Coravin Model Six Advanced Wine Bottle Opener and Preservation System

Is Coravin Wine Preserver Worth The Money?

 Coravin Model Six Advanced Wine Bottle Opener and Preservation System

The Coravin wine preserver is a revolutionary technology that allows wine lovers to drink and preserve their wine simultaneously. Without the need to pull out the cork, it is a perfect device to help fine wine aficionados enjoy their favorite drinks in their own sweet time. But is this wine preservation system worth your money?

Frequent drinkers will tremendously benefit from having a Coravin wine opener in their home bars. It is also ideal for solo drinkers who have difficulty finishing a bottle of wine in one sitting. In this post, learn more about this one-of-a-kind invention to help you decide if Coravin wine preserver is right for you.

What is Coravin Wine Preserver?

Unlike most wine preservation systems, Coravin utilizes a patented needle to pierce through the wine bottle’s cork instead of removing it entirely. It enables the cork to reseal after pouring, keeping the remaining wine intact. This device also uses argon gas to pressurize the bottle and help continue the wine’s natural aging process. But why argon gas?

The Coravin team tried and tested various gasses to search for the one that will have the least effect on the wine. Argon won against nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, and others, as it is the most inert of these gasses. Additionally, it is heavier than oxygen, which plays a vital role in preventing oxidation.  

One more reason why the Coravin wine preservation system prefers using argon gas is that it does not dissolve in water. Gasses that are highly soluble in wine tend to affect its flavor and character. So by using argon, the Coravin wine opener keeps the wine unaffected. Non-flammable and non-toxic, argon is also harmless and safe to use.

The Coravin Family

Since the inception of its first-ever wine preservation system, Coravin has developed several innovative additions to its line of wine technologies. From the basic models Coravin Model 1 and Model 2, the Coravin family now includes the first automatic and app-connected wine preservation system, the Model Eleven.

Whether you like your wine preservation the old-fashioned way or enjoy using cutting-edge devices, there is the right wine preserver for you. Here is a comparison table to help you get the key differences between different Coravin wine preserver models. 

The Coravin wine preservation system models

Coravin Model

Model One

Model Two

Model Three

Model Five

Model Six

Model Eleven








Screw Caps














Patented Coravin Technology

Textured Rubber Grip






Metal Accents




Carry Case





Storage Base






Automatic Pour












The Coravin family pioneers, Model One and Model Two, were the first Coravin wine preservation systems that revolutionized the wine industry. Although Coravin has introduced better models since then, these two units offer the same wine preservation technology and basic functionality at a more affordable price.

Being the first-ever Coravin model to feature the SmartClamps, the Coravin Model Three is another base system, but with a modern touch. It is also budget-friendly, making it the perfect Coravin unit for all your wine preservation needs.

The Coravin Model Five is exclusively available for Coravin’s Trade Program members only. It encompasses Coravin retailers and businesses that sell wine by the glass. So if you’re a trade partner and would like a cheaper rate, go for the Coravin Model Five.

The Coravin Model Six is a combination of high quality and reasonable price. It is the best all-rounder system, making it an ideal choice for home use. In addition to the standard Coravin wine preservation technology, it comes with premium accessories and sophisticated color options. 

If you want to experience the best of the Coravin wine preservation system, check out the latest and most advanced addition to the Coravin family. With its automatic pouring and Bluetooth technology, the Coravin Model Eleven is definitely worth the price.

When to Use the Coravin Wine Opener?

Man pouring wine using Coravin Model Two Elite Pro Wine Preservation System

The Coravin wine system can only be as effective as the cork of the wine bottle you’d like to open. Its success in preserving the wine will largely depend on the cork’s ability to reseal. So before accessing a bottle with this wine preserver, check the wine closure first. Is it a natural or synthetic cork?   

This device works excellently with natural corks, including composite ones, due to their elastic properties. On the other hand, we do not recommend using it to open bottles of wine with synthetic cork closures as they are not flexible enough to reseal.

There are also wine closures that can cause permanent damage to the Coravin needle. Among these are glass and metal wine closures. Remember to never use your Coravin wine opener in accessing a bottle of wine with these types of closures. For all your wine bottles with screw tops, use the self-healing Coravin screw cap with your wine preserver.

Advantages of Using Coravin Wine System

Aside from diversifying your wine drinking experience, there are many other advantages of using the Coravin wine preserver. For one, it keeps the taste of your wine unchanged even after weeks of accessing the bottle. Winemakers and wine connoisseurs who participated in various blind taste tests conducted by the Coravin team support this claim.

Another notable benefit of using this wine preserver is that it allows for wine aeration to enhance your wine’s flavors and aroma. By attaching the Coravin aerator to your system, you can pour yourself a glass of perfectly aerated wine without the need for long hours of decanting. This aeration tool securely fits on the spout of all Coravin units.

Other perks of using this wine-preserving device include ease of use and portability. Anyone can use it anywhere they may be. As it requires no power to operate, the Coravin wine preserver is low-maintenance and sustainable.

How to Use the Coravin Wine Preserver?

Man using a Coravin

Featuring advanced technology, you can use the Coravin wine preservation system in three easy steps—insert, tip, and pour. First, insert the needle through the cork to access the bottle of wine. Then, tip the bottle and pour the wine while pressing and releasing the trigger. Visit the full article for step-by-step instructions.

When done pouring, we recommend that you remove the Coravin unit from the bottle to let the cork reseal as quickly as possible. By doing this, you will keep the remaining wine protected against oxidation, so you no longer have to race with time for finishing the whole bottle before the wine goes bad.

You can do this by grabbing the clamp firmly and pulling the handle all the way up in a swift motion, detaching the needle from the cork. Then, squeeze the clamp to disengage the Coravin unit from the neck of the bottle. Place the Coravin wine opener on the dedicated stand and press on the trigger to clear any wine residue from the system.

Replacing the Empty Coravin Capsule

After several pours, you may find your Coravin argon gas capsule empty. You can confirm this by removing the needle and pressing the trigger. If you don’t hear any hissing sound, it means that you ran out of argon gas, and it is time to replace the used capsule with a loaded one. You may check our complete guide on changing an empty Coravin argon capsule. 

What to do with the used argon capsules? It is essential to know how to properly dispose of and recycle empty argon capsules to prevent accidents that may be hazardous to you, the people around you, and the environment. Make sure to contact your local waste management facility for current regulations on the proper disposal of empty compressed gas cylinders.

Replacing the Coravin Needle

Like the Coravin capsule, you will need to regularly change the Coravin needle to keep your wine preserver’s top-notch performance. Typically, you can use it to insert through corks up to 300 times. After that, or if you notice that the needle is showing some resistance upon use, you may need a replacement.

To replace the Coravin needle of your wine preservation system, remove the used one by holding its grip and unscrewing it from the unit. Remember to carefully tilt the needle before detaching it from the Coravin wine opener. Then, slide the new needle’s eye through the needle guide. Tilt the needle slightly and securely screw it back to your unit.

Coravin Cleaning and Maintenance

Man cleaning the Coravin

To keep the Coravin wine preserver at its top-notch performance, you must clean it regularly. You can rinse it with tap water to get rid of wine residual and prevent bacteria growth. Don’t forget to press the trigger to flush out any water from inside the needle. For thorough cleaning, follow simple steps on how to clean your Coravin wine opener.

Wine Preservation After Using Coravin

To help preserve wine after using a Coravin wine system, remove the unit from the bottle as soon as done pouring so the cork can reseal immediately. Once the cork seals, store the bottle horizontally to prevent it from drying out. Colder corks reseal slower, so make sure to give them more time to reseal by leaving the bottle in an upright position for some time.

Stowing the accessed bottles in a cool, dry place with constant temperature will also help preserve the wine. Exposure to temperature fluctuations may accelerate or slow down the wine’s aging, which will impact its taste and flavor. You may want to keep the temperature readings between 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Final Words

With all this information about the Coravin wine preserver, you should be able to answer some lingering questions in your mind. Can it enhance your wine-drinking experience? Do you need such enhancements? Now you can easily decide whether you should buy a Coravin wine opener or not.


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