21 Tools Every Bartender Need: Brief Guide To Bartending Kit

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      Bartending is a creative trade that some people may overlook. Aside from making amazing drinks, bartenders also have to make sure that their customers are entertained and satisfied by chatting with them or showing off their skills through the artistic use of the tools. They require grace and precision to be able to pull off every drink. Bartending tools basically complete bartenders and they are the means of creating excellent concoctions. 

      What Are The Bartender Tools?

      There are quite a number of bartending materials or tools needed to create an array of drinks. Some drinks belong on a more complicated spectrum so they would require additional tools or equipment. The list below only includes the general items that a bartender uses in making drinks on a daily basis. Here are the 21 bartender tools used to make everyday cocktails and other beverages. 

      1. Cocktail Shaker
      Cocktail Shaker - AdvancedMixology

      Cocktail shakers are the tin containers, usually a two-part, that are used to mix or shake drinks together. The most prominent type is called a Boston shaker that is composed of a glass and a tin. 

      2. Bar Spoon
      Bar Spoon - AdvancedMixology

      Basically used for stirring drinks, the bar spoon may also have dual functions in which case, one type called the European muddler can be used as a muddler

      3. Jigger
      Jigger - AdvancedMixology

      Shaped like two cones joined together at the end, jiggers are used for measuring liqueurs, spirits and other beverages for precision. 

      4. Cocktail Strainer
      Cocktail Strainer - AdvancedMixology

      Strainers are used together with a shaker to filter the mixed drink into the glass. There are a few types that vary in the design and structure. 

      5. Knife and Cutting Board
      Knife and Cutting Board - AdvancedMixology

      The knife and cutting board are clearly pairs that are used to slice fruits for garnish without ruining your counter. 

      6. Cocktail Muddler

      Cocktail Muddler - AdvancedMixology

      The muddler is used for mashing fruits, mostly citrus and mint leaves so their juices and flavors are extracted to the highest extent. 

      7. Ice Bucket and Tongs
      Ice Bucket and Tongs - AdvancedMixology

      The bucket and tongs are used to contain ice cubes and used for picking them up to transfer into glasses or the shaker, respectively. 

      8. Citrus Zester
      Citrus Zester - AdvancedMixology

      For garnishing or incorporating citrus flavors into mixed drinks, a zester is used to zest or grate the citrus peels for added flavor. 

      9. Peeler
      Peeler - AdvancedMixology

      Used to peel the skins of fruits such as apples with its sharp and stainless steel blade. 

      10. Citrus Squeezer
      Citrus Squeezer - AdvancedMixology

      For easy and quick extraction of citrus juices for cocktails, a citrus squeezer is used. It features a hinge mechanism that is responsible for efficient squeezing. 

      11. Wine Bottle Opener
      Wine Bottle Opener - AdvancedMixology

      This opener is usually multi-purpose, featuring not only a corkscrew but also a knife for cutting foil from a wine bottle. Some models also include a bottle opener.

      12. Wine or Champagne Stopper

      A device with two clamps used to attach it to the mouth of a bottle of Champagne or wine so the flavor, aromas and bubbles are preserved for the next pour.  

      13. Speed Pourer or Pour Spout

      Speed Pourer or Pour Spout - AdvancedMixology

      Pourers help the bartender control the speed of their pouring and also the amount being poured. 

      14. Can Opener
      Can Opener - AdvancedMixology

      A basic kitchen tool that made its way to the bar for opening canned ingredients such as cream of coconut or pineapple slices. 

      15. Blender
      Blender - AdvancedMixology

      Some cocktails are blended because they are more refreshing that way and so a blender is needed. 

      16. Juicer
      Juicer - AdvancedMixology

      May it be manual or electrical, juicers are great for efficient and fast extraction of juices from fruits including citrus fruits, apples, mangoes, peaches and more. 

      17. Measuring Cups and Spoons
      Measuring Cups and Spoons - AdvancedMixology

      Some beverages such as punch require more ingredients that can’t be measured by the jigger. For instance, dry ingredients such as sugar and cinnamon should be measured by measuring cups or spoons depending on the quantity needed. 

      18. Bar Mats
      Bar Mats - AdvancedMixology

      Mats protect your countertops from spillage and help keep your surface clean and intact. 

      19. Bar Towels
      Bar Towels - AdvancedMixology

      To keep your station clean, you will need towels to wipe tables, glasses and others.

      20. Bar Shoes
      Bar Shoes - AdvancedMixology

      Bartenders tend to move around a lot when grabbing tools or ingredients so they need slip resistant shoes that are comfortable and at the same time scream “bartender”. 

      21. Bartending Book
      Bartending Book - AdvancedMixology

      Especially when you are just starting as a bartender, you can’t possibly have memorized every single drink, so that is why you need a book for drinks to guide you. You’re going to have to put time into reading this so you can learn more about bartending including the tricks too. 

      Tools Every Bartender Needs

      From the list above, you can already tell that bartenders have plenty of tools and that’s only a portion of them. However, there are those tools that are always needed as opposed to those that are considered miscellaneous. The tools that bartenders always use are the cocktail shaker, bar spoon, cocktail strainer, ice scoop or tongs and jigger. 

      Most iconic drinks that are frequently ordered are mixed or shaken so they would only require these five. However, it can’t be argued that each and every tool is important for its own purpose. All of them are needed whenever the particular drink calls for them. 

      As you embark on your journey to become a legendary bartender, you would need the basic tools first. These tools include a cocktail shaker, cocktail strainer, bar spoon , jigger, ice tongs, muddler, pourers and others.  At this point, it is preferable if you buy a starter kit. Here are some cool and reasonable options:

      1. Elite Cocktail Shaker Set Bartender Kit by BARILLIO
      2. Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand by Mixologist World
      3. Mixology Bartender Kit: 14-Piece by Mixology and Craft
      4. Professional Bartender Kit Bar Set (14-Piece) by  NÄUZone
      5. 10 - Piece Bar Tool Set by Oggi
      6. Libbey Mixologist 9-Piece Cocktail Set
      7. X-cosrack Bar Set: 18-Piece

      How do you use bartender tools

      From the most basic tools, a jigger and a bar spoon is pretty much easy to use because they’re understandable just by their structure. A cocktail shaker on the other hand, requires more skill. Basically, after you’ve  put all your ingredients in the tin, you put the lid on or the glass if you’re using a Boston shaker and make sure that it’s sealed tight so the ingredients won’t spill. 

      You will then shake the contents vigorously for about 10 to 20 seconds to cool and fully incorporate the components. To remove the glass, pat the intersection of the two containers against your palm to separate them. Then, put your strainer on the shaker’s rim to strain the drink into a glass. 

      Most of the tools become easy to use once you get the hang of it. You may notice that other tools like the blender and juicer are also present in the kitchen so those are familiar already.  Though, there are some tools that seem complicated especially when you don’t get to see or use them often, like the absinthe spoon. For a more detailed list of tools and how to use them, you can check this page right here. As always, practice can help you master your craft so you get to give the best service to your customers. 

      What Do Bartenders Use To Mix Drinks?

      Mixed drinks are beverages that make use of two or more ingredients, alcoholic and non-alcoholic and then mixed. Some prominent examples include Moscow mule, Bloody Mary, Tequila Sunrise, Martinis, Piña Coladas, Gin and Tonic, Whiskey Sour, Margaritas and more. Since these drinks are mixed, they require tools that ensure that all ingredients are incorporated very well into a single iconic concoction.  

      To make these, you would need a shaker, bar spoon, jigger, strainer and muddler. Some mixed drinks like piña coladas are often blended, so a blender is also needed. Some of these drinks also don’t need a shaker because they are made by simply stirring. 


      Bartending is an art therefore makes bartenders artists. And instead of canvas and paint, they have their own jiggers and shakers and a lot more. These tools are used by mixologists and bartenders alike to create unique drinks that meet the people’s expectations, maybe even exceed them. 

      Bartending is hard work because there is a lot of knowing how to use your tools and equipment, memorizing recipes, developing grace in your movements and being precise because you’re not just giving drinks to your customers but you’re also providing them a show. At the end of the day, bartending is a cool profession and as long as you’re dedicated to your craft, you will become a awesome bartender.

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