10 Best Wine Preservation Systems: Reviews and Buying Guide

A wine preservation system is pretty much self-explanatory based on the name alone but there are a lot of them in different forms and how one works is what interests people. Air may be good for wine as it helps in bringing out the wonderful aromas and flavors of the wine, that’s why we decant it for some time. However, too much exposure to air will lead to oxidation and eventual deterioration of the wine flavorwise. To avoid this, several handy products help in prolonging the wine’s quality so you can enjoy it longer. If you are a wine person and only want what’s best for it, then you can add this device to your wine accessory collection. 

10 Best wine preservation systems

Basically, a wine preservation system is a tool that sucks the air from the bottle of wine so the wine wouldn’t interact with air during its time of storage. This can happen with different types of setup. Some have simple structures and are easy to use while others may be complex but more effective. If you’re the kind of person who likes to partake in a glass of wine and still want to have the same quality for the succeeding nights until it’s all finished, then you ought to buy a wine preservation system. To make your life easier, we have laid out 10 best wine preservation systems that you can check out and choose the best one that suits you.

1. Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump - AdvancedMixology

If you’re new to wine preservation systems and you’re overwhelmed by the choices, it’ s better if you start with a simple one. You can try this vacuum system, Vacu Vin Saver Pump. It has a simple structure and process, making it easy to use. The first item in the set is a plastic vacuum pump which is used to suck the air from the wine bottle. The other items are the two rubber stoppers that apply a tight seal during pumping. These stoppers are shaped to be narrower at the bottom with one ridge so they could easily fit the mouth of the bottle while being tight. Meanwhile, the top has 4 holes where the air can go through. It also has a small knob at the middle which you push sideways so the stopper is easily removed. To use it, insert the stopper at the mouth of the bottle then place the vacuum pump on top of the stopper and start pumping. It has a patented “click” that tells you to stop pumping. Make sure the stopper stays on and keep the bottle upright in the refrigerator and the wine should stay fresh for 2-3 days. It may be a manual device but it has been preserving wines in countless households in many countries. 


2. Private Preserve Wine Preservation System

Private Preserve Wine Preservation System - AdvancedMixology

If you don’t want to pump the air out from the bottle, you can just use a simpler solution to preserve your wine. The Private Preserve wine preserver is basically a combination of inert and harmless gases which are nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and argon. These gases are heavier than oxygen so they serve as a blanket that protects the wine from interacting with the oxygen so the flavors and aromas are still intact. The gases are in an aluminum pressurized can which is pretty much lightweight when lifted, so don’t worry if it feels empty because it’s really not. A single canister can be used for up to 120 times.  It comes with a small straw that you stick into the spray nozzle. After pouring a glass of wine, insert the straw into the bottle with a stopper or the cork half covering the mouth of the bottle. For every use, spray once for about a second, followed by 3 shorter sprays, then pull out the straw and immediately put the cork or stopper back on the bottle. The wine should be preserved for up to 7 days. The gases will not affect the wine’s flavor, the acidity is still there as well as the fruity notes and aromas, though not as much when compared to when it was first opened. For better results, after spraying and putting the seal, place the bottle upright in a wine cooler or refrigerator. Aside from wine, it can also be used for whiskey, cognac, sake, oil, and vinegar. 


3. Coravin Model Two

Coravin Model Two - AdvancedMixology

Among the wine preservation systems, Coravin will always be in every list of the most recommended products. And there isn’t just one, but many of them, each with different features. All Coravin have about the same shape and design which can be likened to a pipe wrench. Now, let’s talk about the Model Two. Basically, this system also makes use of the gas argon which is enclosed in a capsule. This argon capsule will then be placed in a tube or the argon cartridge which is the long shaft of the device. This model comes with 2 argon capsules. The rest of the structure features a base of the needle and a loop handle at the top. Below that handle is a small spout where the wine passes when poured and a lever on the other side. 

The first thing to do is to place the argon capsule in the tube and secure it. Then, place the base of the needle on top of the cork and push down so it is inserted inside the bottle. Then, pour the wine into a glass by pressing the lever. When you press, wine doesn’t come out because argon is being sprayed into the bottle. Wine only comes out when the lever is released. You can also adjust the speed and amount of wine by pressing the lever a second or third time. When you’re done pouring, pull the device out using the loop handle and store the wine in a refrigerator. Do this process again when you’re ready to take another glass on  the next day or so. A system like this enables you to pour wine from an unopened bottle but the wine wouldn’t have a chance to aerate. You can also decant the wine and put it back in the bottle with the cork before using the device. It is more complex to use than a vacuum pump or just the spray but it does a better job and preserves the wine for a longer time. 


4. Sunwuun Wine Vacuum Sealer

Sunwuun Wine Vacuum Sealer - AdvancedMixology

Vacuum pumps usually come with a stopper to seal the bottle so air will not get in as you pump but this wine vacuum sealer does both jobs, as the name suggests. It’s a smaller device compared to other wine preservers but it gets the job done effectively. Its construction and system are similar to the pump of a perfume spray bottle. All you do is push it down several times and it sucks the air out. You’ll know when to stop pumping when it is already sealed tight.  Additionally, there are dates indicated at the sides and you can twist the upper button to let you keep track of the date that you last used the device. It is very easy to attach and remove from the bottle yet it applies a strong seal that is completely leak-proof. This accessory is made from food-grade materials so it is safe to use and is a terrific gift for a wine lover.


5. Savino Wine Preserver

Savino Wine Preserver - AdvancedMixology

This wine preserver is different from the ones on the list because it doesn’t involve pumping nor gases. Rather, it provides a new storing place for the wine. Yes, it is a wine carafe where the wine is preserved effortlessly. It features a floating contraption inside the container that acts as the physical barrier that separates the wine from the air. It also has a spill-proof lid to prevent more air from getting in. So, to use it, you simply have to slowly pour the wine into the carafe by the side, then drop the float at an angle. Lastly, put the lid on. The float retains the wine’s flavor and aroma because it keeps the air above the wine. Aside from preserving the wine, it also serves as a beautiful container that highlights the wine’s color. Though this one is made from glass, it is also available in BPA-free Tritan plastic. This elegant carafe is dishwasher-safe and it preserves wine for up to 7 days which is an impressive duration for a container. 


6. EuroCave Wine Art Preservation System

EuroCave Wine Art Preservation System - AdvancedMixology

When you’re done with the pumping or spraying, usually, you put the bottle of wine back in the refrigerator, but you don’t have to with this equipment. This one is a bigger investment because it features not just a wine preserver but also a wine chiller. This has been the leader of wine preservation systems for many years and is a staple in many home bars. It is compact compared to other wine chillers/ preservers, making it easy to store and put in place. There will be no pumping nor gas cartridges involved. All you need to do is put the bottle of wine in the compartment and set it according to what type of wine it is, either red or white then the device will automatically bring it to the right temperature while simultaneously removing the air out from the bottle. It only takes a few seconds to extract the air and you will know that it’s done when the noise stops and the green indicator light is steady, instead of blinking. There are two compartments with settings each, so more bottles are attended to at once. Your wine can last up to 10 days. If you want a fancy wine preserver that does the job for you, then this is the one to buy.


7. ArT Wine Preserver

ArT Wine Preserver - AdvancedMixology

Similar to the Private Preserve, the ArT wine preserver is also a spray but it’s made of all argon. The science behind it is the same; when it is sprayed into the bottle, the argon displaces the oxygen so the wine retains its flavors and aromas. This spray is trusted by winemakers because it keeps the wine fresh for 7 to 30 days and can preserve up to 40 bottles. You only need to spray into the bottle for 2 seconds then put the stopper that it comes with on the bottle. It can be used for any types of wines so you can still taste the freshness of your expensive bottles for days to come. Every time you open a bottle, you need to spray again to keep the flavor profile intact. This makes a  great gift to any wine lover who likes to have a delicious-tasting wine until the bottle is finished. 


8. Coravin Model Eleven

Coravin Model Eleven - AdvancedMixology

Coravin wine preservation systems have become a staple in the wine world and they offer their latest version: the Model Eleven which is by far the best one yet. It is a fully automated wine preserver with a sleek design and smart technology because it is also USB connected. It still shows some similarities with the other Coravin like Model Two in terms of design but the Model Eleven has a more stylish loop handle that can be folded. 

The process is still the same, insert the needle in the cork, pour the wine and you're done, no buttons will be pushed since the argon will be sprayed the moment the wine is poured. The system features 3 lights, blue (it’s ready to be used), green (when pouring), and red (it needs to be charged or the capsule is empty). It comes with 6 argon capsules that can reach up to 90 glasses of wine and an aerator that you can attach to the spout that makes the wine taste like it has been decanted for 60-90 minutes. Perhaps its coolest feature is it can be connected to the Coravin Moments app in your phone to monitor system stats, the additional system controls, and make wine pairings with food, music, and movies. With a smart device like this, it is understandable to be very expensive but with all the great reasons. 


9. EZBASICS Wine Saver Vacuum Pump

EZBASICS Wine Saver Vacuum Pump - AdvancedMixology

Effective, affordable, and easy to use, this wine preservation system is a contender that keeps wine fresh and dated. First off is the vacuum pump. It is made from stainless steel, has a sleek design and is durable and stylish. It's not hard to pump and it only takes about 15-20 seconds to completely remove the air out. It comes with 4 special stoppers that you can use to seal the bottle before pumping and it features a date marker to tell you the last time you opened the bottle. So, it is leak-proof and informative at the same time. The wine should stay fresh for up to 1 week. This set is simple to use yet so classy as it adds an extra specialty to the stopper, making it an awesome gift. 


10. OXO 3110800 SteeL Vacuum Wine Saver and Preserver

OXO 3110800 SteeL Vacuum Wine Saver and Preserver - AdvancedMixology

After pouring yourself a glass of wine, don’t put the cork back on, instead use the OXO stopper and extract the air out with the OXO vacuum. Just like the previous vacuum pump, this one is also made from stainless steel with a contoured neck shape that enables an easy grip. It is also non-slip so you’re comfortable when pumping.  It also comes with two stoppers that can fit most bottles of wine and are completely leak-proof. This should only take a few seconds and your wine should be delicious and ready for the next pour. To remove the stopper, simply push the tab on top so the vacuum seal is released. After every reopening of the bottle, make sure to pump again so the wine stays fresh.  


Buying Guide

If you’re new to wine preservation systems, it may be hard to choose the best one to buy. Before buying, you must know at least the basics so you’ll have an idea of what to look for and what to expect. Below are the factors to consider when buying a wine preservation system. 

1. Style

Basically, there are two main styles of a wine preservation system: a vacuum system, and a gas-based system. The first is a vacuum that sucks the oxygen from the bottle to prevent oxidation and the wine from becoming flat. After pumping the air, a stopper stays on the bottle to keep air out from entering into the bottle again. The second one involves a gas called argon that is sprayed into the bottle so the wine stays fresh longer. Argon tends to be heavier than oxygen so what it does is it acts as a protective layer above the wine so that oxygen cannot touch the wine. Other wine preservers are a combination of the style or incorporated with a more hi-tech structure and process. 

2. Price

Naturally, the more complex a system is, its price corresponds with it. If you want to invest in a pricey device for preserving wine, make sure that you have the right budget for it and it suits your needs. If you’re just a casual drinker, then you can buy a more affordable option but if you take your wine seriously, then you better opt for something with the highest quality. Also, keep a note of the warranty an item offers so you can have the assurance that your money is not put to waste and that you are accommodated well. 

3. Ease Of Use

It’s important that when you buy something, you are comfortable using it. Some wine preservation systems have a simple construction so they are easy to use and quick to set up. Others are more complicated but they usually yield better results. When you do choose this route, you just have to familiarize yourself with the construction so it won’t be as hard to assemble it onto the bottle of wine. Remember that not all wine preservation systems have the same features and while these features may be helpful to some, it may also be difficult for others.

4. Effectiveness

Some wine preservation systems are not perfect,in a way that air can still get into the bottle, no matter how little the amount. This is okay if you don’t intend to keep your unfinished wine for more than 3 days. If you’re more of a casual drinker and you want the wine’s qualities to retain, then you would need a device that pumps almost all the air out and applies a very tight seal in the bottle. There will be negligible changes in the wine. Usually,  wine preservation systems can keep the wine fresh for 7 days but high-end ones can go for months. 

5. Durability

Usually, a more expensive item is expected to be very durable because it has a higher quality than others. But, don’t be fooled because some may not have prices and durability that relate to each other. Generally, a vacuum system is more expensive than the spray solution because it does a better job at keeping the wine fresh and it can be reused as opposed to the spray which is consumed and eventually run out. But, then again, it all boils down to your budget and your purpose. 


Just with the name, we know that a wine preservation system preserves wine. Let’s expand this a little bit so we can understand it more. Below are the benefits of having a wine preservation system. 

  • Keeps the wine fresh - preserving the wine retains its flavors and smell so the next time you pour a glass, it will still taste delicious and similar to the first time it was opened. 

  • Doesn’t rush you to finish a whole bottle - A bottle of wine can be finished in one sitting when you’re sharing it with a lot of people. But, if you’re alone or with your significant other, you can’t finish the entire bottle in one night and you don’t have to worry about finishing them all in a short period if you have a preservation system.

  • Lets you save an expensive bottle of wine - You can savor your expensive bottle of wine for a longer period when you have a wine preservation system, and every glass will taste just as good. 

  • Saves Money - You don’t have to throw spoiled wine anymore because, with a wine preservation system, the wine will not be spoiled for a time. It is indeed an investment, so you know that your money will not be put to waste. 

  • Applicable to almost any wine - Wine preservation systems are not exclusive to red wine only, you can use them for white wines, Champagne or sherry. But note that their life span will vary according to what type they are.  

  • FAQs

    How long do wine savers last?

    Most wine savers are very durable and can last for years especially when they’re made from high-quality materials. Reusable systems like the Coravin and vacuum pumps can be used for years to come but argon sprays will run out eventually. Although, Coravin is also in need of argon capsules so they still need to be bought often. 

    Does Coravin work with synthetic cords?

    Coravin works best with natural corks because after the needle is inserted and pulled out, the cork will just reseal, so air can’t get in, and therefore, oxidation is prevented. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said with synthetic corks because they will not reseal and oxidation will still take place. So, it’s better to use the Coravin for natural corks so it will not be wasted. 

    What happens to an open bottle of wine?

    If a bottle of wine is opened, the air gets into it. While this is good as air opens up the wine’s flavor, too much exposure of air can lead to oxidation, leading to the wine’s flavors becoming muted and flat. That is why a wine preservation system is used to extract unnecessary air from the bottle so the wine can retain its flavor profile for about a week. 

    How can you tell if a wine went bad?

    You’ll know that wine has turned bad when you can’t taste the rich fruity flavor, the smell is off and the taste is not acidic anymore but has somehow turned sour like vinegar. This happens when a bottle of wine is left on a countertop for days and experiences an environment with unstable temperature and oxidation. 

    Can argon affect the taste of wine?

    Argon is an inert gas, meaning it doesn’t undergo a chemical reaction with other substances like the wine, therefore, it doesn’t change the taste. It merely shields the wine from oxygen since it is denser. It is also non-toxic so it is safe to use. 

    Does wine need to be refrigerated after the preservation process?

    After the wine preservation process, may it be a spray or a vacuum, wine bottles are recommended to be refrigerated so it can preserve longer and it also protects the wine's taste. When stored at room temperature, the bottle can still be exposed to sunlight which can also ruin the wine. Storing the bottle of wine at a colder temperature slows down the chemical processes, thus, the longer the wine stays with its quality.


    The next time you open a bottle of wine, you can save the remaining contents and still taste the deliciousness the next time you pour yourself a glass.  This is made possible when you have the best wine preservation system that serves your purpose well. There are plenty of items to choose from so you can pick one that you like best according to preference, budget, and other factors. Wine preservation systems are undoubtedly a great addition to your wine arsenal. Other wine tools that you use for the best wine experience are the glasses for every type of wine and decanters to enhance the flavor.

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