World’s Best Mixologist and Bartenders (Updated October 2020)

We love cocktails and we adore the mixologists and bartenders who create them. Cocktail creation is both a science and an art. Knowing what, how, and when to add a specific ingredient, an understanding of the flavor profile of the different ingredients, and how the nuances of each liquor, liqueur, spices, and fruits blend together into one amazing drink is a science on its own. It is also an art. No need to say more. You know how beautiful those cocktails look. They all look so great that it’s almost a sin to drink it. 

It is the goal of Advanced Mixology to introduce this myriad of artists and scientists to both newbie and professional bartenders to spark a creative moment in each of you so we created the monthly roundup for the best mixologists and bartenders. Starting August of this month, we publish a collection of 10 top-performing mixologists and bartenders in our IG account @advancedmixology and other collaborators. You can check each one out on the 1st Monday of the month. 

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of October 2020

Take a look at the best mixologists and bartenders of October here

For the October issue of the best mixologists and bartenders, we included some very familiar bartender and mixologists you see in bartender competitions and all over different social media platforms. Take for example Steven Roennfeldt @stevethebartender, a YouTube sensation known for his creative cocktails whose presence on Instagram cannot be ignored also. Special mention is given to our collaborator Kamilah White @intoxicakes whose boozy dessert creations are making waves in Chicago. Be mesmerized by Bartender Yang’s feminine moves while mixing her amazing drinks. Two other women found an outlet to their passion for creating cocktails in the IG space. Melisa Lapido @melisa_boozy-cures and Helen Williams @sheshedcocktails both show their creativity and flourish in their cocktails.

Meet also the award-winning bartender and mixologist Tomek Malek @tomekmalek who continues to spread his love for cocktails and flair bartending through his training school. Then learn why Jordan Hughes @highproofpreacher went from preacher to full-time photographer and cocktail creator or Josue Romero @the_garnishguy left the safer route of the corporate world to become a bartender and cocktail consultant. Another multitalented bartender Jason F. Yu @jasonfyu continues to grow his love in photography but is now using his cocktail creations as his subject. If you love everything Scottish, you’ll also love Jack Jamieson @scottishmixology.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of September 2020

Take a look at the best mixologists and bartenders of September here

We brought the September issue a notch higher by getting up close and personal with our featured mixologists. Check out Liz McGray’s brunch adventures @bloodymaryobsessed, Iris Shafie @meine_auslese’s wine tours and seminars, Minibar Delivery @minibardelivery’s professional bartending offers in select locations in the US, Eric Castro @bartenderatlarge’s podcast and cocktails, and Matt Hollidge @theamateurmixologist’s award-winning cocktails. We also featured @cocktailswithme and his lovely cocktails, @barmaxla whose two-chambered bottled cocktails are making waves on IG, and Matthew Bull and his computer artworks inspired by the cocktails he made. We have also two authors whose cocktails inspired them to write something to share with their readers. Visit Natalie Migliarini’s IG account @beautifulbooze and Ashley Rose Conway’s @craftandcocktails for more details about their books. For more info on them, read our September's best mixologists.   

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of August 2020

Take a look at the best mixologists and bartenders of August here

For our pioneer article, we featured one of our collaborators, Lanique Rose Liqueur which is making raves on Instagram because of its lovely cocktails but also Lanique-infused food to highlight the versatility of Lanique as a liqueur and drink on its own. We also have the colorful and awe-inspiring cocktails of equally adventurous cocktailgrammers @cheerstohappyhour, @the_margarita_mum, @what’s.marisa.drinking, and Check out also the IG accounts @gin_robb, @veermasterberlin, @cocktailpete, @lelabbo, and @letsturnup to learn more about how these inspiring mixologists and bartenders that completed the roundup for August’s Best Mixologists.

We’re updating this page monthly, so check this out every first Monday of the month. See you then! We really appreciate the love. Visit our IG account @advancedmixology for more amazing cocktails. 

Nominations Open

If you want to nominate someone (or even yourself) to be included in the monthly roundups, do not hesitate to email us at and wait for our reply in 48 hours. 

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