A bottle of wine being poured to a wine glass

Wine Bottle Sizes: What Is The Ideal Wine Serving?

A bottle of wine being poured to a wine glass

How many oz in a wine glass depends on the type of glass you use. A standard white wine glass oz holds around 12 ounces (360 ml) while a red wine glass oz can contain 12 to 14 ounces (415 ml). Quite a lot, right? But the right pour should not reach this amount. In this post, we will discuss the ideal serving of wine to save you from consuming too many calories in one sitting.

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How Many Oz is the Ideal Serving of Wine?

The standard pour of wine in any type of wine glass is 5 oz or around 150 ml. Again, whether you are using a red wine glass or white wine glass, you should not be going over this amount per serving.

Variations in Wine Glass Oz Serving

Although the standard pour in wine glasses is 5 oz, this can vary depending on the purpose of the pour. There are certain adjustments in the serving size for dessert wines, fortified wines, and wine tastings.

  • Dessert Wines

The ideal pour for dessert wine is 2 ounces. This is quite small, but just like desserts served in cute sizes, dessert wines should also be enjoyed fully in small portions. 

  • Fortified Wines

One serving of fortified wine should be about 3 ounces or 88 ml. This can vary based on the alcohol content of the wine, but it is usually at this mark.

  • Wine Tastings

A standard tasting pour size is half the amount of the regular serving. So, if the regular pour is at 5 oz, the tasting size is at 2 or 3 oz. 

The Importance of Knowing the Oz in Wine Glasses

2 filled wine glasses with barrel and grapes on the table

Studies show that the reason you may be over-pouring wine is that your glass is too big! It has been concluded that when we use larger wine glasses, we tend to pour 12% more than the standard wine glass oz.

"A lot of times consumers don't know how much they drink. Especially when they buy a bottle of wine, it's less clear how much each person consumes. And when people pour on top of wine still in a glass, that bias increases by a lot,” said Laura Smaradescu author of Substance Use and Misuse, in an interview with USA Today. 

Understanding what type of wine glass you are using will help identify the ounces it can accommodate and enjoy the maximum taste and aroma the wine holds.

For example, red wine glasses are designed to have that globe-shaped bowl with a larger and taller frame. They are made this way because red wine is usually bold and aromatic. Plus, the round shape of the wine glass helps in keeping those flavors intact.

On the other hand, white wine glasses have a slender stem and slimmer look. The reason behind this is that white wines are often delicate. The narrow and small bowled glasses can preserve the wine’s subtle aroma and taste.

How Many Glasses Are in a Bottle of Wine?

A group of people having a toast of wine

A standard 750ml bottle of wine is around 25.3 ounces. So if you do the math, one bottle can serve around 5 glasses of wine. If you are pouring correctly, you will see the exact number of glasses. But if you are pouring too little or too much, the serving may vary. 

Wine Bottle Sizes and their Pour

Although most bottles of wine are 750ml, some are quite smaller or bigger. The variations in sizes mean that they will serve different wine glass oz. Here are the most common bottle sizes and their pour servings:

Wine Bottle Sizes Servings
Split or Piccolo Holds 187.5ml or one glass of wine
Half or Demi Holds 375ml or 2.5 glasses of wine
Half-Liter or Jennie Holds 500ml or 3 glasses of wine
Standard Holds 750 mL or 5 glasses of wine
Liter Holds 1L or 7 glasses of wine
Magnum Holds 1.5L, 2 standard bottles, or 10 glasses of wine
Jeroboam or Double Magnum Holds 3L, 4 standard bottles, or 20 glasses of wine
Rehoboam Holds 4.5L, 6 standard bottles, or 30 glasses of wine
Methuselah Holds 6L, 12 standard bottles, or 40 glasses of wine
Salmanazar Holds 9L or 60 glasses of wine
Balthazar Holds 12L, 16 standard bottles, or 80 glasses of wine
Nebuchadnezzar Holds 15L, 20 standard bottles, or 100 glasses of wine
Melchior Holds 18L, 24 standard bottles, or 120 glasses of wine
Solomon Holds 20L, 26 standard bottles, or 130 glasses of wine
Sovereign Holds 26L, 35 standard bottles, or 175 glasses of wine
Primat or Goliath Holds 27L, 36 standard bottles, or 180 glasses of wine
Melchizedek or Midas Holds 30 L, 40 standard bottles, or 200 glasses of wine


Over-pouring leads to oversized drinking. But aside from getting tipsy or probably having an upset stomach, there are more chronic diseases associated with drinking too much. That is why it is important not to go beyond the standard wine glass oz pour. Did you find this article helpful? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Please check the math in the table for a split. A split holding 187.5 ml is more than 5 oz, by over an ounce. Five ounces is under 150 ml. Note 750 ml per bottle / 25.3 oz per bottle = 30 ml per ounce. Times 5 ounces is 150 ml in a pour. BTW, the common split bottle needs to be filled to the brim to contain 187.5 ml.



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