Coravin Model 1 Vs Model 2: Which Wine Preserver To Get?

Coravin Model 1 Vs. Model 2: Which Wine Preserver To Buy?

Man pouring bottle of wine using Coravin Model 2

Since the introduction of its first wine preservation system, Coravin has completely revolutionized the wine industry by offering wine lovers a better way to enjoy their passion. This is evident in its continuously growing line of wine technologies.

But before the advent of new innovative additions to the Coravin family, there were the pioneer models such as the Coravin Model 1 and Coravin Model 2.

In this post, learn more about these two Coravin wine preservers and find out why the Coravin Model 2 is a remarkable improvement over the Coravin Model 1.

Coravin Model 1


Coravin Model 1 Wine Preservation System


Pros Cons
  • Original and revolutionary technology
  • Cost-effective in the long run
  • Easy to use in 3 simple steps — insert, tip, and pour
  • Lightweight and durable design


As the base model of the Coravin Wine System, Coravin Model 1 is equipped with a patented technology that enables drinkers to enjoy their wine without removing the cork from its bottle. Unlike other wine preservation systems, the Coravin Wine System accesses the wine bottle through a needle, keeping the cork in its place to protect the remaining content. 

This introductory model features a simple and easy-to-use design, allowing first-time users to explore Coravin’s wine preservation technology at a lower and reasonable price.

Coravin Model 2


Coravin Model 2 Wine Preservation System


Pros Cons
  • 20% faster pour rate
  • Enhanced Properfit Clamp
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Metallic accents for a sleek, attractive look
  • More expensive than Coravin Model 1
  • Performance depends on the quality of cork


The second generation of Coravin Wine System is a nice upgrade from the original model. It comes with some enhancements to resolve known issues of Coravin Model 1, making it a perfect choice for wine drinkers and enthusiasts. With its improved look and design, Coravin Model 2 is easier to use and ensures a smooth operation at all times.

Coravin Model 1 vs. Model 2: Showdown

To help you decide which of these two introductory Coravin Wine System models is better, we made a list of their features and compared them.

  • Wine Pouring Rate - Winner: Coravin Model 2

One of the main differences between these two models is the speed that they pour wine. Although it was never an issue to most users of the original Model 1, Coravin Model 2 provides a 20% faster pour rate. This is due to the thinner walls of the Coravin needle. So, for more efficient and time-saving performance, choose Coravin Model 2.

  • Easy-to-squeeze Properfit Clamp - Winner: Coravin Model 2

The Properfit Clamp allows the Coravin wine system to fit any bottle. It firmly wraps around the wine bottle’s neck to ensure secure attachment and spill-proof pour

With the updated design, the spring clamp in Coravin Model 2 has less tension, which means it requires less force to open the clamp and put the unit on a bottle. Much easier to squeeze, this Coravin wine preserver is especially advantageous for people who have smaller or weaker hands.

  • Ergonomic Handle - Winner: Coravin Model 2

Another remarkable improvement in the Coravin Model 2 is the clamp’s handle. The handle of your Coravin system is the part of the clamp where you have to squeeze to open it. With a better and more ergonomic shape, the Coravin Model 2 is designed for more convenient handling.

  • Capsule Load Cell - Winner: Coravin Model 2

The capsule load cell is the cup where you put the argon gas capsule of your Coravin system. To preserve the remaining wine from an accessed bottle, it helps to contain the argon gas and prevent leakage. 

With Coravin Model 1, some users reported having difficulty knowing when the threaded cartridge is fully closed and making sure that there is no gas leak. This issue was addressed and resolved in Coravin Model 2 by designing an improved seating and closure for the gas capsule.

Coravin Model 2 Additional Features

For a more efficient performance and ease of use, Coravin added some features to the Corain Model 2 that are not in the original Coravin Model 1.

  • Comfortable rubberized grip. A great addition to Coravin Model 2, the soft rubberized grip on its clamp guarantees comfort and easy maneuverability when pouring. It also lets you enjoy a slip-free wine-drinking experience.
  • Metallic accents. Unlike the original Coravin wine system, Coravin Model 2 comes with metallic accents. These give the Coravin Model 2 a more attractive look and modern appeal.
  • Locking needle. Another development in Coravin Model 2 is its needle. It screws in tightly and locks in place to enable secure installation.


Utilizing the state-of-the-art Coravin technology, both models perform the same function: to preserve your wine while you enjoy drinking it glass by glass. Deciding which model is better depends on your drinking needs, but we can all agree that the Coravin Model 2 is the winner in this comparison review.

What type of drinker are you? How frequently will you be using your Coravin wine system? These are a few questions that need to be answered first before choosing which model to buy.

Use Coravin Model 1 if:

  • You are a beginner and would like to try this wine preservation technology.
  • You are on a tight budget and looking for an affordable option.
  • You opt for the original lightweight design.
  • You want a classic look.

With this basic model, you can enjoy the Coravin wine preservation system at the lowest price possible. It also includes two Coravin argon capsules, so you can readily use it to open a bottle of wine.

Choose Coravin Model 2 if:

  • You are a wine enthusiast and you will be using the unit frequently.
  • You need the wine preservation system for commercial applications.
  • You want a more ergonomic and efficient unit.
  • You prefer a sleek, modern design.

By spending a little extra, you will be able to experience a more ergonomic and efficient Coravin wine system. With all the added features and enhancements, the Coravin Model 2 can be a good upgrade for wine lovers.


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