15 Best Wine Racks In 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Wine, the nectar of the gods, was believed to have been stored in caves in the distant past, and these caves have since been considered as the first wine racks in history. Such archaic storage customs have been passed on to the modern wine rack we know today.

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Buying Guide

Wine racks are not a mere opportunity to organize your bottles, but to showcase your glorious collection of diverse ages and origins. No need for fancy cellars, vapor locks, or strict climate control configurations - a reliable rack tailored to your environment can make your wines last. To help you select the best rack to your liking, here are a few factors to deliberate on before your purchase:


Firstly, there are two fundamental categories to choose from: freestanding and installed. Freestanding racks, as the name suggests, are independent pieces that hold up on their own and often can be moved around with ease; while installed racks are usually custom-ordered. This buying guide will focus on freestanding wine racks. Furthermore, freestanding units are available in an abundance of types, like:

  • Floor: This is the first type of style that comes to mind when referring to freestanding wine racks. Floor wine racks or vertical wine racks are set on the floor and consist of tiers.
  • Modular or Stacking: This kind of rack is also positioned vertically, however, it is stackable. The more you add to your wine collection, the more layers you could build upon to fit all your bottles. 
  • Carts: While it probably has the least storage capacity, carts are mostly used when you'd like to display for decorative or serving purposes. 
  • Shelves: Pretty straightforward, a horizontal shelf is a practical solution to store your wine.
  • Hanging: While this option is not common, neither is it recommended for the long-term, it's a bold accent piece to have in the kitchen or dining room. Hanging racks generally mounted to the wall, suspended from the ceiling, or attached to the side of a cabinet.
  • Tabletop: This style of a wine rack is typically used as a centerpiece or some form of decor on a table or countertop. The main idea is to put the spotlight on your bottles of wines and have them ready to access.


Consider what your wine rack should be constructed with. The key to a sought after wine rack is that it is made of sturdy material. Disturbing your wine with an unsteady space can badly affect its quality and taste. Experts opt for durable steel or natural wood. 


How many bottles do you intend to store? Transversely, how much weight do you expect it to carry? These questions must be reflected on or at least estimated if you haven't begun your shopping spree. 


Unlike its style, a wine rack's design is meant to visually appeal its owner and passing guests. Is there a certain aesthetic you aspire to? Will it matter if your rack compliments the theme of your home? Of course, this isn't necessary to answer - rather, it's nice to add a personal touch.


Observe your wine bottles. Unless your bottles happen to be of similar size already, you may later encounter a problem should you choose to neglect the versatility factor. If it calls for it, your rack should be able to fit your collection of diversified shapes and sizes.


Finally, get clear on the amount of effort you are willing to exert to assemble your rack. Should you find it challenging or unfamiliar to tinker with the bits and bobs and overall set-up process, go for pre-assembled pieces.

Top Picks

15 Best Wine Racks

1. Sorbus Bordeaux Chateau Wine Rack - Artisan framework of estate-inspired design


  • Assembled upon arrival
  • Sturdy 
  • Elegant design
  • Stores up 23 bottles


  • Specifically made for small bottles
  • Legs may not be leveled
  • Paint chips off

What customers are saying about the product: 

Rosemary decorated it with grapevines (first photo) she also got from Amazon and it impressed many of their guests. S. Holt says it’s perfect for the space he had (2nd photo). For Kara, it’s perfect to put beside the bar cart and she’s happy that it does not need to be assembled when delivered. 

Why we think this is a great product: 

As the name suggests, this product imbues the dreamy vibe of your French estate. It’s an accent piece that stands out just enough, without having to be too large. 

Who should buy it: 

This refined wine rack is perfect for dressing up your home bar or jazzing up a small kitchenette space amid family foot traffic. 

2. Most Stylish: Mango Stream 32 Wine Bottle Rack


  • Modern
  • Quick assembly
  • Works as a side table
  • Holds up to 32 bottles


  • Trouble with assembly
  • Unsafe - bottles may slide out due to position
  • Needs more support
  • What are customers saying about this product: 

    Cote loves the Mango Wine Rack (first photo) for its modern design, the top can serve as a side table, and holds the wine bottles perfectly. Laura says this is just what she needs - easy to assemble, organizes her wine bottles, and leveling feet are very convenient for uneven floors (2nd photo). For Joseph (3rd photo) the wine racks worked really well after tying three of them together and adding lights to it. 

      Why we think this is a great product:

      It’s a sleek wine rack and a modern piece of furniture rolled into one! Aside from storing your bottles, its tabletop enables you to display other items, such as your crystal glasses and corkscrews for easy access. 

      Who should buy it:

      If you don’t have frequent guests and need a wine rack occasionally, then this product will shine through as a sophisticated side table to have around. 

      3. Sorbus 3-Tier Stackable Wine Rack - Durable metalwork for expandable builds


      • Easy to assemble
      • Versatile
      • Simple design
      • Stores up to 12 bottles


      • Only holds 0.750 L bottles
      • Difficult to stack

      What the customers are saying about this product: 

      RA Campbell was impressed; even at seven racks high, his rack was freestanding and stable atop on a table. A pleased customer added that it was super easy to assemble despite the fact that it did not come with instructions. A third customer, Debra absolutely loves it, mentioning that it suits her home decor.  

      Why we think this is a great product: 

      Stackable and detachable – this 3-Tier wine rack is versatile in any setting, thus, adding more to your wine collection will be a breeze. Despite its simple design, it won’t cheat you for its solid construction.

      Who should buy it:

      Whether you’re a brand new wine collector or an expert connoisseur, this product’s metalwork can fit in any space and is perfect to put those little corners in your house to good use.

      4. J.K. Adams Ash Wood 12-Bottle Wine Rack: Timeless rack exclusively made in the U.S.A.


      • Easy to assemble
      • Buildable in different shapes and sizes
      • Well-made
      • Made in the USA
      • Lifetime guarantee


      • Pegs and dowels can come undone
      • Doesn’t sit leveled

      What are the customers saying about this product:

      One happy buyer, Patty shares that this product was the perfect size to fit in her bar. She advises however that you will need to pound the pegs very tightly into the holes. Another verified customer, Manny adds that the rack was beautifully crafted with high-quality wood.

       Why we think this is a great product:

      While it may seem like an old-fashioned style, this adjustable wine rack can take on several dimensions for your convenience. 

      Who should buy it:

      Its wooden craftsmanship is a nice detail in wine cellars or basements, but as the pictures suggest, if you have some oak cabinets, this product would compliment it nicely.

      5. Best Cart: O&K Furniture Industrial Bar Cart 


      • 2-in-1 Wine rack and cart
      • Minimal set-up
      • Spacious
      • Contains stemware racks
      • Contains 15 wine bottle holders


    1. Long shipping time
    2. Bottle holders are narrow
    3. Expensive

    4. What customers say about this product:

      Victoria shared that she received so many compliments for this at her housewarming party, and would recommend it a hundred percent. Similarly, for Ryan, he finds it perfect and very classy. 

      Why we think this is a great product:

      This rustic and industrial styled cart is of no ordinary value. Aside from displaying your bottles, it’ll be a snazzy side serving station to place your hors d’oeuvres during parties. 

      Who should buy it:

      Perhaps you simply adore the rustic aesthetic – then look no further! The grainy tabletop of this cart brings with it a cozy and country vibe wherever it goes. Rest assured, it will suit your home instantly.

      6. Oenophilia Under Cabinet Wine Rack- Space-saving rack with glossy chrome finish


      • Multi-functional
      • Sturdy
      • Efficient
      • Holds up to 6 bottles


    5. May need to purchase your screws
    6. Difficult to install

    7. What customers say about this product:

      Cassandra, one Amazon customer, states that the product is a great space saver in her small apartment. She’s kept six bottles on it so far and hasn’t encountered a problem. Rann, on the other hand, suggests you need an extra pair of hands to install the rack.


      Why we think this is a great product:

      The product is a smart use of space, leaving counters and shelves more capacious for other items. Plus, its shiny chrome finish is irresistible - too bad is that it isn’t available in a variety of finishes.

      Who should buy it:

      Needless to say, all of us could free up some space in our kitchens. If you have a small array of wines at home, this product presents a smarter way of storing them. 


      7. Best Budget: Sorbus Bamboo Foldable Countertop Wine Rack


      • Compact
      • Excellent bargain
      • No assembly required
      • Easy storage when not in use
      • Holds up to 6 wine bottles


    8. May arrive defective
    9. Doesn’t sit leveled

    10. What customers say about this product:

      Amanda comments that this foldable wine rack is perfect for small spaces – it isn’t too tall or too deep. It even manages to contain bigger bottles. Moreover, Allan says it’s an overall great deal and looks marvelous for its natural bamboo finish. 

      Why we think this is a great product:

      The Sorbus Bamboo Wine Rack is effortless, compact, and small. Its simple design is a reliable staple for any wine aficionado. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed with a sense of lack.  

      Who should buy it: 

      This product is particularly calling out those with a small stock of wine, favoring practicality over visual appeal. This rack also works if you want a ready-to-drink stash handy, instead of running to the basement. 

      8. Best Splurge: Coaster Chrome and White Serving Cart


      • Elegant tiered design
      • Well-packaged
      • Built-in stemware rack
      • Lockable casters


    11. Expensive
    12. Wheels don’t run smoothly
    13. Difficult to assemble
    14. Poor quality control

    15. What customers say about this product:

      MC says this wine coaster (1st photo) has great quality and is easy to assemble. It’s the best value for its price. Annie, can’t agree more, commenting that she is in love with its classic yet modern design.

      Why we think this is a great product:

      One look at those frosted glass tiers and it’s as if you’ve been transported into aristocratic luxury. While it may be more of a cart than a wine rack, everything about it screams high class.

      Who should buy it:

      With its insane price tag, this vintage-inspired cart means business. Unless you are seriously considering investing in a luxury piece of furniture as part of your interior design plan, then you could probably find a cheaper (and more efficient) wine rack someplace else. 

      9. Most Durable: Stackable Modular Wine Rack


      • Easy to assemble
      • Low-cost
      • Stackable
      • Tons of storage space


    16. Dowel holes may not be centered
    17. Won’t fit bigger bottles
    18. Maybe low-grade warped pine

    19. What customers say about this product:

      Judith has only good things to say about this wine rack she got from Amazon (first photo). The rack is also stable enough to support that much wine bottles. Collin added that it was a decent price, and recommended sanding and staining for a nicer finishing touch.

      Why we think this is a great product:

      Unlike many of the wine racks reviewed so far, this product’s thick wooden frame is a promising sturdy feature. With a few knots in the wood, its rustic feel would complement wine cellars or quiet basements.

      Who should buy it: 

      First and foremost, you better have a huge stash of wines waiting at home, as this rack fits up to 72 bottles. And secondly... you might as well buy it anyway as the price is such a steal!


      10. Kamenstein Butterfly Wine Rack - Contemporary designed countertop display


      • Lightweight
      • Fairly easy to assemble
      • Hold up to 8 bottles
      • Contemporary design


    20. Strong odor
    21. Wood chips off

    22. What customers say about this product:

      KC, an Amazon customer says the wine rack (1st photo) looks just like in the picture and though it took some time to assemble, it was totally worth it. Marisa (2nd photo) says it is the perfect size for her apartment, very sturdy, and easy to assemble. 

      Why we think this is a great product:

      In some angles, this rack does resemble a butterfly - what a unique design. Aside from its functionality, it is a stylish piece that is the perfect size for countertops – to easily access your go-to wines.

      Who should buy it: 

      This contemporary rack would fancy a modern wine connoisseur – its chic, minimalist, and hold it up well. 


      11. Homfa Bamboo Wine Rack - Natural bamboo rack with eco-friendly lacquer finish


      • Quick set-up
      • Durable
      • Lacquer finish
      • Holds up to 28 bottles


    23. Won’t accommodate all bottle types (variety of necks and sizes)
    24. Screws are not secure
    25. May be too small or too short than perceived

    26. What customers say about this product:

      An Amazon customer thought the Homfa Bamboo Wine Rack was rather easy to put together and it was the best cabinet for its value. Jennifer (center photo) says it holds 28 bottles nicely and is perfect for their apartment. Danny, on the other hand, stated that while the rack fits most bottles, to not bother putting on bottles that don’t fit as there is a risk of these falling and breaking. 

      Why we think this is a great product:

      Besides flaunting its high gloss lacquer finish, this rack epitomizes such a minimal design that you can’t possibly go wrong, 

      Who should buy it:

      This product has a fairly small footprint, best for wine aficionados living in compact places such as apartments.

      12. Best Table: O&K Industrial Wine Rack Table 


      • Great appearance
      • Lots of storage space
      • Multi-functional
      • Built-in glass holder
      • Holds up to 7 bottles


    27. Poor quality control

    28. What customers say about this product:

      Zack, a pleased buyer on Amazon, announces that this wine rack table (1st photo) was an excellent buy. It was exactly what he was looking for to occupy a blank wall in his home. Aries said he received it intact but the bottom shelf is a bit too tight and that it’s a good starter piece. 


      Why we think this is a great product:

      Add flavor to a plain wine rack by taking advantage of this product’s open compartments and chic framework with rustic household décor and flowers. This wine rack and the table is simply gorgeous.

      Who should buy it:

      This wine rack is best used as a side piece for cocktail hour! You may consider buying it if you constantly host gatherings and parties and would like to station a handy snack bar or serving area.

      13. Sorbus Wall Mount Wine/Tower Rack - Elegant duo-functional hanging rack 


      • Functions as both a wine and towel rack
      • Saves up space
      • Stores up to 6 bottles
      • Minimal assembly required


    29. Works better as a towel rack

    30. What customers say about this product:

      Kanjan says this simple wine rack (left photo) just does its job and feels very sturdy. Also, Fred is happy with the quality of these wine racks (center) even if the delivery was staggered and he was able to easily install the first 10 that arrived earlier. Casey used this wine rack as a towel organizer (right photo) for her master bathroom and she is very happy with her purchase since it can conveniently hold 6 towels.  


      Why we think this is a great product:

      Who would have imagined a wine rack could alternately be used as a towel rack? This unique rolled up wine/towel organizer is charming and refined, and ultimately saves up a lot of space! Search no more in cabinets and basements; just hang this by the bar.

      Who should buy it:

      Does there happen to be an empty wall in your kitchen or dining room? If so, this product can comfortably fill it up for you. It mounts the wall like elegant décor – but be careful not to bump into it!

      14. Rustic State Wall-Mounted Wine Rack - Country-themed rack with built-in glass holder 


      • 2-in1 Wine rack and stemware rack
      • Sturdy
      • Easy to install
      • Holds up to 5 bottles and 15 glasses


    31. May arrive without holes drilled
    32. Stemware rack is a tight fit

    33. What customers say about this product:

      Kathy is happy with her Amazon purchase of this wine rack since she finds it easy to assemble even in her advanced years (1st photo). Rio had a similar rack in her old house so when she moved, she bought a similar one to replace it (2nd photo). 

      Why we think this is a great product:

      Make room in your cabinets with this country-style wine rack. This product offers a homely and rustic touch and is an awesome space-saver. 

      Who should buy it:

      For those wine lovers with a small variety to choose from, you are bound to adore the humble display and multi-functional convenience of this product. 


      15. Most Storage: Sorbus Wine Rack Stand


      • Large capacity
      • Fairly easy to assemble
      • Affordable


    34. May arrive with mandatory parts
    35. Isn’t as freestanding as advertised

    36. What customers say about this product:

      Catherine loves this wine rack (1st photo) for its sturdy design and the fact that it comes with enough materials to hold lots of wine bottles is a great plus for her since she joined a wine club. Reviewer says he has three of these wine racks and he loves it since it’s sturdy and can hold lots of wine bottles and is a great space saver. It has its flaws but it did not stop him from giving it 5 stars.  

      Why we think this is a great product:

      Maximize the value of your money with this 10-tiered wine rack madness. Its timeless style and full-on storage capacity are for the most elite wine collectors. You transform any space into your cellar or wine-tasting room.

      Who should buy it:

      If you don’t happen to be intimidated by a crazy number of wine choices, then this wine rack is for you to admire and browse endlessly.


      Q1. Should wine be stored vertically or horizontally?

      Professionals advise that you store your corked wines at a horizontal position, particularly for long-term storage. By positioning your bottles this way, the cork remains moist - preventing it from drying up and letting in air that could spoil your wine. If you intend on drinking your alcohol very soon, then there is no harm in placing it vertically on your countertop for preparation.

      Q2. Is it bad to store wine in the refrigerator

      Yes, if long-term. Similar to the previous question, storing your wine in a regular refrigerator for extended periods can also cause the cork to dry up and oxidize. For chilling, opt to put it in the fridge for a few hours at most or putting it in a bucket of ice water and salt.

      Q3. Where do you put a wine rack?

      The answer to this isn't as precise as you'd like, therefore it is vital you consider your available space and wine rack. Nevertheless, here are a few general pointers to follow: 

      • keep the rack out of reach from children and pets
      • ideal temperature range for storage is 45°C to 65°C
      • don’t expose to direct sunlight and rough movements

      Examples of ideal storage spaces include cool basements and dedicated wine cellars. 

      Q4. How wide should a wine rack be? 

      To be able to hold a standard 12" bottle of wine horizontally and adequately, the construction depth of the rack should meet 14.5" at least. 

      Q5. How do you make a wine rack?

      Traditionally, wine racks are made of wood and are kept in bulk in a cellar. Of course, crafting your rack will entirely depend on your preferences. Do you intend to have a large collection or a small stash? Is this rack for ready-to-drink purposes or long-term safekeeping? Utilitarian or visually appealing? Tons of web searches can guide you on how to DIY your wine rack.


      We hope this guide offered several important takeaways to help you select your perfect wine rack and presented you with an excellent list of products to consider. You may shop for additional racks here, and even avail of great deals, discounts, and more! 

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