The Gentleman & Lady's Guide On How to Pour A Bottle of Wine Perfectly

The Gentleman & Lady's Guide On How To Pour A Bottle Of Wine Perfectly

The Gentleman & Lady's Guide On How to Pour A Bottle of Wine Perfectly

From the oldest winery in Ancient Armenia to the crisp Sauvignon Blanc bottle of wine you have at Sunday brunch, humanity’s love affair with this intoxicating aqua vitae has been an integral part of human civilization. You can pour wine without dripping by using a table napkin, bottle ring, wine pourer, or mastering how to turn the bottle.

Even the most experienced sommeliers and vintners can fall victim to losing a few drops of their beloved drink to gravity. In this post, we’ll share with you how you can prevent the little misfortunes that come with spilling wine on your beautiful chaise lounge or on a crucial part of the wine bottle...the label.

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No Drip Wine Bottle: Tips and Tricks

In restaurants, if a waiter either spills on the label or the glass itself, it’s considered a big no-no. The label not only shows the contents of the wine, but the narrative and history of the wine and who created it. Here are simple ways to follow so you can become a wine pouring expert in no time.

  • Have a napkin ready

Have a napkin ready

Even if you're 100% confident in your perfect pour, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for any spills. Hosting parties can be nerve-wracking, and chances are you’ll be a little nervous pouring a bottle of wine for a group of people. Have a cloth napkin ready to wipe down any wine drips or spills that may come with your pour. Either let it rest on your arm or shoulder or have it close by on the table. You can always count on napkins or serviettes to help you with cleaning up messes.

wine pourer

If you’re not confident in your wine pouring skills or you just want to be extra safe, you can always use some help with these handy tools. Wine accessories are common from stoppers to wine coasters. Some even have them personally made to match a bottle of wine’s aesthetic, but today we’re focusing on accessories that will help us with pouring.

Bottle rings are stainless steel rings lined with fabric to catch those pesky wine drips. Just insert the device around the bottle’s neck and pour your wine with no problems. On the other hand, wine pourers help prevent spilling or dripping on your wine bottle through precision that way you can have a no drip wine bottle. It’s usually a small thin disk folded into a funnel that is inserted into the bottle. Different designs include aerators to elevate the flavor of the wine. With its asymmetrical shape, the wine can be poured in a much cleaner way.

  • Turn the bottle

Turn the bottle

You can pour with confidence by simply doing this trick. Slightly rotate the bottle away from you after you’re done pouring; this stops the flow of the wine and you can lift the bottle with no drips. That way your pour will seem elegant and refined - truly a no drip wine bottle experience. It goes without saying that you still have to practice to perfect this technique.

Bottle of Wine Etiquette Tips

  • Open a bottle of wine using a corkscrew

Open a bottle of wine using a corkscrew

Wines are sealed with corks usually made from bark. These types of stoppers are resistant to moisture and help with the aging process of wine. The best way to open a bottle of wine with a cork stopper is by using a corkscrew (unless you’re opening sparkling wine). There are also corkscrew alternatives that you can use.

Opening a wine bottle as quietly as possible with a reliable corkscrew not only shows your elevated skill level, but also displays common wine etiquette. When it comes to opening a bottle in many wine tastings, waiters are trained to open bottles of wine quietly as the sound might distract the guests.

  • Present the bottle of wine to your guest

Present the bottle of wine to your guest

Remember that it's not just a simple liquid you are pouring, but a vintage bottle of wine. What's important for your guest is to see the label by holding the bottle in the palm of your hand. The label should be facing the guest as your hand is firmly on the base. That way everyone can appreciate the type of wine and where it was made.

  • Hold your wine glass in a proper way

Hold your wine glass in a proper way

Even something as simple as holding a wine glass should be done in a certain way. Simply place your forefinger and thumb on the stem of your glass and let the rest of your fingers rest on the base. If you have a stemless glass the best thing to do is to place it on the table. Of course, we do have different types of wine glasses, but overall, you should never hold a glass by the bowl since it’ll warm up your drink.

  • Fill your wine glass half full

Fill your glass half full

Never fill your wine glass to the brim. Wine is meant to be tasted not chugged, especially still wine. When it comes to still wine, you need to properly aerate it for a few moments to allow it to release its beautiful aroma. If it's filled to the brim, the taste becomes closed-off and less flavorful. 

The perfect pour is said to be at the widest part of your glass. With sparkling wine such as champagne, they’re usually poured near the brim on a thin glass just like champagne flutes to show off the bubbles.

  • Offer wine before pouring for yourself

Offer wine before pouring for yourself

At parties or small group gatherings, the host is usually the one to serve the guests. Make sure you pour everyone else's glass before yours to show your graciousness and generosity. If they refuse, then you can proceed to the next person. Remember, wine is meant to be shared with everyone.


A bottle of wine is definitely one of those drinks that help you feel like a person of class. We hope that these no drip wine bottle tips and tricks help you look good and reduce clean up while pouring your favorite drink. What do you think about this guide? Leave your comment down below. If you think this article was more than helpful, share it with your fellow winos.

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