50 Best Gifts For Wine Lovers

Needless to say, the most ideal gift to any wine lover is a good bottle of wine. But, if you want to kick things up a bit, you can actually find many items that would impress any wine aficionado. These things can be useful, silly, awesome, and/ or beautiful and they will definitely make them glad that they are oenophiles. You want to give them something that reminds them of their love for wine and also connects with them in terms of their likes or personality. Here are 50 best potential gifts you can give to a wine lover. 

1. Wine Book

Aside from the delicious taste of wine, any wine lover will appreciate the fundamentals of why wine tastes good as well as the background, process, types, and history of wine. Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide is a good place to start especially if you’re giving it to a person who’s just starting his/her wine journey. It has a James Beard Award and it can impart useful and interesting wine knowledge to enthusiasts and newbies alike. 

2. Wine Glass Holder

If you know someone who enjoys bubble baths just as much as they love wine, then this wine glass holder is a great gift idea for them. It securely holds your wine glass for as long as you want and you can actually move it to different places, such as in the bathroom or dressing room. With this tool, you never have to worry about spilled wine again.  

3. Wine Preservation System

The Coravin Wine Preservation System is a luxury for any avid wine fan. This cool device lets you preserve your bottle of wine for a long time because it pours you a glass without removing the cork. It makes use of argon cartridges that releases argon gas to prevent the wine from getting into contact with air and therefore, making it last for your full enjoyment. Check out for more options here

4. Beach Wine Purse 

Traveling with wine has never been easy until this innovative bag. Hit the beach with this Portovino Beach Wine Tote The wine is literally in the bag, specifically inside a pouch that can be filled with about 2 bottles of your favorite wine. No matter where you go, you can secretly bring with you a delicious bag of beverage as well as your essential things and no one can suspect a thing, especially that the little faucet can be covered.  It also spares you from carrying the extra weight of the bottle. 

5. Cork Puller


Some wine lovers like to collect the corks of all the bottles they have consumed. With this tiny and unique cork puller with cover, you can easily remove the cork without a single hole poked in it. And if you can’t finish the bottle, you can also reseal it with the cork using this tool. Notice the shape of the handle? Yes, it also acts as a bottle opener. Just make sure to put to cover on so you’ll have a better grip. 

6. Plastic Wine Rack Holder

For the fastidious drinker, this neat wine rack lets you store and display your bottles of wine in a clean and space-saving way. You can also disarrange these according to how you like it since they are stackable. You can put these in the fridge, countertops, or cabinets, and you are guaranteed a safe place for your wines. 

7. Cheese Board and Cutlery Set

Everyone knows that wine and cheese is a classic pairing. Next time you have guests over, throw them a nice charcuterie platter along with some good wine. This may be small but it’s all you ever need. It has compartments for every food item and a handy drawer where you store the knives that it comes with. This makes a fantastic gift that can easily impress any wine fan. 

8. Gift Wine Socks

Usually, when someone is given a pair of socks as a gift, they may feel underwhelmed but the case is not the same with this one. A few words can really make a difference to anything such as these socks. The funny word art expresses just how much the wearer loves wine. On top of that, they have a nice feel and color and they are creatively packed so it can be given away immediately. Caution: Do not give this to someone who might take advantage of it and make you a wine-fetching slave, LOL. 

9. Women’s House Slippers 


These adorable and comfy slippers can make any wife, girlfriend, or mom delighted. These can definitely keep feet warm and cozy with its sherpa fleece interior and the color is reminiscent of a wine’s hue, right? The bottom is also designed to be slip-free for added comfort. But, what really grabs the attention of people is the cute art on the top.  

10. Wine Cork Organizer


As already mentioned, some people like to collect the corks of wine bottles and where better to store them than this clever holder in the shape of the letter of your choice. That’s right, this is available in every letter of the alphabet as well as a heart and the ampersand symbol. You can get more than one of these to spell the name of your loved one and it’s always satisfying to fill the last spot so when it’s complete, you can proudly hang it on the wall.  

11. Trivia Game

Learn all about wine in a fun and interactive way with this fascinating trivia game. As you take a sip amongst friends, you take turns asking questions about the wine industry, from people to businesses, culture, and the science behind it. This game is essentially entertaining but it also tests your knowledge about wine so get ready to learn, drink, and have fun. 

12.Stemless Wine Glass


Let your wine glass speak for you or your giftee with these amazing word art stemless wine glasses. The example above is very suitable for today’s situation and there’s plenty of other expressions that are awesome too. Just make sure that the word art suits the occasion and the person whom you’re giving it to. 

13. Wine Preserver


There are numerous ways to store and preserve your precious wine and this lovely carafe is one of them. Usually, carafes and decanters are used to hold the wine until they are poured into individual glasses but this one has the ability to preserve wine for up to a week with its patented float. It basically acts as a barrier to separate air and wine so you can enjoy fresh wine anytime. 

14. Bath Soap 


If a friend or a loved one likes wine or soap or better yet both of them, then this is the perfect gift. This soap is really made from actual wine along with other scents and the outcome is phenomenal. It is described as jammy, fruity, and bright from the grapes. And speaking of grapes, which is rich in antioxidants, is also good for the skin. With this soap, it kind of feels like bathing in a tub of wine. 

15. Stainless Steel Tumbler with Lid

Boost your travel experiences with your travel buddy with these handy to-go tumblers. At one glance, they still have the same shape as stemless wine glasses, but the only difference is that they are double insulated and they have a lid for better temperature retention of your favorite wine. They absolutely make your wine experience hassle-free and convenient. They are also available in an array of colors and designs. 

16. Wine Holder

Obviously, any cat and wine lover would be thrilled if they receive a cute wine holder like this. It showcases expert craftsmanship and at the same time doubles as a cute decoration for homes, bars, or restaurants. This item is a great example of style and function so get ready to have your wine bottle guarded by a cute cat. 


17. Novelty Wine Glass


If this glass doesn’t release someone’s inner diva, we don’t know what will. This wine glass is another item that is made better with a funny word art that perfectly suits a fancy wine drinker. Give this to your mom, girlfriend, wife, or best friend and let them feel either of the labels on the glass on their special day. 

18. Electric Wine Opener Set


This gift set is perfect for anyone who finds it difficult to open a bottle of wine using a standard corkscrew. With a single push of a button, the cork will be easily removed. It also comes with a charger, batteries, wine stopper, and wine pourer at a very affordable price. Not to mention, they are neatly packed in a gift-ready box. Great value for a set of wine devices. 

19. Wine Glass Markers 

Coffee cups are a huge thing going for a long time because it’s fun to write the drinker’s name on the cup. Today, the same thing is happening with milk tea or boba containers. Why not do the same with your wine glasses? These wine markers let you customize your wine glasses with your name or any doodle art or word art. After all, wine is not just for fancy restaurants but can also be a casual drink shared with friends at any party. 

20. Wine Filter 

Sometimes, wine can taste harsh and somewhat bitter that can lead to headaches, skin flush, and hangovers. You can evade all of these side effects with these wine filters. Basically, what they do is collect the sulfites and histamines from the wine to make it taste smoother and more rounded. The heart-shaped handle can be removed and you can use it to mark your glass. This is a useful gift for those who love wine but don’t appreciate the hassle after drinking. 

21. Wine Box


Wine aficionados treat their bottles of wine as if they are a treasure. What better way to make this come to life than with an actual treasure box for wine? Looking at it, it certainly gives off a vintage vibe and also resembles containers from a pirate’s ship. However you want to see it, it will surely make any spouse, parent, or friend happy as they get to see the treasure both inside and out. 

22. Beer and Wine Glass Set


Game of Thrones may be over but its legacy lives on. There are two main drinks featured in Game of Thrones: ale and wine. Experience drinking both the modern way with these awesome printed wine and beer glasses. As you drink, you are constantly reminded of one of the most iconic characters of the show, Tyrion, and makes you feel like you belong in House Lannister. This makes a spectacular gift to any GoT and wine lover fan.  

23. Wine Candle


Serve wine and light up candles for a romantic dinner. But, not just any candle, use a candle that smells like an expensive bottle of wine. This product is also sustainable in a way that the container that holds the candle is actually recycled wine bottles. It is truly a great example of a product that honors wine, making the giftee really appreciate it and the concept behind it. 

24. Wall Prints 


Wine is a symbol of elegance. A simple glass of wine and a bottle can easily make a delightful picture. Most likely, wine lovers also appreciate art and these lovely wall prints are a splendid gift for them. Each painting is a pleasant picture that graces any room with its presence. They are also ready to be hung since they come with hooks, making them very convenient. 

25. Charms 

Give out cute necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and more to your friends and family with these awesome wine-theme charms. Each pack contains 50 pieces with assorted and very intricate designs. This is a great way to incorporate your love of wine in fashion and crafts and then share them with others, so get creative. 

26. Board Game


Monopoly is clearly an iconic board game. How about changing it into a wine-themed monopoly? Will it be on par? Absolutely! It may even be better for wine lovers because they actually put themselves in a make-believe wine industry to make wine, do business, elect a president, and more. It’s a fun game to play and very informative too so you can enjoy it while learning with friends. 

27. Wine-Making Home Kit


Buying a bottle of wine may be convenient but making it on your own is more fun and intriguing. Giving this winemaking kit to a wine enthusiast is like giving a precious toy to a child. It takes time before you get to enjoy the wine but the end result is rewarding. It also gives you a glimpse of the real winemaking process and participates in it in the comfort of your home. 

28. Red Wine Stain Remover

Wine is all sophisticated and delicious until a glass full of it is spilled and gets in your clothes or table. Not to worry because this handy wine stain remover comes to the rescue. It works for fresh and dried up stains and leaves you with squeaky clean apparel. This makes an ideal gift for the clumsy wine drinker. 

29. Wine Aerator

Wouldn’t it be nice if, with a single button, your wine bottle dispenses and at the same time aerates your wine so you can savor it immediately? You definitely can with this cool device. With this, you no longer have to wait, lift, experience spills, and get sediment in the drink because the bottle will stay upright the whole time. If you want to splurge for a loved one, this is the gift to buy.

30. Coffee Bean Box Set

Morning is to coffee and evening is to wine. And this special coffee lets you experience both at once. What’s great about this coffee is that they were aged in the same barrels as the wine they are named after, imparting nice subtle wine notes in the coffee. Different coffee beans are paired with different types of wine barrels so you get unique tasting coffee and wine every time. You may just be drinking coffee but it definitely reminds you of the wine that it is somehow mixed with. 

31. Wine Wipes 

When you’ve had a lot of wine to drink, chances are you’ll end up having a purple smile which is kind of embarrassing especially when you’re talking with a lot of people afterward. Good thing it’s only temporary and you can remove the purple stains immediately with these wipes to get your nice white smile again. This is especially useful for friends who often go to wine tasting events. 

32. Wine-Infused Sea Salt 

Wine is no stranger to the kitchen. But, not all dishes need wine, however, they do need salt. So, if you want to incorporate wine in delicious meals, this wine-infused salt is the solution. Perfect for moms and friends who love to cook and to drink wine, this can easily turn any ordinary dish extra special. 

33. Drink Markers

When you’re at a party, it’s a bit of a drag to lose or misplace your glasses because you’re busy talking with friends. You certainly don’t want to absent-mindedly grab another person’s glass and drink from it so to prevent this, here are funny little drink markers to make sure you’re always keeping track of your glass. 

34. Beaker Wine Glass

This beaker wine glass is absolutely perfect for the science geek friend who also happens to love wine. The bowl is cleverly designed as a beaker that is sure to impress the giftee and it doesn’t fail to look elegant. To make it look like a legit beaker, it is also imprinted with measurements on the surface - how cool is that? 

35. Corkscrew

Sure, electric wine openers may be efficient but there’s something really satisfying about pulling the cork out and hearing that iconic pop. These can be achieved with this awesome corkscrew minus the twisting. With one pull of the lever, the cork is removed in seconds. Not to mention, it also comes with a foil cutter so it’s really efficient too. 

36. Wine Chiller

Wine practically stays cold until it is taken out of the fridge. And you can keep your bottle of wine cold for up to 6 hours without submerging it in a bucket full of ice with this sleek and compact wine cooler. It also doubles as a casing for the bottle to prevent breakage in case it drops. This is ideal when serving wine in outdoor events. 

37. Wine Carrier Tote

Carry your bottles of wine with ease with this handy tote. It is specially designed for bringing wine anywhere along with your other stuff in its spare pocket. The strap is also adjustable and it comes with a bonus corkscrew. This is a decent gift to your wine-loving significant other since it’s also a fashionable bag. 

38. Tote and Table for Picnics

If ever you’re planning on having a romantic picnic, this bag and table are just what you need. It showcases fine and durable stitching and the choice of fabric is splendid, making it look stylish. It keeps wine bottles cold throughout the trip and in a separate compartment comes to a very cool table that securely holds your wine glasses and the bottle to prevent spilling. Now, this is a date in style. 

39. Pendant Necklace

One of the most common gifts to give to a female partner is jewelry. This fashion necklace will look absolutely fabulous on any wife or girlfriend. It is a minimalist piece of jewelry and it casually symbolizes someone’s love for wine. It is available in other colors such as rose gold and silver and the heart design can also vary.

40. Wine Bottle Stopper

This iconic chicken stopper has become a global phenomenon and it shouldn’t be a surprise that it has infiltrated even the world of wine. It may look like the miniature version of the toy but it actually does a pretty good job in preserving wine. When inserted into the bottle, it looks like a tiny chicken is stuck and it definitely lets out a laugh every time. 

41. Wine Decanter Set

One of the most ideal gifts for a wine lover who’s just starting out his or her wine journey is a wine decanter set. Complete with an aerator filter, cleaning beads, and drying stand, this is a practical way to enjoy the best of wine without having any worry about cleaning it. It also adds elegance to the wine as it displays it in great brilliance every time. 

42. Picnic Basket

There’s already a potential gift for a picnic and wine lover in this list but if you want to do it in a more traditional way, this basket is the perfect way to go. Its overall design screams “picnic” all over. It features secure straps to hold your utensils, as well as your wine glasses and plates. For sure, anyone who receives this basket as a gift will be left with a big smile on their face.  

43. Wine Book

Another New York Times Bestseller book, Cork Dork gives the reader a fresh perspective about wine in the eyes of sommeliers. If you are a dedicated wine lover and have the intention of becoming a sommelier yourself, this book is the best place to start. It is very entertaining to read and will give a lot of insights to the aspiring wine expert. 

44. Caddy Tray 

With the situation today, one may not be able to go to their favorite spa so if you want to relax, you can always build a makeshift spa at your home. This gorgeous caddy tray has everything you need to experience a relaxing time, sipping wine, while reading a book or watching a movie from your phone or tablet. There’s also enough space for your bathing essentials. If you’re not feeling like being in the tub, you can always do the same setup on your bed. 

45. Wine T-Shirt

A classic gift to anyone is a cute t-shirt because you can’t go wrong with it. This one is also an example of an item that is amped up with funny word art. It pairs well with casual jeans and has a cool color that is reminiscent of a wine’s hue. This is available in other colors as well and sizes to make sure that every giftee is accommodated. 

46. Wine Cooler Refrigerator 

Keep your wine bottles at the ideal temperature until it is consumed with a trusty wine refrigerator. This makes a great addition to your kitchen or your living room, knowing that you can enjoy delicious cold wine anytime. Whoever receives this cool wine refrigerator must feel really special because this item is perhaps the most splurge-worthy in the list.  

47. Winged Corkscrew

Penguins are adorable little creatures and this useful corkscrew is a constant reminder. It is a winged type of corkscrew that works efficiently. It is very easy to use, soft to the touch, and doesn’t damage the corkscrew. This can easily make a wine and animal lover happy because not only is it functional but also doubles as a cute decoration. 

48. Funny Adult Coloring Book 

Coloring: not just for kids anymore. In this day and age, it is very easy to get stressed out by a lot of reasons. One of the therapeutic activities one should try to alleviate stress is coloring. This coloring book is equipped with various wine designs and drawings that you can color however you like with the colored pencils it comes with while enjoying a glass of wine. 

49. Wine Condom

Silly as it may seem but this item makes a functional wine stopper. Basically, because it is made from stretchable material, it can practically fit almost any bottle and it creates a water-tight seal. It leaves no room for air, so if you just don’t make a big deal out of the name, this makes a useful and very effective wine stopper

50. Wine Purifier 

Indulge in delicious and smooth wine every time with this smart aerator and filter. With this device, you no longer have to wait several hours for the wine to decant and be separated from the sediments because it gets aerated and filtered the moment you pour. You can place it above this lovely decanter it comes with or directly on your wine glass. 


So, there you have it, folks. It turns out that picking out a gift for a wine lover is not so hard. You clearly have a lot of options to choose from so you can always pick out a gift item that suits your giftee. Make every wine experience special with not just the wine itself but also the different items that perpetuate its existence. 


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