How To Replace Coravin Argon Capsule & Make The Most Out Of It

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Coravin wine preservation system with wine bottle and wine glass on the table

An essential component of the Coravin wine opener, the Coravin capsule preserves the wine and pressurizes the bottle to let its content flow through the Coravin needle.

Changing the Coravin capsule is easy but can be quite tricky. Just open the capsule cup to access the old argon cartridge and install a new one. But one wrong move and you may end up losing all the argon gas. 

This post will provide everything you need to know about replacing an empty Coravin capsule with a loaded one.

What You’ll Need

Coravin wine preserver Model Five System

It doesn’t matter which wine system model you are using. The Coravin capsule is compatible with all Coravin wine preservation systems.

Coravin argon gas capsule

When you buy a Coravin wine opener, it usually includes two or more Coravin capsules. Once consumed, you can buy these argon gas capsules separately. If you are a frequent user of the Coravin wine system, you may opt for the Coravin capsule subscription to save money.

Remember that you can only use a Coravin capsule to replace the empty argon cartridge in your Coravin system. Alternative argon capsules will not seal accurately and may cause gas leakage. Also, using non-Coravin argon gas cartridges voids the warranty of your Coravin wine preserver.

Lint-free cloth

The perfect cleaning material, lint-free cloths are non-abrasive and do not leave any fiber. They are also ideal for electronic equipment as they prevent building up a charge, which could damage your Coravin wine preserver.

How to Replace a Coravin Capsule

1. Make sure the Coravin capsule is empty

Press the trigger of your Coravin wine preserver to make sure the Coravin capsule is empty

To be sure that the Coravin capsule in your wine preservation system is empty, remove the patented Coravin needle and press the trigger. If you do not hear a hiss or a sound of gas escaping, it means that the argon gas capsule is empty and needs a replacement.

2. Remove the empty Coravin capsule

Twist the capsule cup off the Coravin wine preserver

To remove the used Coravin capsule from the Coravin wine opener, push the clamp release up and slide the smart clamp upward. Then, twist the capsule cup off the unit and remove the empty argon gas capsule.

3. Clean the capsule cup

Drop the loaded argon gas capsule into the capsule cup round end first

Using a damp, lint-free cloth, wipe the threads on your Coravin system and capsule cup to get rid of wine residue and debris.

4. Install the new Coravin capsule 

Drop the loaded argon gas capsule into the capsule cup round end first

Put the loaded argon gas capsule into the capsule cup. Make sure that you drop it with the round end first.

5. Close the capsule cup

Twist the capsule cup onto the unit tightly

Twist the capsule cup onto your Coravin wine preservation unit tightly until it is securely closed. Afterward, slide the smart clamp down until it locks into place.

6. Check the Coravin needle

Check the needle and ensure that it is firmly attached

Before starting to pour, check the needle and ensure that it is firmly attached to avoid losing any gas.

7. Use the new Coravin argon capsule

Your Coravin wine preserver is now ready

To check if the new Coravin capsule is correctly installed in your Coravin system, quickly press and release the trigger. If you hear a short burst of gas, it means that the unit has sufficient argon gas. Your Coravin wine preserver is now ready.

Simple Tips to Optimize a Coravin Capsule

Coravin capsules pack of 6

With a newly replaced Coravin capsule, you can use your Coravin wine preservation system to access 15 standard 150-ml bottles of wine or more. Here are some simple tips to make the most out of a Coravin system’s argon gas.

  • Fill the needle before pouring

Before each use of your Coravin wine preserver, pre-fill the Coravin needle with argon gas by pressing the trigger quickly. This way, you will get rid of any air in the system.

  • Minimize the amount of gas you pour

To minimize the amount of argon gas you pour, make a couple of short presses on the trigger until you achieve the desired flow rate. If the flow stops or slows down, press the trigger again until you’re done pouring wine.

  •  Pull out the wine cork to finish a bottle

It requires more argon gas to extract the last few drops of wine from the bottle. It would be more practical to remove the cork from the bottle when pouring the final glass.


Knowing how to correctly replace the Coravin capsule from your Coravin wine preservation system will save you time, money, and wine in the long run. It also guarantees a 100-percent effective and efficient Coravin wine system, making wine preservation effortless.

What do you think about this article? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And if you found this guide helpful, feel free to share it with your fellow wine lovers.

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