Unifinished bottle of wine’s lifespan with a wine preserver

How Long Does Wine Last With A Wine Preserver?

Unifinished bottle of wine’s lifespan with a wine preserverNot everyone finishes a bottle of wine in one sitting, so where does the unfinished bottle go? For sure it will be refrigerated. But to maintain the quality of your wine, it must be saved using a wine preservation system to prevent oxidation.

With a wine preservation system, you may enjoy a bottle for 2 to 3 days or even up to 3 weeks. Most wine preservers come in a vacuum pump or gas-based system. Both maintain the freshness of the wine by removing any unwanted air it may have been exposed to, prolonging its shelf life.

A Wine’s Lifespan with a Wine Preserver

With a wine preserver such as the vacuum pump or wine stopper, an unfinished bottle of wine can last for two to three days. No matter what type of wine preservation system you use, the wine can only maintain its bright and fresh aroma and taste at this time frame. However, the Coravin wine preserver can keep your wine in its solid condition for up to 2 to 3 weeks. Still, the taste and aroma of the wine might be altered already after its 3rd day. 

Since the presence of air inside the wine can cause oxidation, the wine preservation system works by taking out the oxygen. The wine preserver which uses a vacuum pump does the job of getting rid of almost 80% of the air that may have entered the bottle while it is still open.

An example of a food that has gone oxidation is an apple. When you let it sit in an open space even just for a few minutes, you will notice a change in color, texture, and taste. For sure, you do not want this to happen to your wine. 

The unfinished bottle of wine may still be acceptable to drink until its 7th day with a wine preserver on. However, you should take note that for every passing day the original smell and flavor may be altered. The only thing that a wine preserver does is to prolong the life of the wine until we consume it again.


Different wine preservers to keep your wine fresh

Pro Tip: Store your wine in a cool and dark place like a refrigerator. When placing your bottle in the fridge, make sure to keep it away from the door as this can cause movements on the wine. This causes the wine and oxygen inside the bottle to mix, so try to keep the bottle in a still position as much as possible.


When you place the wine bottle in the refrigerator and use a wine preserver at the same time, you can still savor the intended taste of the drink even after days of opening. Just a friendly reminder, consume the unfinished bottle of wine as early as you can to get the most of its flavor and aroma.

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