10 Best Dual Zone Wine Fridges In 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

    Wine - easy to sip but very difficult to make, even for difficult to preserve and retain its flavor. You might think that once you’ve opened a bottle of wine, you can just put it in your fridge until you take another glass on the next nights. While this is fine, you should know that this process will gradually impair the quality of the wine. The temperature of a normal refrigerator where you keep food and water is not constant as you open it every once in a while.

    And when you place the bottle of wine standing up, the cork will dry out and then shrink, allowing air to come into the bottle and ruin the wine’s taste. You never have to experience this again when you have a wine cooler or fridge. It’s a really great investment and keeps your wine at the right temperature and keeps it fresh. Keep on reading to learn more about wine coolers and fridges and choose the one that best suits you. 

    Why buy a dual-zone wine cooler? 

    If you’re someone who enjoys wine, you would want to have it when it’s in its best condition, that is properly cold or chilled and has a decadent flavor. One way to achieve this is to buy a wine cooler. You might think that this is extravagant because you can just shove your opened bottles in your fridge and call it a day. However, if you take your wine seriously, you know that a wine cooler is very advantageous as it gives the best preservation process of your reds and whites.

    Compared with a single zone cooler, the dual-zone cooler has an edge simply because two is better than one. This cooler has two compartments in which you can store your red and white wines separately because each compartment can be set in different temperatures suited for them. This type is obviously more versatile since you won’t have to choose which wine to store properly and which one you’ll have to sacrifice. It also has a larger storage capacity than the single zone while still being compact. 

    Buying Guide

    Before you make a decision to invest in something like a wine cooler, you have to think about it first. You’ll debate about the best time to get it, what kind you’re going to get and how to choose it. Here are some guidelines or factors that you can follow to choose the cooler that suits you:


    It’s undeniable that having a wine cooler is fancy and fancy doesn’t usually come at a cheap price. These things cost about $100 - $1000 but they’re for a good reason and depending on the kind and features. They serve a great purpose in handling wine so the price is understandable. But, if you’re on a tight budget, fret not. You can start small, perhaps by buying a single zone unit first as they are more affordable. But, if you want to invest smarter, go for the dual-zone that offers a suitable price along with great quality. The bottom line, in choosing a product, make sure that you have the right budget for it and place your money in a smart investment. 

    Storage Capacity 

    This coincides with size. When your cooler is large, it will have a larger storage capacity as well. And when it can store a lot of bottles, the price also goes up. You don’t have to choose a wine cooler that’s too big if you only have wine occasionally. But, if you’re an avid collector, go for the big one with a large storage capacity. Every wine cooler is made from different materials.

    In terms of the shelves, some are made from wood which creates a tighter space constraint than those made from scalloped wires. Scalloped wires usually have a dip that allows proper placement of the bottle and so they are easily removed. Most wine coolers can store 30 - 60 bottles of wine, but the largest ones can store up to 300 bottles. Also, note that wine bottles have different sizes and shape so consider this as well when you’re contemplating the storage capacity. 


    Wine coolers vary in size in terms of height and width. Depending on your space available, you may opt to buy a taller cooler or the wider one. May it be tall or wide, they may have the same bottle capacity so the distinguishing factor you’ll consider is the area where you plan to put your cooler.


    It has already been established that there is a single zone cooler and a dual-zone. But, we also have to consider the cooling mechanism and the set up of your cooler. In terms of cooling mechanism, there are two types: either thermoelectric or compressor.

    • Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

    A thermoelectric wine cooler follows the Peltier effect, that is, an electric charge is sent through two joined pieces of metal which creates a heat flux, to which heat is transferred from one side of the device to the other. This contains small fans inside the unit that improve ventilation and evenly distribute the cool temperatures created by the node inside the unit while expelling heat outside. It is environmental - friendly since it doesn’t make use of hazardous materials in the cooling process.

    • Compressor-based Wine Cooler

    Compressor-based wine coolers work the same way as your regular refrigerators at home wherein a liquid refrigerant circulates throughout a compressor system. This will then create cold air inside the unit while expelling hot air outside.

    In terms of set up, wine coolers can either be freestanding or built-in.

    • Freestanding Cooler

    A freestanding cooler can stand on its own as it has a vent of its own. It can be placed anywhere other than under the counter. 

    • Built-in Cooler

    A built-in cooler can be placed anywhere you want, perhaps under the counter or the cabinet and you still have to give it proper ventilation so it won’t overheat. 

    Noise Factor

    While a wine cooler creates more noise than a conventional refrigerator, there are units that are less noisy than others. The noise emanates from the fans that work inside during the cooling process. If you find the humming sounds irritating, then you’ll opt to buy the thermoelectric ones rather than the compressor- they vibrate less due to a lack of compressors. 

    Temperature Zone

    This is perhaps the most important component of wine coolers as they are the essence. While most wine coolers have adjustable temperatures, some are limited. For dual zones, they have more temperature options as they cover two types of wines. On average, a wine cooler is set to 55 degrees Fahrenheit but they can range from 45 degrees to 60 degrees. 

    Top Picks

    Perhaps you’re ready to buy a wine fridge but still need some recommendations as to the best on our list. Well, look no further. Here are our best picks.

  • Quietest wine cooler - Kalamera Wine refrigerator
  • Most stylish - Phiestina Wine Refrigerator
  • Most efficient - Koldfront Wine Cooler
  • Best for Home - Wine Enthusiast Slimline Bottle Storage Wine Cooler
  • Most Accommodating - NewAir AWR-1160DB Wine Cooler

  • 10 Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers

    To help you get started, here are some of the best types of wine coolers that you can choose from depending on their type. Remember to consider your resources as well so you can pick one that’ll suit you well. 

    1. NewAir NWC029SS01 Wine Cooler - Ideal Size for Under the Counter Space

    • 29-bottle capacity
    • Quiet unit
    • Consistent temperature
    • Easy to install
    • Efficient
    • Great packaging
    • Shelves can be too tight
    • Squeaky trays

    What customers are saying about the product:

    A Ford says that this upscales the kitchen and adds a lot of charm. It was also packaged with styrofoam well, and includes an extra drip catch for the compressor (1st photo). Meanwhile, Eclair comments that the fridge cooled quickly after plugging it in and has stayed well at their dual set temperatures (2nd photo). 

    Why we think this is a great product:

    You won’t find any problem fitting this under your counter because it has the ideal size and also saves space since its design calls for alternating the bottles to reach the maximum capacity despite some people saying that only fits less than advertised.

    Who should buy it:

    This device naturally belongs in the kitchen so if you're thinking of buying one that you’re going to put under the counter, this is a great choice.  

    2. Kalamera Wine refrigerator - Classic minimalist look that blends in any Kitchen


    • 46- bottle capacity
    • Clean simple look
    • Nice blue light accent
    • Quiet operation
    • Shelves can fit different bottle shapes and size
    • Quick delivery


    • Poor quality control; some received units with dents
    • Poor customer service
    • Lock is not very tight

    What customers are saying about the product:

    Nancy comments that the unit arrived in a double box with styrofoam protecting the fridge. She also loves the fact that it fits her bottles, even big ones (1st photo). Meanwhile, Donald says that this is a good buy and he shares that he removed one rack to accommodate larger bottles like Champagne (2nd photo).

    Why we think this is a great product:

    Kalamera is interestingly wide and not tall, so it can be placed perfectly under the counter. It has 5 easy slide shelves made from beech wood and expertly designed to prevent bottles from falling down.

    Who should buy it:

    This unit has a low vibration and a safety lock to keep any unwanted guests from opening it anytime, so if you want your wines protected, this is what you’ll need.

    3.  Aobosi Wine Refrigerator - Built with Stainless Steel frame and Double Tempered Glass Door


    • 28-bottle capacity
    • Adjustable legs
    • Versatile
    • Quick delivery
    • Easy to set up
    • Sophisticated design
    • Top shelf can’t fit some bottles
    • Loud
    • Inconsistent temperature

    What customers are saying about the product:

    F.M. Knaus comments that this unit has good temperature ranges and that it operates quietly. It also has enough space for larger bottles without removing the shelves and overall he likes the industrial professional kitchen look (1st photo). TLM shares that the cooler comes with two keys to keep kids or surprise guests out of your stash, as well as a door chime to alert you if the door is left open (2nd photo). 


    Why we think this is a great product:

    It looks great and can accommodate a lot of wine bottles but perhaps the coolest thing about this unit is its temperature memory function so when there’s an power outage or you’ve accidentally pulled the plug, the temperature you’ve set will automatically be restored. 

    Who should buy it:

    If you ever plan on replacing your trash compactor to give way for some wine, this is the fridge to buy. 

    4. Koldfront Wine Cooler - Energy-efficient cooling system with sleek look


    • Easy temperature controls
    • Attractive design
    • Nice packaging
    • Blue LED light
    • Excellent customer service
    • Keeps temperature sufficiently


    • Wood shelves are quite flimsy
    • Bigger bottle don’t fit
    • Shelves are close together

    What customers are saying about the product:

    Ilie Camino says that she was worried at first whether it’ll fit but when they installed it, it fit perfectly and even left enough space for air to circulate. It matches their kitchen and she’s happy with her purchase (1st photo). Kimberly also says that it’s compact and was easy to put together. She hears a light humming sound but not all the time. She loves that she can get red or white wine at perfect serving temperature (2nd photo).

    Why we think this is a great product:

    Upgrade your home bar with this awesome wine fridge that ensures that your reds and whites maintain the optimal temperature for satisfaction every time. It also doesn’t produce that much noise so you won't be disturbed at your moment of relaxation. 

    Who should buy it:

    Not complicated and very effective, this wine fridge can easily be useful and fun equipment added to your home. 

    5. Wine Enthusiast Slimline Bottle Storage Wine Cooler - Ideal for Standard-Sized Bottles


    • 18-bottle capacity
    • Great for any home
    • Doesn’t require too much space
    • Sleek look
    • Quiet operation


    • Poor quality control
    • Not level
    • Sometimes doesn’t hold temperature 

    What customers are saying about the product:

    Janine loves that this fridge can hold bottles upright and even if there is a slight humming sound, it didn’t stop her from buying and giving it to her husband (1st photo). Carlos says that this doesn’t take too long for the bottles to reach the optimal temperatures (2nd photo). MysticFalls comments that the packaging was awesome and well protected. He added that the shelves are easily removable (3rd photo). 

    Why we think this is a great product:

    Because of its slim and tall design, it is more pleasant to look at and casually presents itself. The chrome shelves are extra protection for the bottles since they are more durable than wooden shelves. 

    Who should buy it:

    If you like to store your wine bottle vertically, then this fridge is the most ideal choice.

    6. Phiestina Wine Refrigerator - Cool Stainless Steel Shelves to  Compliment LED lights


    • 46- bottle capacity
    • Quick delivery
    • Nice Packaging
    • Shelves slide easily
    • Classy Appearance
    • Can fit large bottles


    • Sometimes inaccurate temperatures

    What customers are saying about the product:

    An Amazon customer is happy with this cooler because it perfectly fits in the space between two cabinets and he is impressed with the weight of the door and overall durability of the unit (1st photo). Meanwhile, ECG likes that the lights can be turned on and off and that it is nice and quiet. He also said leveling it was easy and he suggested to adjust the feel right so it doesn’t make rattling noises (2nd photo).  


    Why we think this is a great product:

    This unit is not just big in size but also in the features including a larger capacity, air circulation system, frost free and temperature memory. The door is also reversible so you can build it according to your preference. 

    Who should buy it:

    If you are an avid collector of wine, better get a large wine fridge such as this one.

    7. Koolatron WC12DZ Thermoelectric Cooler - Classic Silent and Efficient Unit for Reds and Whites


    • 12-bottle capacity
    • Adjustable legs
    • Compact design
    • Temperature controls with LED display
    • Ideal for countertop


    • Poor quality control; some received damaged items
    • Defective buttons at times

    What customers are saying about the product:

    According to David, this unit is quiet and keeps wines at the desired temperatures for red and white wines. It also fits his counter perfectly. Moreover, Maryleam got this wine fridge as a gift and she loves it since it is extremely quiet, easy to operate and not expensive to run. 

    Why we think this is a great product:

    Equipped with an advanced heat dissipation system, this wine fridge ensures that there is an even cool environment for your wines. It is also efficient and vibration-free, not to mention, the glass door is colored dark to protect wine bottles from sunlight. 

    Who should buy it:

    This unit is nice and cute and has a sufficient capacity for a casual wine drinker and it also makes a fantastic gift to a loved one. 

    8. NewAir AWR-460DB Wine Cooler - Built with Triple Layered Tempered Glass Door


      • 46-bottle capacity
      • Easy setup
      • Hassle-free delivery
      • Sharp looking
      • Long-lasting
      • Runs quietly
      • Great value


      • Fan is noisy
      • Temperature fluctuates

      What customers are saying about the product:

      Flycaster shares that he did not have any problems upon receipt and that setting up was easy. It was working great, was keeping good temperature and he was able to fit reds, whites and Champagnes in it, so far, he’s happy with it (1st photo). Joe shares that after 4 years since he’s had this fridge, he doesn’t have any issues and it’s still quiet and the temperatures are still fine (2nd photo).

      Why we think this is a great product:

      For convenience purposes, the wooden shelves are adjustable and are easy to pull out. You can also find it easy to monitor the temperature with its push button controls inside the door. Plus, the LED lights make a good job at displaying the bottles well. 

      Who should buy it:

      Store your wines in style and in appropriate temperature with this efficient and spacious wine fridge.

      9. NewAir AWR-1160DB Wine Cooler - Ideal for Professional Settings and the Avid Wine Collector


      • 116-bottle capacity
      • Solid door seal
      • Cools efficiently
      • Reversible door
      • Sleek design


      • Shelves are tight
      • Sometimes temperature fluctuates

      What customers are saying about the product:

      Jill says that she likes the warm gold light and wood racks and the fact that the fridge is nearly silent. The racks also slide easily and can fit many standard sized bottles (1st photo). Moreover, Erin shares that the stainless steel and beech wood shelves fit perfectly with her decor and that it holds so many bottles. She added that when she has guests over, she turns on the lights so the bottles are displayed well (2nd photo). 

      Why we think this is a great product:

      This wine fridge is similar to most models, but only bigger so more wine bottles can be stored. And unlike most wine fridges that emit blue LED lights, this one produces a soft gold lighting that you can adjust to your preferred dimness and does a better job at displaying the bottles. 

      Who should buy it:

      Given its big capacity and professional look, this easily makes a wine fridge for restaurants and bars as well as the homes of wine connoisseurs and collectors. 

      10. Karcassin Wine Fridge - Intelligent design to help wine maintain their quality


      • 28-bottle capacity
      • Reversible door
      • Security lock
      • Reaches temperature quickly
      • Works silently
      • Solid quality materials
      • Blue LED lights


      • Some customers received units with dents
      • Warranty issues

      What customers are saying about the product:

      Kami comments that this product is noise-free and very compact. She added that the setup was easy and hassle-free and it blends nicely with their furniture (1st photo). Meanwhile, Jane says that this is a well-built, great looking and high performing wine cooler. For her, it exceeded her expectations and she recommends this quality product to everyone (2nd photo).

      Why we think this is a great product:

      Equipped with an advanced compressor, this unit ensures that there is uniform temperature after adjustment and that there is less vibration so the sediments of wine are not disturbed. Its design also allows you to install it as built in or a freestanding unit.  

      Who should buy it:

      This unit is great for home use because it is compact, has a decent capacity and can be placed anywhere you like.


      Q: Should I go for a freestanding or built-in wine cooler?

        A: It depends on your preference if you want your wine cooler to be in a secure place then go for the built-in, but if you want to display your cooler for people to see, choose the freestanding. But remember that the freestanding version is designed to evaporate heat from the back to prevent the unit from overheating and shortening the lifespan of the machine. 

        Q: Which is a better cooling system: thermoelectric or compressor-based?

          A: A thermoelectric wine cooler makes use of a cooling node that has a ceramic tile in which an electrical current passes through it, allowing the tile to heat up so the other side will cool down. These also feature the internal fans to even distribute the cold air inside. They also operate more quietly due to the lack of compressor.

          However, thermoelectric coolers are limited only to temperatures about 20°F lower than the temperature outside the unit whereas the compressor-based cooling is not limited to this. Upon buying, consider these details and also keep in mind that most freestanding units have thermoelectric cooling while built-in one uses compressors which can accommodate a greater quantity of wine bottles. 

          Q: Should I go for a single zone or a dual-zone wine cooler?

            A: If you’re a casual drinker and only prefer one type of one, choose the single zone but if you’re a collector or an enthusiast, go for the dual-zone to store many types of wines. 

            Q: What should be the right temperature for red and white wines?

              A: Dry white wines, rosés, sparkling wines must be served at or between 40° to 50° F and stored at 45°F to ensure maximum taste. Full-bodied white wines and light, fruity reds are served at 50° to 60° F and stored at 55°F to maintain its aroma. Full-bodied red wines and Ports are served at 60° to 65° F and must be stored at 55°F to achieve an organic taste. 

              Q: How do I clean my wine cooler?

                A: First, unplug your cooler and remove all the components and bottles. Start cleaning the interior with a mild cleaner or a simple solution of warm water and baking soda. Finally, wash the exterior with a mild detergent solution and finish it off by wiping wet areas with a soft cloth. Remember to minimize the use of water to not damage any electronic parts. 

                Q: Can a freestanding wine cooler be built in?

                  A: Yes, as long as there is enough space about 2 to 3 inches each side under the counter to allow heat to escape and observe proper ventilation.  


                  Wine is one of the luscious liquids that we can consume and it’s only right that we justify and maintain its natural and pure goodness. One way to achieve this is by storing them in a wine cooler. Wine coolers help in preserving, aging, and making the wine better. Further your wine endeavors, discover more about its technology, and buy your first amazing wine cooler now.

                  Aside from the choices above, here are more options for you to choose should you intend to install built-in or under-counter wine fridges. And while a wine refrigerator would make a great gift, it would require a big investment, so here are awesome alternative gifts to give to a wine lover.

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