World’s Best Mixologists Of August 2020

World’s Best Mixologists Of August 2020

Instagram is full of profiles that feature cocktails. They even coined a moniker for themselves as the “cocktailgrammers” because they focus on cocktails on their posts. Every month we will give you the cocktail influencers to follow and find inspirations on your next cocktails, especially this spring and the coming summer. You’ll see that most of the cocktails they concocted were flower-inspired or garnished, something that can be expected if everyone’s trying to make the most of this flowery season. Follow our IG account
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With a colorful history that spans centuries and empires, Lanique deserves the accolade it is getting. Made with precious Attar of rose which costs more than gold per weight, this is one liqueur you cannot pass up your whole cocktail-drinking life. From the makers of Lanique Rose Liqueur comes the most amazing pink and not-so-pink drinks. These drinks are showcased on their Instagram account @laniquedrinks. Lanique can be used in classic cocktails such as Negroni, mojito, and martini as well as innovative cocktails such as Pink Midsummer, Fragile, and Rose & Dill Spritz. How about the Lanique-infused Macaroons? Discover how rose petals and a little Lanique can make all the difference in an otherwise simple cocktail and food creation. 


Based in Toronto, Canada, @cheerstohappyhour certainly knows what they are looking for in a cocktail and their more than 41,200 followers know that. Each post gets hundreds and thousands of likes, featuring cocktails with an amazing presentation, each garnished artistically. Their posts include some history and interesting stories of the cocktail, fun facts, and recipes. From the more specific Cinco de Mayo cocktails to the classic mai tai they have you covered. Try this Mantatlan Sunset featured here. You’ll also love the Social Distance Queen, a beautiful purple cocktail main with Empress Gin known for its butterfly pea flower infusion. 


The Margarita Mum is a blog that Rhonda started because of her love for the margarita. A self-confessed photography enthusiast too, she decided to make use of these passions to make a platform where cocktail drinkers can go for unique cocktails, each presented beautifully. Her amazing 106,000 followers love her photography, cocktail styling, and cocktail recipes that now extend to more adventurous margaritas. She says she is constantly on the lookout for the perfect margarita and clearly, her quest has not stopped as evidenced by her daily posts. Check out the Passionfruit Ginger Margarita she mixed up for the National Tequila Day last July 24th. A nurse by profession and a mixologist by heart, get more from Rhonda @the_margarita_mum


If you are most women who love flowers, this girl is your girl since she definitely knows how to use her edible flowers to garnish her drinks. Each of her cocktails is vibrant and bright colored. Her garnish ranges from lively green herbs, colorful flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, feverfew, violas, marigold, and calendula. She also uses fruits like blood orange, grapefruits, kiwi, passionfruit, and the regular strawberries and lemons as well as chilis. For this post, she mixed up Pisco & The Dragon featuring dragonfruit infused pisco.  Her posts get thousands of likes and hundreds of comments every time so that’s what’s trending for you. Check out her Marisa’s IG profile @whats.marisa.drinking and prepare to be awed.

Marten Krag ( from Denmark calls himself a mixologist, reviewer, and creator who gets inspiration from recreating old cocktails. Growing up with a father who made his own aquavit, he got himself into some hangover trouble as a teenager but it also inspired him to pursue his passion in mixology.  He has a solid following of 68,00 who loves his daily posts from the simplest to the more complex cocktails, each artistically garnished and styled. One thing we observe to be common in most of his cocktails: he loves using brooch-like cocktail clips to hold his garnishes in as well as statement glasses like this cocktail he calls All the Right Reasons.   


Just how many cocktails can you make from the humble gin? Countless, according to  @gin_robb who scours the world for all kinds of gin to use in his cocktails. From New Zealand to Germany to England, from mainstream gin to handcrafted gin, @gin_robb has a concoction of simple to layered cocktails. For this featured gin cocktail, he used regular gin, tonic water, cherry syrup, and a mix of berries and flowers for garnish. Not only does it keep the drinks cold, but it also gives his cocktails a lovely garnish that’s truly out of this world. 


Who loves a beautifully garnished cocktails? Well, almost everyone who follows @veermasterberlin. His cocktails feature artful garnishes like this smoked pineapple with berries and edible flowers. The Mi-Me cocktail features Hana Cherry Blossom Fruit Cup and cognac and probably an hour of arranging such intricate garnish it makes your want to nurse this drink just for the sake of the artistry on it. Check out more of his lovely photos of his beautifully styled cocktails made with some homemade ingredients. His posts are not only good for your eyes since it also includes the cocktail’s ingredients, procedures, and details on the garnishes so you can recreate it in your cocktails. This guy will only deliver what you expect and more. 


Watch out for Peter’s posts on Instagram (@cocktailpete) and be surprised with his simple cocktails styled artistically you can’t help but pick it up when it happens to be on the counter near you. He loves garnishing with dehydrated fruits, candies, and flowers. Bananas, pineapples, citrus fruits, or even pitahaya can be dehydrated for garnish according to Peter. Check out also the recipes and recommendations for garnishes such as this Summer Sour cocktail. And you can’t fault him because he certainly delivers. 


Le Labo (@lelabbo) may be spelled like the fragrances and massage oils, but it has nothing to do with fragrances and everything with cocktails. Evinin Barmeni, a self-professed home bartender from Turkey reinvents his cocktails by introducing new liquors, herbs, and garnishes. He has a solid following of nearly 26,000 loves his posts every three days and he has cocktails for every season and holiday so you’ll love to check his profile to learn more. For this Erik Vodka cocktail, he used sorrel leaves, a member of the rhubarb family known for its tartness, and greengage plum juice which evens out the tartness of the sorrel. Finish it off with lemongrass syrup and you get something we can a farm cocktail if there is such a thing. Truly an adventurous cocktail worth a taste. 


Dante, the owner and CEO of the Lets Turn Up Studios (@letsturnup) posts awesome cocktails videos that get a lot of traffic of up to 34,000 views. His IG images get thousands of likes as well, making him a very popular mixologist to his 112,000 followers. He celebrated his 100k party last July 18th but he had been getting more followers to have earned another 12,000 in just a few weeks. His colorful cocktails are usually layered and get a lot of gummy candy garnishes. One other popular styling for him is to dump in the mini bottles to his cocktails so that it gets stronger as the cocktail is consumed. This month’s most liked cocktail is called Chica Local made with tequila, peach schnapps, blue curacao, agave, and guava soda. The blue curacao gives the cocktail its bright blue color. We just wish he includes the procedures to his posts so those who want to start dabbling with cocktails can recreate them. 


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