Coravin Model Three On A Bottle Of Wine

4 Tips To Preserve Wine Bottle After Using Coravin Wine Opener

Pouring the bottle of red wine using the Coravin Model Three

After pouring yourself a glass of wine using the Coravin wine preservation system, you may wonder what to do next. Can you leave the Coravin attached to the wine bottle? This way, it will be easier and quicker to have that much-needed sip the next time you fancy a drink.

However, we recommend that you remove the Coravin wine opener from the bottle after pouring so the cork can reseal immediately. Here are some tips to help preserve your wine longer after accessing it with the Coravin wine system.

Things to Remember After Opening a Wine Bottle with Coravin

1. Let the cork reseal

As soon as you remove your Coravin wine preserver from the bottle, the cork will naturally reseal itself. As a rule of thumb, the longer you leave the needle in the cork, the longer it will take for the cork to reseal. This is true for natural cork closures only. Keep in mind that synthetic corks do not reseal and will allow oxidation after some time.

2. Store the bottle of wine on its side

Bottles of Wine Stored Horizontally

Properly storing the bottle is paramount in the preservation of wine. After the cork reseals, remember to store the bottle horizontally instead of leaving it standing upright. With the wine covering the cork, it prevents the cork from drying out, preserving the wine longer while keeping it protected against cork crumbs.

3. Colder cork takes a longer time to reseal

When you open a chilled wine bottle with the Coravin wine preserver, you may want to leave it in an upright position for some time. Colder corks reseal slower and this will allow more time for your chilled cork to reseal. Once resealed, you may store the wine bottle on its side.

4. Avoid temperature fluctuations 

Coravin Model Eleven On A Bottle Of Wine

Temperature plays a major role in preserving wines, whether they have been accessed with the Coravin wine system or not. Temperature above 70 degrees will cause the wine to age rapidly, which may impact its taste and aroma. Lower temperature, on the other hand, slows down the wine’s development and may dry out the cork, causing seepage.

So to help preserve your wine longer, it is critical to store it in a cool, dry place with constant temperature, avoiding exposure to temperature fluctuations. According to some wine experts, the ideal wine storage temperature is between 50 degrees and 59 degrees Fahrenheit (10 and 15 degrees Celsius).


What you do after accessing a bottle of wine with the Coravin wine opener makes a difference when it comes to wine preservation. So the next time you pour a glass of wine using your Coravin wine preserver, don’t forget these tips. For your insights, questions, or recommendations, leave a comment below.


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