20 Best Electric Wine Bottle Openers 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

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    Wine has become a convenient and staple drink for a night cap or on special occasions. The wine bottles are usually sealed using a cork to keep it fresh and prevent the aroma and flavors to evaporate. The alcohol content of the wine allows for faster evaporation so what is supposed to be the boon for the wine becomes the bane for the consumer. The cork is specially hard to remove and many wine bottles had been destroyed because of improper uncorking or bits of the cork fell into the bottle. 

    Not to worry though: the electric bottle opener is here. Composed of 2 basic parts - the foil cutter and the corkscrew, it makes opening any wine bottle a breeze. Unlike the old corkscrew your parents may have used when you were younger, the electric wine bottle opener has a better grip on the cork and can remove it without damaging the cork so you can put it back on. 

    If you have no idea how this product works, watch the short video here. While different electric wine openers work differently, the basic features are the same.

    You will find that there are the best, most budget-friendly and other kinds of it. Keep reading and discover which one is the best electric wine bottle opener to buy for  your next wine. 

    Our Pick

    1. Most budget-friendly

    Most items on the list are over $20 and they only include the bottle opener and the foil cutter. If you want to try the electric wine opener but you have a tight budget, your best option would be the iTronics IC700 Electric Wine Opener. It may be of a lower price but its exterior and its function makes it really worth it. 

    2. Most user-friendly

    The best way to try something new is to treat it as though it’s not complicated. If you’re new to the electric wine opener and you’re just trying to figure out how it works, do it with Ozeri OW02A-B Nouveaux as it ensures a smooth operation and will provide you with a good insight and helpful tutorial as to how to use it. 

    3. Most trendy

    Elegance is the key to induce people to buy a product. Cuisinart CWO-25 Electric Wine Opener sure does have this quality, making it have its spotlight. Its impeccable design makes it an attractive addition to your kitchen treasures. 

    4. Most Ideal as a Gift

    If you’re thinking about giving a gift to a wine lover friend, your search is over. Buy your friend the Ivation Wine Gift Set and surely, he or she won’t think of a better gift. This set is complete  from opening a bottle to preserving the taste. All of its features do something about the wine itself that keeps it flavor and goodness. 

    5. Most Advanced

    Described as the first of its kind, the Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener, is the kind of tool that does everything for you. Unlike other models wherein you control the buttons, the Rabbit is highly automatic, making it gain “most advanced” in the list. 

    6. Most Convenient

    When you’re going out for a picnic or coming over to a friend's house with a bottle of wine, make sure to have the Waerator 3-in-1 Electric Wine Opener with you. Its compact design and features stored in a single item makes it a very ideal tool to bring anywhere.  Just make sure it’s fully charged and next thing you’ll do is open a bottle and keep it stay fresh when you’re done drinking. 

    How to Choose the Best Electric Wine Opener?

    It has been established earlier that there are different kinds of electric wine bottle openers. Although the differences are not that material as to the function, some attributes may still have an impact on the users. People have various preferences on the things they use so it’s good if they are provided with several choices on wine openers. Here are some considerations for you to take in choosing the best electric bottle opener:

    1. Design

    Buying a kitchen gadget is important since you plan to use it for a long time. It helps if your newest gadget fits in your kitchen’s current theme. Design not only entails the physical look; it goes more into the efficiency of the kitchen gadget in doing its purpose. Some come with a detachable foil cutter while others come with a separate foil cutter. Others also come with a sort of wine aerator/pourer that you fit into the bottle itself, unless you plan on decanting your wine. Choose one that fits your needs without compromising the looks. 

    2. Power Source

    Most electric wine bottle openers are rechargeable. It usually takes about  8 hours for it to be fully charged for the first charge. Thereafter, each charge takes 4-6 hours. For the rechargeable ones that come with a built-in battery, the set comes with a USB charging cable. For those with removable chargeable batteries, the unit itself becomes the charging unit without need for a separate charger for the batteries. A good fully-charged wine opener can work well for 4-6 hours, opening up to 45 bottles. It also charges for 4-6 hours. 

    3. Capacity

    Unless you are pro in using a manual corkscrew, you either damage the cork while inserting it or you spend so much time inserting it and uncorking the bottle. If you cannot afford losing precious time uncorking your wine bottle and rather use that time for your family or friends, the electric wine bottle opener is an excellent choice. Before you make a purchase, make sure to check the features first and consider the capacity of your electric wine opener. Choose one that can open at least 30 bottles in a single charge, though others can last as long as 80 bottles. 

    4. Affordability 

    One of the biggest considerations one has to make when buying something is its affordability or price. Price does not actually translate excellent quality. Some products with a high price are compensated by its excellent quality. There are also high quality products that cost less. The trick is to find one that fits your needs without putting a hole in your pocket. If for use in the home bar, there is no use to buy the pricey 80-bottle capacity opener when 30 bottles is more than enough for your regular use. 

    5. Availability 

    Nothing is more upsetting than trying to find a particular unit for hours and not finding it after following countless links. A good electric wine bottle opener is available in most specialty stores, online stores and appliance centers. Find one respectable brand so you have an option if the first choice isn’t available.

    6. Durability

    Durability is complementary to price. Expensive products tend to be more durable, although it does not always follow. Some prove to be both effective and efficient even at affordable prices. Established brands may be more pricey but their products are more likely to be more cost-effective to maintain the brand’s reliability. Electric wine bottle openers that are made with combined metal and ABS plastic can actually last long. 

    7. Safety 

    Find a wine opener that has been quality-inspected to ensure its safety to use in home bars. Alcohol and electrical malfunctions do not mix together. Check the quality of the rechargeable batteries to make sure it does not leak anything that is harmful to the user and the environment, especially after its lifetime has been served. 

    8. Ease of Use

    The purpose of buying the wine bottle opener is to make your bar life easier, you don’t want one with tons of instructions to follow. If buying online, check out for its reviews or find an unboxing video to guide you before you make a purchase. 

    9. Size

    Models of electric wine bottle openers come in different sizes. They can range from 9  to 11 inches in height and from 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Moreover, they weigh from 1- 2 pounds. For size, it boils down to your preference, whether you’d like a bigger one to show it off at a party or whether you’d like a smaller one which you can easily carry to a friend’s house. Choose one that is convenient for you.

    10. Screw Size

    The standard screw size is 1.75 inches. This ensures that the screw works its way down to the cork and easily lifts it up. Smaller wine bottle openers will also tend to have shorter screws which can tear up the cork due to insufficient drilling. Also, it’s better to choose the worm screw  which is in the shape of a helix rather than an auger screw which is like the worm wrapped in a line of metal. Make sure to choose one that has an appropriate screw.

    11. Other Features

    Electric wine bottle openers have two main features: the foil cutter and the cork lifter. Other than these, different brands and models differ in additional features. Some have transparent casing so the process can be visible. Some even have LED for battery level indicators and the foil cutter may be either built in or separate. Some also treat people with a wine stopper and wine pourer. If you want to give it as a gift, there are also models that come in decorative boxes suitable for gift- giving. The most important part of this product is its function to open bottles but if you like to be fancy and be treated with other cool accessories, do choose those that offer them.

      Why do people choose an electric wine opener? 

      Long before the electric wine bottle opener was invented, people have been using the manual corkscrew. If this wasn't in their possession, they resorted to other things including a screw hook, nail and hammer, pliers and thick screw, serrated knives and others. 

      Perhaps the number one reason why people choose an electric wine bottle opener is convenience and ease. 

      How does an electric wine bottle opener work?

      If you haven’t used or even seen an electric wine bottle opener before, it might be a little intimidating to use the first time. Below are simple steps you can follow. This one is for a type that comes with a separate foil cutter. It comes with 4 removable batteries. Be sure to charge according to the instruction manual before using it.

      1. Grab the foil cutter and place it correctly on top of the cap.

      2. Hold the cutter tightly on top and start twisting the bottle all the way around to cut the foil. 

      3. The foil should come out easily.

      4. Get the cork remover or lifter and place it on the center on top of where the cork is situated.

      5. Push the lower button to drill the cork and lift it upward.

      6. Once the cork is lifted, pust the upper button to push down the cork and completely detach it from the screw. 

        As you can see,  with a few easy steps, you can open a bottle of wine in an effortless way. When the battery is drained, fret not. You just have to charge it. Attach the adapter and the cord to each other and plug the cord at the back of the charging stand and plug the adapter into a socket. Then, place the device in the stand and let it charge for 8 hours, preferably. 

        20 Best Wine Bottle Openers to Choose From

        One fun thing about devices is that there isn’t one type. You are provided with a lot of choices according to your preference. Check out the list below and decide which one is the best electric wine bottle opener. 

        1. Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller

          When you’re browsing for electric wine bottle openers, you will often come across this particular brand called Oster. 

          It is a cordless wine bottle opener with some of its features including a charging stand, foil cutter, charger and a wine chiller made from thermal stainless steel. There is another set that excludes the chiller for a lower price but the chiller is a nice accessory that compliments wine. 

          It is sleek and stylish, ergonomically designed with a soft grip handle to hold the bottle in place. It also has a power indicator that shows when it’s fully charged which takes about 6 to 8 hours. 

          It can open up to 30 bottles in a single charge. It is strategically designed in terms of size as it is portable and not that heavy. 

          With a push of its button, just wait for 10 seconds or so and you can go ahead and pour yourself a nice glass of wine. It comes in sophisticated colors of silver, merlot and champagne. It also has a one-year warranty. The battery is irreplaceable though, so you must take caution in maintaining it.

          2. Ozeri OW02A-B Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener 

            Another famous brand is Ozeri. Unlike Oster, this model doesn’t need a stand because it can stand on its own thanks to its European curve design. Its foil cutter is embedded in its removable lid and it also comes with a charger. 

            What’s cool about it is its transparent shell that enables you to witness the amazing process of cork removal. The charging port also happens to be at the back of the device since it doesn’t have a charging stand. It is also smaller compared to Oster and it is way more handy as all the features are put in a single item. It basically works the same way except for a cool blue light when a button is pushed and when it is charging. 

            Once fully charged, it can open up to 40 bottles of wine. You’re free to choose between colors of black, red and silver. 

            3. Secura SWO-3N Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener

              Secura completes the big three alongside Oster and Ozeri in the electric wine bottle openers.This one is probably the most sophisticated looking. 

              It is made with high quality stainless steel making it incredibly durable and also covers the screw with a transparent shell, showing the entire process. 

              It  has a rectangular charging base where the separate foil cutter is also attached. It takes about 6 to 8 hours of charging and can open 30 bottles. 

              It also has a blue light that lights when in use and in charging. Because of its sleek design, it makes an attractive addition to your kitchen when not in use. It is absolutely easy to use, just by pushing the buttons. 

              It has built-in irreplaceable batteries that have an impressive life span. It is also lightweight so it can be carried anywhere without a hassle and operates quietly. 

              4. Munion Automatic Corkscrew Wine Opener with Foil Cutter

                Munion looks a lot like Oster but they differ in more ways than one. First, Munion has the charging port at the back of the opener instead of a charging base. Its material is entirely made from durable and premium stainless steel. 

                It has a shorter time of removing the cork, in just 8 seconds and it requires a shorter amount of time of charging, in just 3 to 4 hours, which can open up to 45 bottles. 

                It also has a power indicator and its removable foil cutter is attached at the bottom of the opener. Though it’s made in stainless steel, it shows a small transparent portion at the bottom part allowing you to take a glimpse of the screw. It's a great choice for your first electric wine bottle opener.

                5. Chefman Electric Wine Opener

                  Chefman looks very much identical to Secura. They also have the same features: a charging base, a separate foil cutter, rechargeable batteries and a cork remover made from stainless steel and transparent shell covering the corkscrew. 

                  It is also fashioned with an eye-catching blue LED to indicate that it’s charging. Once fully charged after 8 hours, it can open 30 bottles. The set is packed in a wonderful box, making it ideal to be given as a gift to a friend. 

                  6. iTronics IC700 Electric Wine Opener

                    Designed to have a compact and slim body, iTronics offers a new exterior design that distinguishes it from others already mentioned. 

                    Its design is pretty clever in that the exterior portrays an image of a wine bottle and the buttons are fashioned in color red and serves as the bottle’s top. Its foil cutter is located at the bottom. 

                    The whole thing is made from stainless steel, so the process can’t be seen. It comes with a USB charging cable to be attached at the back of the remover. 

                    It is environment -friendly, removes cork in 7 seconds and opens up to 80 bottles at full charge. Because it has a slim body, it is beneficial for those who have arthritic hands and enables one to have a firm and comfortable grip on it. 

                    7. Zupora Rechargeable Cordless Automatic Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

                      Simple yet elegant - this is Zupora is described. It is surprisingly small making it very convenient to be brought anywhere. One can use a USB cable to charge the batteries. 

                      It is cordless, has a foil cutter and can open approximately 80 bottles. When turned on, blue LED will light up making it very cool to use. 

                      It also enables the user to see how the cork is easily lifted in just 7 seconds because of its clear shell. It is also FDA certified so it is absolutely safe and easy to use.  

                      8. Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

                        Perhaps the most innovative in the list, Rabbit incorporates all its features in a single item, the cork remover itself. Twist the cap and you get the foil cutter. It doesn’t have buttons as well. You simply place the device on top of the cork and it will automatically lift the cork up. It will also automatically eject the cork once it’s removed. 

                        It includes a micro USB wall charging unit. It comes in red, black and white. It greatly works with synthetic and plastic corks. 

                        Rabbit is considered one of those cool gadgets that do the work for you so you just sit back, relax and a few seconds later, enjoy delicious wine bottle with friends. 

                        9. Cuisinart CWO-25 Electric Wine Opener

                          Made from brushed stainless steel, this wine bottle opener comes with a unique charging base and a detachable foil cutter neatly placed at the back of the base. It has the capacity to open 50 bottles at full charge and it uses a NiHM battery pack which is quickly rechargeable.

                          It has two buttons, one for removing and the other for ejecting. At the bottom, you can also see a power indicator that lights up when it’s charging. It works well with both synthetic and plastic corks. 

                          This makes an ideal gift for your wine enthusiasts friends. 

                          10. Wine Enthusiast Electric Blue Push-Button Corkscrew 

                            When you’re out with family and friends for a nice picnic or sitting and getting cozy at home with pizza and wine, it would be very helpful and cool to have a device that easily opens up the bottle. You’ll need something portable and handy. Check out the Wine Enthusiast Corkscrew that opens bottles of wine within seconds. 

                            Along the corkscrew, you’ll also get a clear foil cutter, charging base and charging cord. 

                            When you push a button or have it charged, the corkscrew emits a blue LED. It only comes in black. Overall, it makes gatherings interesting, fun and easy. 

                            11. Brinonac Modern Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener Set

                              This model is perhaps the most desirable in the list due as it moved past the simple wine bottle cutter to include other functional items. 

                              It covers the basics such as a foil cutter, a bottle opener with an ergonomic design, made of high quality stainless steel, transparent bottom that allows you to see the whole cork removing process, a cool blue LED when it is in use and a charger. 

                              Unlike other models, this one uses 4 removable and replaceable batteries, so whenever the batteries run out, you won’t have to buy another unit, thus, the longer it’ll be put to use.

                               As a bonus, it also includes a vacuum wine stopper and wine pourer to prevent leaks and spills. This unit can open up to 80 bottles. Basically, this unit has the whole package, making it a very ideal and worthy gift. 

                              12. Ivation Wine Gift Set, Includes Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener

                                Ivation boasts a lot of cool devices that are strategically sold either individually or as a set. The Ivation Wine Gift Set is a great example. As the name suggests, this makes a great idea for a gift especially for your wine lover friends. Even if your friends aren’t that into wine, they’ll still be amazed by the construction and technology behind this product. 

                                The unit includes a charging base which is impressively designed, it kind of looks like an awesome console. Then, a foil cutter, located at the center of the base, two special date-stamped wine stoppers that enables you to track the last time you’ve opened a bottle and then reseals it tightly so it won’t lose its flavor. 

                                It also has a 2-in 1 aerator and pourer which serves the purpose of enhancing the flavor of the wine as you pour it. In addition to making the wine bottle stay fresh longer, it also has an electric bottle preserver that extracts air from bottles. 

                                Lastly, the main star, the electric bottle opener which has a sleek , modern design, complemented by the silver color, with two buttons to extract and eject the cork and a transparent bottom, allowing to have a clear view of the process. 

                                It can open up to 30 bottles in one charge and it recharges fast. This entire team of making wine an intriguing and memorable experience makes a great addition to your kitchen or bar that’ ll surely impress all. If you have a friend who enjoys wine, you know what to give him or her. 

                                13. Waerator 3-in-1 Fully-automatic Rechargeable Electric Wine Opener

                                  This product speaks true for its name. Yes, there are great packages of wine devices but Waerator keeps it all in one product,making it portable and convenient. The body flaunts its gushing red color, leaving out the bottom part to allow you to see the removal process. The foil cutter is safely placed at the bottom of the opener which can be detached anytime and it can fit all  sizes of wine bottles. 

                                  It charges via USB so you won’t have to worry when you lose its charger because you probably have a spare. It doesn’t end here. It also comes with a wine stopper with date stamps that allows you to track the last time you’ve opened the bottle and keep its integrity. 

                                  It also has a vacuum pump that suctions the air out of the bottle and keeps it safe from oxidation and preserve the natural goodness of the wine. Also unlike other models that require you to push and hold the button to keep it working, this one only requires you to push once, as you would with a switch and it automatically extracts and ejects the cork out. Because of this, it only has one cool button. Overall, it is compact, smart and stylish so you can bring it anywhere you please without a hassle.

                                  14. Hovinso Electric Set-Rechargeable Cordless Corkscrew Wine Opener

                                    Sometimes, simplicity is all a product needs to have to function efficiently. The same case is with Hovinso electric wine bottle opener. It stunningly shines with its gunmetal color and it comes with a handy foil cutter.Its batteries are built-in and it can be charged via USB so you if you feel like using your phone charger or a power bank, you certainly can. 

                                    To operate, simply place the opener on top of the cork and push and hold the lower button, this will emit a green light. When you extract the cork, push the upper button and it will produce a blue light. 

                                    This device can open up to 80 bottles in one charge. Because of its elegant design, it makes an attractive addition to your kitchen or bar. It can also make a great present to a friend. 

                                    15. Bfull Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener Kit

                                    Don’t know what to give to your loved one? Perhaps he or she enjoys wine and would love to have a set that elevates the experience. The search is over because you found the Bfull electric opener set. 

                                    This package contains all you need from opening a bottle of wine to keeping it for the next occasion. The set includes a not only one bottle opener but two: one is electric and the other is air pump. 

                                    It doesn’t have a charger because it uses 4 AA batteries. When they run out and you haven’t bought a set of replacement batteries, you can try the air pump opener and you can find that it’s a pretty cool device and it removes corks just as good as the electric opener one. 

                                    The set also has two wine stoppers, one foil cutter and one wine pourer. All are neatly packed in a fashionable box ideal for gift-giving. And to provide customers with high accommodation, it has a lifetime warranty. 

                                    16. Flasnake Rechargeable Cordless Automatic Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

                                      Have you ever seen an electric wine bottle opener with a mesmerizing and sophisticated color? If not, you should check out Flasnake. It’s not just the color that this opener boasts but also its overall function and convenience. 

                                      It comes with a foil cutter and a USB cord for charging. The surface is made of high quality stainless steel and well- textured with an elegant rose gold finish. The power indicator is located at the light that lights up when charging and tells when it’s fully charged. 

                                      It has two buttons, one extracts the cork and when pushed, it emits a light blue light. On the other hand, the other button ejects the cork and when pushed, it emits a red light. Its alloy corkscrew mechanism is enclosed in a transparent shell. 

                                      This can open up to 80 bottles in a single charge. This model would grace every kitchen and bar with its presence.

                                      17. Vomelon Electric Wine Opener

                                        This environmental-friendly device is made from acrylic material that results in a transparent shell, thereby allowing you to the cork being removed. It has two buttons. 

                                        The lower produces a blue LED when extracting the cork. The other one produces a red LED when ejecting the cork. It charges via USB so it can be charged even without the adapter, just plug it in your laptop. 

                                        It also comes with a foil cutter that easily results in a clean cut. It can be fully charged under 3 hours and can open 60 bottles in one full charge. 

                                        18. Crenova 4-in-1 Electronic Wine Opener, with Wine Saver Pump

                                        As the name suggests, this package has 4 main components: the bottle opener, wine aerator, vacuum stopper and foil cutter. It also comes with a USB cord for charging. 

                                        It can open up to 70 bottles when it’s fully charged. Its lithium battery is built in which only takes about 2.5 hours to charge. 

                                        The operation is quite simple, just push the buttons to lift and remove the cork. The additional accessories enable you to preserve and keep the good taste of your wine. And if there are defects in your order, fret not, because they provide a -year warranty. 

                                        19. Vremi Electric Wine Opener Set with Electronic Chargeable Base

                                          Its design distinguishes it from all other openers because it’s more rounded. It comes with a foil cutter and a wine stopper and pourer. It's quite simple but it’s definitely useful in your wine endeavors. 

                                          It is made with stainless steel and ABS rubber so it lets you have a firm, non-slip grip. You charge it by placing it on the charging base and its power indicator lets out a red light when it’s charging that’ll turn green when it’s fully charged. It is affordable, accessible and very effective. 

                                          ​20. Deik Wine Opener, Electric Wine Opener with Foil Cutter, Bottle Opener for Wine

                                            The last in the list but definitely not the least. Deik proudly presents its electric wine bottle opener, featuring a clear foil cutter that’s compatible to any size and a charging base. It can open up to 30 bottles in a single full charge. 

                                            It’s made from premium stainless steel with a transparent bottom. When pushing the buttons, it emits a soft blue LED light. It’s small enough to be brought anywhere at your convenience. 

                                            Its silver finish makes it an attractive addition to your kitchen. The awesome technology behind it allows you to open bottles in an effortless way without having to struggle. 


                                            There you have it: the electric wine bottle openers. Of all the products listed, they have one commonality: its purpose. This bottle opener is like a buddy that goes along with a nice bottle of wine. It spares you from grabbing your tool box and pinning some nails in the cork and pulling it like you’re wrestling with it. This smart device results in a clean cut of foil and an easy and quick removal of the cork. Some additional features are a treat to preserve the wine and just make the best out of the experience. Of course, they differ in several ways but it’s important to note that each one is unique in their own way. They all have pros and cons and they can be balanced out when you do a comparison. So, it really depends on you to pick which one is for you. Others may be sold in sets while some are sold individually. You can give one to your friends, family, a loved one or yourself. Once again, technology and science made another brilliant invention that  pleases everyone who appreciates wine and efficiency. 

                                            Wine Options to Try 

                                            What’s the use of a wine opener when you don’t have wine? You probably have a favorite wine and you refuse to have any other type. But, when you get tired of the one you’re used to, don’t lose interest in wine because there are a whole lot of them, each with distinct and unique flavors. Check out some options here and create another favorite. 

                                            Red Wines with an Expensive Taste

                                            Red wine is probably the most common type of wine. Some may be expensive and you may be hesitant to buy because you can’t have just wine for dinner. Never fear because there are others out there that won’t hurt your budget and at the same time lets you enjoy a delicious meal along with it. Here are cheap wines that taste like a thousand bucks.

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