouth and orange liqueur.

6. Andrea Franzó 

Andrea Franzó pouring liquor from a cocktail shaker

Why do bartenders do what they do? There are several answers to this question. But for Andrea Franzó @andrewfranz, it is the world of cocktails, and seeing his guests happy made him the bartender he is now.

Everything started when he was amazed at a bartender he saw in a restaurant in Syracuse. He was intrigued by the amount of knowledge and complexity that goes into the profession that he wanted to be just like him.

Over the years of serving drinks and entertaining customers, Franzó has attended many competitions wherein he took home the bacon most of the time. Currently, he is working as a bartender at Barcollo Siracusa. 

7. Katie Auth 

Katie Auth mixing drinks

Katie Auth @katie.sips never imagined herself mixing cocktails behind a bar counter. She made her way to New York to pursue a degree in flute performance at New York University. While attending school, Auth sought to find another creative passion which is bartending. 

Her dedication paved the way for her to work on several well-known bars in the city, such as Dear Irving on Hudson, Blue Quarter, and Talk Story Rooftop. This fearless woman likes to create cocktails by incorporating a culinary mindset. Some of her concoctions use ingredients such as pesto and celery.

8. Step_In_Heart (Palladino) 

Step_In_Heart (Palladino)

Step_In_Heart (Palladino) @step_in_heart is a bartender who likes to showcase his creativity in the world of bartending by creating complex drinks. He is also fond of traveling, wherein he can draw inspiration from other bars and restaurants. 

Palladino is a bartender at the Caravella Cafe & Spirits, a well-known bar that offers sophisticated concoctions for its patrons.

9. Samuel Kwok Samuel Kwok

Samuel Kwok @kwok.samuel started bartending at the age of 19, where he worked his way up to reach the managerial position. He began his profession at a time where people patronize liquor to get drunk. However, as time went by, cocktails became a trend. The artistry that goes well in mixing drinks made him fall in love with this profession.

For three consecutive years, Kwok led the Quinary to earn the title of World’s 50 Best Bars. Aside from being the bar manager, he also makes the finest cocktails which usually uses unusual ingredients. 

His recent feat was crowned as the Champion of World Class Hong Kong & Macau 2017, where he competed in Mexico carrying the flag of his home country.

10. Remy Savage 

Remy Savage

Remy Savage @remy_savage is a bartender who likes to create minimalistic-looking cocktails. One of the creations in his menu is the Appolin’air, a beautiful and elegant white hue beverage that is a marriage of fermented lemon, raspberry eau de vie, and white wine. 

Aside from being a full-time bartender, he also owns and manages his own business -  A Bar With Shapes For A Name or 🔶🟥🔵.


No matter what type of beginning these best bartenders and mixologists had, they all arrived at the same destination. A place where they get to show their creativity and make people happy with their skills in crafting exciting cocktails.

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