Wine Accessories

5 Best Wine Accessories To Make Your Drink Experience Even Better

Wine Accessories

Wine tasting is just plain drinking until you include something in the experience. Apart from a unique wine tumbler or wine glass, any oenophile would likely have any of these best wine accessories in his bar or kitchen to add some fun to a relaxing moment.

1. Wine Aerator

Male sommelier pouring red wine through aerator into glass

Aerators are exactly what they do – aerate wine to help remove some of its partial odor and reveal its natural fragrance. When you attach an aerator to a bottle of wine, it adds oxygen to the drink and minimizes the bitter taste. There are different types of wine aerators and many designs to choose from. 

Handheld wine aerators are designed to cover bottles so that you can pour wine through them. A stopper or in-bottle wine aerator can fit into the bottleneck to serve as both aerator and wine stopper. Some are light, and others are bulky yet serve their purpose.


2. Customizable Wine Charms

Whether it’s for a wedding or just a regular night out, nothing says special when a bestie sees his name on a shiny charm hugging the stem of a wine glass. 

When you have a personalized charm that acts as a name tag, you know that person should always be present at your parties and in your life. That’s saying a lot to friends who’ve been with you through thick and thin. You can send in a list of names and have them engraved individually on a rose gold plate. 

3. Suction Wine Glass Holder

SipCaddy Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder Caddy

Enjoying a glass of wine on a bubble bath isn’t absurd, only that not all tubs are built to hold something on the sides. But, if you have a suction wine glass holder that you can stick to the side of the tub, you can place your wine glass into it, and it’ll support the bowl from underneath. 

The tool is made of plastic and rubber suction cups to stick to bathroom tiles, bathroom mirrors, glass doors, and ceramic tubs. The best thing about the suction wine glass holder is its multifunctional design. It can hold plastic bottles, cans, tubes of shampoo or toothpaste, and more!

Bubble baths can be extra enjoyable if you can enjoy them with the best red wines you can afford. Self-care also means enjoying a glass of fruity notes with spice and, sometimes, some vanilla. You won’t be left wanting, and with a device like the glass holder that supports your happiness and de-stressing habits, what could go wrong?

4. Electric Corkscrew Wine Opener

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter

Sometimes you don’t have the strength to pull a cork off the bottle’s mouth. When all you want at the moment is to enjoy a glass of wine and relax, investing in an electric corkscrew wine opener will make the process of corkscrew-removal fast and effortless. 

These devices are rechargeable, and a single charge can open up to 30 bottles. Some may also come with an extra feature, such as a foil cutter. It’s a handy tool, especially if you have arthritic fingers or if your dominant hand is injured.  

5. Coravin Wine Preservation System (Model Two)

Coravin Wine Preservation System Model Two Premium, Includes 2 Argon Capsules

Coravin is a wine opener system that punctures through the cork to create an opening and prevents as little air from entering the bottle. If you’re a meticulous wine drinker who loves saving a bottle with as much content as possible, this wine preservation system is for you. 

It works with red and white wines – both still wines that are not bubbly or sparkling. The system is also great with fortified wines that preserve better. 

If you’re wondering if Coravin works with bubbly wines, a champagne bottle can have as much as 90 lbs. of pressure trapped inside due to the carbon dioxide built-up. Removing the cork can make it shoot up fast at 25 miles per hour, making puncturing the cork dangerous.


A good wine experience doesn’t have to break the budget. You can enjoy it at home, in the company of family and friends, or simply on your own. Various items can make wine more enjoyable. Not only do you get to enjoy a drink in many different ways, but you also get the chance to share it with your loved ones while enjoying its sumptuous quality.

What’s your favorite wine accessory, and how does it enhance your wine drinking experience? Let us know in the comments below.


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