11 Best Wine Stoppers In 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

11 Best Wine Stoppers

  1. Best Value: SZUAH Wine Bottle Stopper

  2. Best Look: Joie Expanding Beverage Bottle Stopper

  3. Most Elegant: Outset B229 Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers

  4. Most Sleek: OXO 11136400 SteeL Wine Stopper and Pourer

  5. Most Versatile: Haley’s 5-in-1 Corker

  6. Most Innovative: Kollea Reusable Wine Bottle Stopper

  7. Best for Red Wine Bottles: SaikerMan Wine Bottle Plug Saver

  8. Best Seal: Champagne Stopper by MiTBA

  9. Most Amusing: Vinaka Wine Stoppers

  10. Most Secure Lock: Avina Wine Stoppers

  11. Most Artistic: LIZIMANDU Wine Bottle Stoppers


The best time to enjoy wine is to drink it on the day it was bought. You may even choose to decant it to boost its flavors and aromas. If there’s any leftover wine, a wine stopper is what you need. You don't put back the cork after opening a bottle of wine because that can be very hard. Use a wine stopper instead to keep out the air, keeping your wine fresh for a longer time. Wine stoppers come in different designs and types and are very affordable. So, no use fussing over a cork. Get a wine stopper to make life easier for you. 

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Types Of Wine Stoppers

By definition, wine stoppers are cork-like wine accessories that create a seal in the bottle so air wouldn't keep getting in and to slow down the oxidation process. In other words, they replace the cork when storing leftover wine in the refrigerator because the original cork is hard to insert back into the bottle. Designed to keep the air out from your wine, wine stoppers can save a lot of wine for you. Below are the types of wine stoppers:


Rubber and silicone are elastic, making it a good choice for wine stopper materials. To make stainless steel or glass a better stopper, rubber or silicone is added to it. Adjustable ridges on expanding wine stoppers also make use of rubber. Rubber stoppers not only protect your wine. They also come in different designs to choose from to make up for aesthetics. 


Plastic wine stoppers come in many forms. They can be a standard stopper with the rubber ridges.  Adding a nice touch to them like lights for decorative purposes also brings these stoppers a notch further. Also, they may take the form of random fun objects. The plastic used for wine stoppers is food -safe and durable. They also have expanding variations like the rubber stoppers. The next type, vacuum sealer wine stoppers, are also made from plastic. 

Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum stoppers remove air from the bottle as you stick your stopper in. It does not only stop oxidation. Removing the air from the wine extends its shelf life than just putting a stopper in.  They work pushing or pumping them to create a seal and leaving them on until the next time you open the bottle. Most vacuum sealers have a separate pump and stoppers. There are dual vacuum sealers in the market, however, that are easier to use. 


A wine pourer is another wine accessory that is inserted in the bottle so the wine will be poured smoothly and to avoid spillage. So, a wine pourer stopper, as the name suggests, does both the job of a pourer and a stopper, making it convenient and innovative. These are usually made from a combination of metal, rubber, and/or plastic materials and an opening and closing mechanism, usually a lever for using it as a pourer or a stopper. 

Stainless Steel/With Lever

If you want something more durable for a stopper, then you better opt for a steel wine stopper. They usually have a narrow cone shape to fit any bottle with rubber ridges that form the seal. What sets them apart from other steel stoppers are the designs they have on top which can be made from other materials like wood or plastic. They don’t do much to the wine but they add a nice touch to your bottle. They can also have other styles like having a lever or clamp, as in the case of Champagne stoppers to give the bottle an extra seal. 


These are similar to the stoppers that most liquor decanters have. To provide the seal for the bottle, they must have, yes you guessed it, rubber ridges. They are more on the aesthetics factor since glass looks elegant and they elevate the look of the wine bottle. Other than that, they are not as effective as other stoppers because their seals are not that strong and they can break or crack when dropped. 

Buying Guide

Wine stoppers are simple to use and there isn’t much technicality to them but still, there are factors to consider when buying one such as the following:


The function is important to wine stoppers because it’s basically what prevents the wine from turning too fast. But, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little bit of style to your stopper, right? There are countless designs for stoppers made from different materials, from clever and funny ones to mesmerizing ones to color ones, the options are limitless. It will also be nice to add something for your bottle of wine that catches the eye. 


Wine stoppers are usually cheap so you should be able to afford it. Although, some have high prices and not much style nor function to them. It’s understandable if it’s only just one stopper but with a sleek design and strong seal feature. Also, there are a lot of great deals in the market that offer not just one but many stoppers in one set for a very affordable price so these are the ones to look for. 


The materials that a wine stopper may be made of are already mentioned above. It plays a huge role in the durability and effectiveness of the stopper. For rubber stoppers, make sure that they’re strong and don’t tear easily. Other stoppers might still give room for air and therefore leaks which is not good so if you want to avoid this situation, choose a stopper with the lever or clamp feature. Just make sure that they are not hard to push so on not break them. 


As mentioned, glass wine stoppers don’t provide a seal as strong as other stoppers do but this doesn’t mean that all the other ones are perfect. Some of them are difficult to insert into the bottle and may even resist. You may test the effectiveness of a stopper by putting them on a bottle and see if it leaks when turned upside down. 


Some stoppers may work for some bottles but don’t fit or are too small on others. And you’re only going to know if the goal is achieved if you’ve already bought the stopper. To save money and be safe, choose a stopper that can be fit in almost any bottle. You’ll know this if the features include more than just wine bottles including oils, vinegar, and soda. Or you can just choose stoppers with a lever or clamp feature to give any bottle of wine a tighter seal. 

11 Best Wine Stoppers

Do you need a wine stopper? Look no further because you have found the best ones which are laid out below. Each is unique and functional so you are given a variety of stoppers.

1. Best Value: SZUAH Wine Bottle Stopper

SZUAH Wine Bottle Stopper - AdvancedMixology

For anyone wanting a wine stopper, this one’s design is always reliable. There are many brands of silicone wine stoppers designed like a cone with ridges and stainless steel inside to give it depth and weight but SZUAH offers more stoppers with an assortment of colors for a lower price. It is a great deal because you get 10 of them in one set for under $10. It is shaped ideally to fit almost any bottles including wine, beer, vinegar, oil, and Champagne. They are also pretty long, making them easier to pull out the next time you’re opening the bottle. The seal they create is tight, and so, the wine’s flavors are retained even from the carbonation from beer, soda, and Champagne. The silicone material is food-grade and the stainless steel is rust-proof. They are easy to use, cheap, dishwasher-safe, and add a pop of color to your bottles and bar. 

2. Best Look: Joie Expanding Beverage Bottle Stopper

Joie Expanding Beverage Bottle Stopper - AdvancedMixology

We all want our wine stoppers to have an airtight seal so that the beverage can be saved for later and still taste wonderful. Joie wine stoppers can give you that type of seal with its locking mechanism. The top is made from plastic and has a lever that you press that creates the airtight seal making it leak-proof. The bottom is wrapped with durable rubber and is cylinder-shaped. It can be used for more than just wine like sodas, Champagne, vinegar, and oil but the cylinder bottom may not fit perfectly in other bottles compared to a cone-shaped one. It can either be too small, thus leaving space for air or too big that it can’t fit at the mouth. Nevertheless, if your wine bottle is perfectly compatible with the size of this stopper, then you can’t ask for more. You can get three of these stoppers with different colors and it’s recommended to hand wash them to prolong their life span. 

3. Most Elegant: Outset B229 Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers

Outset B229 Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers - AdvancedMixology

These stoppers are unique in a way that they resemble a cork but they are made of silicone. What sets these apart from the other wine stoppers in the list is that when they are inserted into the wine bottle, they look like a natural and elegant cap. The material is completely safe and durable and easy to remove and the colors are pleasing to the eyes because they are not too bright. They work awesome with wine bottles but not as much with other beverages because the shape is also a cylinder. They are completely airtight so they should be able to save your wine longer. When cleaning them, you can choose to wash them by hand or just put them in the dishwasher. They come in a great package so they are worthy to give as gifts.

4. Most Sleek: OXO 11136400 SteeL Wine Stopper and Pourer

OXO 11136400 SteeL Wine Stopper and Pourer - AdvancedMixology

From storing your wine to pouring it with a single flip of the lever, the OXO wine stopper easily does both and is a mixture of innovation and sophistication. The top and the lever are made from stainless steel while the bottom is made of flexible rubber ridges so it can accommodate any bottle. The lever is soft to flip but creates a strong, leak-proof seal. When it’s time to pour yourself another glass of wine, you don’t have to remove the stopper, you just have to simply flip the lever and the wine will pour out smoothly with no drips with its smart spout design. And when cleaning, it can be washed by hand or using a dishwasher. This is a classy gift to give to any wine lover

5. Most Versatile: Haley’s 5-in-1 Corker 

Haley’s 5-in-1 Corker - AdvancedMixology

Who would’ve thought that a single wine accessory could serve not one, not two but five functions? That’s right, this corker allows you to serve, preserve, and enhance your wine with its very innovative yet simple design. It is made from BPA free, food-safe, and durable plastic. Its whole design includes ridges for creating the seal, a small funnel at the bottom for drip-free and consistent pouring as well as aerating the wine, a filter for catching wine sediments, and a cap for keeping air, dust and other unwanted particles from falling or getting into the wine. It can fit in almost any bottle, not just wine, and when storing, you can choose to leave the bottle upright or laying on its side, either way, it is guaranteed that there will be no leaks. It is reusable, dishwasher-safe, and absolutely versatile.

6. Most Innovative: Kollea Reusable Wine Bottle Stopper

Kollea Reusable Wine Bottle Stopper - AdvancedMixology

Have you ever put a stopper in your bottle of wine and forgot how many days it has been since you’ve put it there? Not anymore, with the Koella wine stopper. Other wine stoppers in this list have their unique features and this one has its own flair. It also has a pump that sucks the air from the bottle with a few pushes so the wine is preserved longer. This feature also ensures that the seal is tight and provides no room for leaks. The number markings at the top lets you keep track of the days that the stopper is on and you can simply turn the dial to point to a specific mark or date.  It is made from FDA-grade materials and is very durable.  You can use this stopper to any standard bottle of wine. On top of that, it comes in a cute gift box, making it a great gift to a wine enthusiast. 

7. Best for Red Wine Bottles: SaikerMan Wine Bottle Plug Saver

SaikerMan Wine Bottle Plug Saver - AdvancedMixology

The SaikerMan wine stopper is similar to the expanding Joie wine stopper in terms of design with the lever but they differ in the material. This one is made from quality stainless steel, resulting in a sleek look and stronger seal. It is also very simple to use, all you have to do is put it on top of a wine bottle, push down the lever and you’re done. To open it, lift the lever up and it should come out pretty easily. This stopper works well for red and white wine bottles but also for oil and beer, keeping them fresh for a longer time. Saving your wine for the next few days has never been easier with this simple but effective little device. 

8. Best Seal: Champagne Stopper by MiTBA

Champagne Stopper by MiTBA - AdvancedMixology

In a world of multi-purpose stoppers, the MiTBA Champagne stopper is a contender. Other stoppers, like the one preceding, only have one lever, but the MiTBA Champagne stopper has a clamp or clip mechanism that you push to lock the stopper in the bottle so there is a stronger, airtight seal. It is made from a combination of stainless steel, rubber, and plastic. After sealing, you can also use the pumping feature to preserve the carbonation of the drink. And you won’t have to forget the date that you put this stopper on with its date tracker. The only downside is that this stopper is exclusive for Champagne and other sparkling wine and fizzy drinks. In contrast to a wine stopper that has a vacuum pump, this Champagne stopper has a pressure pump which is intended to preserve the bubbles of the beverage. But if we’re going to take into account sparkling wine alone, this is a very efficient device for preserving the taste as well as the fizz so the sensation of drinking sparkling wine is retained. 

9. Most Amusing: Vinaka Wine Stoppers

Vinaka Wine Stoppers - AdvancedMixology

The function of a stopper is important but people also want to be clever or funny. And you can find these qualities in these stoppers with brilliant and amusing word art. Each set comes with five stoppers with different, fun, and wine-related phrases. They are made from durable FDA-approved silicone that is easy to insert and remove. It fits most red wine bottles, creating a leak-free seal but not with Champagne bottles as the pressure just pops them off. With the stopper on, you can place the bottle upright or even lay on its side.  Their colors are also smart in a way that they resemble the color of wine or the bottle that makes them look natural. They are easy to clean as they can be put in the dishwasher. They don’t have many features to offer in terms of function but the design is enough for them to sell out. If you’re someone who enjoys minimalist accessories, then these stoppers are for you. These also make a cute gift to any wine lover. 

10. Most Secure Lock: Avina Wine Stoppers

Avina Wine Stoppers - AdvancedMixology

If you find pumping too tiring after a glass of wine but still want an airtight seal for your bottle, then the Avina wine stopper is a terrific choice. What makes it different from others is its easy push and lock system to preserve wine for up to a week. When storing, you can place the bottle vertically or horizontally and not a single drop of wine is going to spill. When you’re ready to pour a glass of wine, simply lift the lever to release the lock and remove the stopper. It is also made from stainless steel, rubber, and plastic, all are food-safe and durable. In a set, you can get three of these at a reasonable price.

11. Most Artistic: LIZIMANDU Wine Bottle Stoppers

LIZIMANDU Wine Bottle Stoppers - AdvancedMixology

Paintings are perhaps the most common form of visual art and there are already countless phenomenal paintings to have graced this world including Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night. His artwork is prominent and easily-recognized even in a tiny version of a wine stopper. The stopper is mainly made from cone-shaped stainless steel with rubber ridges so it can easily fit almost any bottle. The top is more on aesthetics which features beautiful and intricate paintings or patterns in the size of a penny, making them look cute and pretty. There are plenty of designs to choose from but no matter what you pick, it is guaranteed to catch the attention of your guests and put a smile on someone’s face. This makes a perfect gift to anyone who admires beautiful artworks and who enjoys wine.  


1. How long is wine good with a wine stopper?

Wine stoppers prevent more air from getting into the bottle of wine. Most stoppers don’t have a vacuum system so air is still present inside. So, it is still inevitable that the wine will turn even with a stopper on, not to mention that it will be opened from time to time. The maximum time that the wine is still good to drink is 7 days but it also depends on the type of wine. Any time longer than that will result in deteriorated flavor and smell, so you won’t get as much satisfaction.

2. Can a wine stopper be used for Champagne?

Some wine stoppers can be used for Champagne especially if they have a lock feature. Otherwise, the pressure from the fizz of the Champagne will just pop off the stopper and give room for air which causes the wine to spoil faster. If you opt to put a stopper on a bottle of Champagne and other sparkling wine, better use a stopper specifically intended for Champagne. 

3. How do I store wine more effectively?

After pumping and/or putting a stopper on a bottle of wine, it is recommended to put it in the refrigerator because the cold temperature slows down the chemical processes including oxidation and it keeps the wine away from sunlight, hence, it is saved longer.

4. How long do wine stoppers last?

Wine stoppers are made from durable materials and if they are taken care of, like not putting them in the dishwasher often and carefully using them, they could last for years. However, if a stopper is made from low-quality materials like easy tearing rubber and fast rusting metal, they won’t last long.

5. Can I drink a week old wine?

It depends on the type of wine especially with the alcohol percentage and if it is properly stored. Wines that contain at least 10% of alcohol can still be consumed if they’re a week old. And if they were stored with a wine stopper and refrigerated, the flavors will still be there but, again, depending on the wine.  


Wine stoppers are essential and useful but only for a short time. Some vacuum systems may provide a long time to keep the wine drinkable but most of them can only provide just enough days for the wine to still have their flavors. Nevertheless, wine stoppers are still handy and they make the bottle of wine look cool and interesting. A few days if extending your wine shelf-life is better than throwing everything down the drain. If you want something that works for a lot longer than stoppers, you ought to buy a wine preservation system. Other wine tools and equipment that are helpful in storing and opening a bottle of wine are a wine refrigerator and an electric wine bottle opener. Getting yourself a wine aerator is also a good help to make your wine, even those that have been previously opened, to taste better. 

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