Are Coravin Capsules Recyclable? Green Eco Tips Everyone Should Follow

Are Coravin Capsules Recyclable? Green Eco Tips Everyone Should Follow

Man refilling Coravin wine preservation system with Coravin capsules

For an excellent and worry-free wine-drinking experience when using your Coravin Wine Preservation System, it is important to remember that you can only use Coravin capsules with your unit. Utilizing other capsules voids the warranty of the system and may result in injury. After making sure that you have the right capsule for your Coravin System, the next thing you should know is what to do after using it.

Is it safe to discard empty Coravin capsules and throw them away into the waste bin? Or is there any way to reuse them? It may help you deal with the dilemma knowing that Coravin capsules are recyclable. Made of 100% reusable materials, they are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Tips on Disposing and Recycling Empty Coravin Capsules

1. Understand Coravin capsules better

Understanding the nature of these pressurized cylinders and learning about their composition or specifications will greatly help in disposing and recycling them accordingly. With the right information, it will be easy to find a suitable disposal facility for them. Here are some facts about Coravin capsules that you might need to know.

What is a Coravin capsule?

Coravin capsules power your Coravin Wine Preservation System and pressurize the bottle to enable the wine to flow through the system’s needle. Once done pouring, these capsules help protect against oxidation and preserve the remaining wine in the accessed bottle by allowing the chemical changes to occur naturally. These pressurized cylinders feature a patented cap with Seal Technology that perfectly fits the system’s safety mechanisms.

What are Coravin Capsules made of?

Coravin capsules are filled with ultra-pure, medical-grade argon, the same inert gas that winemakers use to preserve wine during bottling. This is to provide the highest level of preservation without impacting the taste, quality, and life span of your wine.

Precautions to be observed when handling them

Pressurized (2,600 pounds per square inch), these argon capsules may explode if exposed to heat. So it is of utmost importance to stow them in a cool, dry place with temperatures ranging from -30 to 65 degrees Celsius (-22 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit). Also, please avoid storing them under direct sunlight.

It may also be helpful to take note that due to TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) restrictions, Coravin capsules are not permitted on domestic and international flights with the inclusion of check-in and carry-on luggage.

Coravin wine preserver with Coravin capsule

2. Know when to replace Coravin capsules

To properly dispose of your used argon capsules, it is critical to know that they are empty and need replacement. How long does a Coravin capsule last? Typically, each capsule allows you to access approximately 15 standard 150 ml bottles of wine. Its lifespan, however, varies and will depend on how often (or seldom) and how much they pressurize the bottles.

3. Make sure your Coravin capsule is empty

You wouldn’t want to throw away a Coravin capsule that is still filled with argon gas by mistake, would you? To make sure that your Coravin capsule is empty and needs to be replaced, remove the Coravin needle from your Coravin System and press the trigger. If you do not hear any sound of gas escaping, then it is most likely that your capsule is empty and requires a replacement. 

If you do hear a hiss, on the other hand, this means that your needle is clogged with cork particles and will need a clean-up.

4. Contact your local waste management facility

Now that you are pretty sure that your Coravin capsule is empty and ready for disposal, we suggest that you contact and consult your local waste management facility. Ask them for instructions on the proper disposal of empty compressed gas cylinders.

We also recommend disposing of punctured Coravin capsules only using the Coravin System. For safety reasons, non-perforated capsules should not be thrown away. Also, keep in mind to discharge them away from your face.

Coravin argon capsules

5. Recycle empty Coravin capsules responsibly

Made of recyclable metal, most recycling centers accept Coravin capsules. Just visit them and drop your used argon canisters in the recycle bin.

Should you decide to be more creative in recycling your empty capsules, please be responsible and do it under the current local regulations. This will guarantee safe implementation and prevent any accidents that could harm you, the people around you, and the environment.


After making the most out of your Coravin capsules, it is essential to have sufficient knowledge of when, where, and how to dispose of them properly. Additionally, knowing the right place to go to and the appropriate authority to contact will prove to help recycle your empty capsules.

So, the next time you find yourself holding an empty Coravin capsule and having a hard time deciding what to do with it, follow these simple tips. We hope that you find this article useful. Feel free to share it with your wine-drinking friends and other wine connoisseurs you may know. For any question, suggestion, or recommendation, please leave a note in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you.


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