Bottle of wine with Coravin Model Five

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Start Using Coravin Wine Preserver

Coravin Model Two Elite Pro with a bottle of wine and wineglass

A must-have for all wine lovers, a wine preservation device such as the Coravin wine opener helps you save money and wine, while allowing you to enjoy the drink glass by glass.

The Coravin wine preserver provides you the freedom to access a bottle of wine and take a sip without compromising the wine’s taste. With the cork resealed, the remaining wine inside the bottle continues to age naturally and will not change its flavor even after weeks.

Why Choose Coravin?

Aside from its effectiveness in preserving wine, here are other practical reasons to get yourself a Coravin wine system.

1. Coravin is one of a kind

Unlike most wine preservation systems that are currently available on the market, the Coravin wine preserver does not require the user to pull out the cork from the bottle. Thanks to the patented Coravin needle, you can pour wine without fully opening the bottle. Just plunge the needle through the cork, and you’re all set for a nightcap.

2. Coravin preserves the taste of wine

Coravin Model Two Elite Pro attached to a bottle of wine

Without removing the cork and allowing it to reseal, the Coravin wine system keeps the taste of the wine unchanged for a couple of weeks or more after accessing the bottle. To prove this, the Coravin team has conducted many blind taste tests with winemakers, sommeliers, and wine connoisseurs who have not been able to distinguish previously accessed bottles from unopened ones.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the bottle and cork play a major role in the wine preservation process. The Coravin wine preserver can only be as good as the bottle and cork that contained the wine.

3. Coravin is easy to use

With its revolutionary technology, the Coravin wine preservation system offers ease of use in three simple steps—insert, tip, and pour. Access the wine by inserting the system’s needle through the cork. Then, tip the bottle as you would normally do when pouring wine. Lastly, while pressing and releasing the trigger, pour yourself a drink.

When switching from one wine to another, there is no need to clean the Coravin wine preserver. Simply clear the unit of any wine by swiftly pressing the trigger. Once done, you can use it again to access a different wine.

4. Coravin is low maintenance and sustainable

Bottle of wine with Coravin Model Five

Unlike some wine preservation systems, the Coravin wine opener does not run on electricity. It does not require batteries, chargers, or cables to function. To use it, you just need the unit itself, an argon gas capsule (which is included when you buy a Coravin wine preservation unit), and a bottle of wine.

5. Coravin is portable

Featuring a compact design, the Coravin wine preserver enables convenient storage and transportation. Some models even come with a stylish carrying case, ensuring ultimate flexibility and portability.


With its numerous advantages, adding a Coravin wine preserver in your home bar is a wise venture. It can help improve your wine-tasting experience tremendously and save you some money at the same time.

Will you invest in a Coravin wine opener? Let us know in the comment section below.


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