20 Best Shot Glasses In 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Best 20 Shot Glasses

  1. Ozeri Moderna Artisan Series Double Wall Beverage and Espresso Shot Glasses

  2. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Barware Collection Shot Cocktail Glass
  3. JoyJolt 6-Pack Heavy Base Shot Glass Set
  4. Novica Recycled Shot Glasses
  5. Barbuzzo Mason Craft Jar with Lid
  6. Gmark 1.5-Ounce Heavy Base Shot Glass Set
  7. Teroforma Chill Shot Glasses
  8. Bachelorette Party Favor Shot Glasses
  9. Fred DOOMED Crystal Skull Shot Glass
  10. Pacman Animation Shot Glasses
  11. Sparq Home Vodka Shooter Set with Ash Caddy
  12. Collapsible Shot Glass Key Ring
  13. Measuring Shot Glass
  14. Barbuzzo 50 Cal Shotglass
  15. Milliard 6 Pack Premium Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses
  16. The Original BenShot Shot Glass with Real 0.308 Bullet
  17. Circleware Shot Heavy Base Shot Glass
  18. Stanley Adventure Nesting Shot Glass Set
  19. Blue Panda Party Favors Shot Glasses
  20. Enindel Carved Patterns Shotglass


With the many shot glasses in the market today, you might ask yourself which of these are the best shot glasses? Having a functional shot glass is one way but having a conversation starter shot glass is an even better option. In this article, we rounded up the 20 best shot glasses in the market to help you find a good one for your home bar or professional bar. 

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Five Kinds of Shot Glasses 

Standard shot glass 

The standard shot glass measures 1 1/2 fluid ounce of liquor, however, these are sometimes downsized to at least 1/4 ounce. If you are familiar with the red solo cups during your college days, then you probably know what you are doing. 

Tall shot glass

The illusion of more to drink is the strength of the tall shot glass or sometimes called a shooter. This glass holds less that the standard shot glass, sometimes just a little shy of an ounce of drink. However, the sleeker design makes it a hit among millennials. Drinking from it, though, gets a bit of getting used to. 

Pony shot glass

A pony shot glass, as the name implies is shorter but wider than the standard shot glass with just an ounce of liquor to it. It is usually used to serve first-time drinkers to slowly transition them from soft drinks to drinks that sting and burn. 

Cheater's shot glass

The cheater' shot glass is just as its name implies. The thicker base of the shot glass gives the illusion of drinking the same amount of alcohol when you don't really. It works to control the amount of liquor to serve. However, it can mean robbing the client in bars since the client gets less than what he paid for. 

Fluted shot glass

These are fancier versions of the shot glass sometimes even sporting a handle. The rim is usually slightly flared, the designers arguing that this design allows the drinker to get the most of his drinks. Since these are usually colored, the drinker cannot keep track of his shots. So if you want to drown in shots, this is the best glass for you.

How to Choose a Shot Glass

Intended Use

Choose a shot glass that will serve its purpose according to your own intention. If you want something versatile to use for both cold and hot shots, choose one that can withstand extremes in temperature. If looking for party favors, personalized shot glasses are a good choice too. 


Here are some things you have to look out for - lead, BPA, cadmium. Your shot glasses should be free of them or if you should use a crystal shot glass, choose one with lead levels well below the EU standards of 24%. Some shot glasses are made of glass, pewter, stainless steel, and even soapstone. Choose one that you and your friends will be comfortable using. 


Are you for classic or quirky design? A quirky design could be a conversation starter but a classic design can fit in almost any scene. 


Some shot glasses can also be used to serve hot drinks or can be used to measure cocktail ingredients. These cute glasses can also be used in crafts by painting them using acrylic paint or for serving frozen desserts. These can even be used as candle holders. 

Our Top Picks

We also chose our top picks to narrow down your choice so you can get down to business sooner. 

Best Overall

We give the best overall shot glasses to the Ozeri Moderna Artisan Series Double Wall Beverage and Espresso Shot Glasses since it can be used both for hot and cold drinks. So you don't only serve cocktail shots but espresso shots as well. 

Best Splurge

If you have money to spare to splurge on classy shot glasses, choose the Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Barware Collection Shot Cocktail Glass. You'll never go wrong with this glass with a slightly tapered rim to direct the aromas to your nose. 

Best for Outdoors

Rustic takes you to a new level with the best for outdoor parties  Stanley Adventure Nesting Shot Glasses

Best Versatile

If you prefer multi-tasking, choose the Measuring Shot Glass to help you measure your ingredients for cocktails and use it as a shot glass when the occasion calls for it. Plus, no one will accuse you of short selling them of the standard 1.5oz shot. 

Best 20 Shot Glasses

Here is a review of 20 best shot glasses in the market that you can choose from. 

1. Ozeri Moderna Artisan Series Double Wall Beverage and Espresso Shot Glasses

Ozeri Moderna Artisan Series Double Wall Beverage and Espresso Shot Glasses - AdvancedMixology

Would you rather buy a glass that can serve on purpose or something that can be used for other purposes too? How about a glass that won't damage your wooden counter or coffee table with watermarks because it is protected from condensation? Not only that, but these double-walled glasses are also completely safe to use in the microwave or the freezer. Surely this is one glass that you can't afford to leave out of your home bar. Made from lead-free borosilicate glass that is both lustrous yet sturdy, the suspended effect of the drinks inside this shot glass is a beauty to behold. The set comes in 4 glasses, packed in an elegant box for easy transport. 

2. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Barware Collection Shot Cocktail Glass

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Barware Collection Shot Cocktail Glass - AdvancedMixology

This is not your usual shot glass but with a bigger capacity of 3.2 ounces, this can hold more of your favorite chilled and frozen shooters such as the frozen B-52, frozen fruit shooters, or lemonade slush. Backed with the Schott Zwiesel of Germany reputation, the sleek design of this lead-free glass will give your home bar an elegant vibe. This 6-piece set of shot glasses is perfect for serving real double shots. The downside of these glasses, though, is that they can be delicate.

3. JoyJolt 6-Pack Heavy Base Shot Glass Set

JoyJolt 6-Pack Heavy Base Shot Glass Set - AdvancedMixology

Enjoy your shots around the pool and any outdoor or home bar setting with these squarish, heavy-bottomed shot glasses. These are extra sturdy for outdoor settings and the squarish design saves space better than the regular round glasses. 

4. Novica Recycled Shot Glasses

Novica Recycled Shot Glasses - AdvancedMixology

Take your tequila shots from this artisan-crafted blue rim shot glasses featured in National Geographic as an original Novica product. Recycled from broken glasses, this 2-ounce, 6-piece glass set boasts of quality, authenticity, creativity, and craftsmanship. The bubbles in the glass give out a fizzy vibe to your shot but they're actually imperfections that highlight the second life given to these glasses.

5. Barbuzzo Mason Craft Jar with Lid

Barbuzzo Mason Craft Jar with Lid - AdvancedMixology

Who says that mason jars cannot be featured as shot glasses? Mason jars used for cocktails are nothing new so are mason jars for serving shots. Just keep the lid should you decide to use these as containers. The small size is also a good choice to keep leftover olives and cherries. Each set comes with 4 mason jars with just 2.4 ounces to it.

6. Gmark 1.5-Ounce Heavy Base Shot Glass Set

Gmark 1.5-Ounce Heavy Base Shot Glass Set - AdvancedMixology

The classic design of this shot glass is perfect for making any shots, whether it's just plain old tequila or some fancy layered drinks. The heavy base provides support to the glass so it does not easily tip over. Each glass in the pack of 4 can hold 1.5 ounces, just right for a shot of your favorite liquor. 

7. Teroforma Chill Shot Glasses

Teroforma Chill Shot Glasses - AdvancedMixology

Made in Agra, India from the soapstone used to make whiskey stones comes the chill shot that can keep your shots cold for longer. Just pop into the freezer a few hours before using it for that cold drink that is not watered down. The shot glasses are so designed that they can be stacked on top of another for easy storage. Rinse it before putting inside the freezer before the next use.

8. Bachelorette Party Favor Shot Glasses

Bachelorette Party Favor Shot Glasses - AdvancedMixology

Here comes the bride... 

Commemorate your bridesmaid announcement or go all out on your last night as a single by throwing a party that everyone will surely remember. Choose practical party favors such as these 2-oz shot glasses with gold print (1 for the bride-to-be and 4 for bridesmaids or anyone you think belongs to the Team Bride). 

9. Fred DOOMED Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Fred DOOMED Crystal Skull Shot Glass - AdvancedMixology

If you're looking for intrigue, then take your shot on this shot glass. The tagline "are you man enough?" will be a good conversation starter if you're into some gore. You don't have to wait for Halloween to serve your drinks from this glass. 

10. Pacman Animation Shot Glasses

Pacman Animation Shot Glasses - AdvancedMixology

College parties are fun and with the resurgence of old video games, the PacMan Animation Shot Glasses will capture the gaming mood of rowdy college students. You can even play PacMan games with these shot glasses to keep your parties alive and fun. These black glasses with colorful print also make great gift ideas.

11. Sparq Home Vodka Shooter Set with Ash Caddy

Sparq Home Vodka Shooter Set with Ash Caddy - AdvancedMixology

Since shots do not benefit from the ice to keep it cold, let the Sparq shooter set do that for you. By popping it inside the freezer much like whiskey stones, these stone glasses give you the coldness it needs. The thick rim can have a bit of getting used to because of this slightly thick lip. It also comes with an ash caddy so you can serve it around. Best for use in outdoor parties due to its rustic feel. 

12. Collapsible Shot Glass Key Ring

Collapsible Shot Glass Key Ring - AdvancedMixology

Take your shots anywhere if you have a collapsible shot glass of your own. With the current COVID 19 situation, drinking with friends can be risky as is sharing a bottle. Take some precautions a notch further by bringing your shot glass for that matter. 

13. Measuring Shot Glass

Measuring Shot Glass - AdvancedMixology

If you want the real deal in shots, go for this measuring shot glass that does more than just one job of serving or measuring for that matter. With 2 glasses per box, this shot glass is a good gift idea for all occasions.

14. Barbuzzo 50 Cal Shotglass

Barbuzzo 50 Cal Shotglass - AdvancedMixology

Fashioned after the 50-caliber bullet casings, these 2-oz shot glasses should be a great addition to the home bar of a gun enthusiast or as a gift to veterans. To keep it in tiptop condition, always hand wash them using mild liquid detergent and burnish them to remove all water smudges. 

15. Milliard 6 Pack Premium Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Milliard 6 Pack Premium Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses - AdvancedMixology

Take your tequila shots a notch further by using Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses. The exquisite color of the glass carved from a single block of Himalayan salt gives your shots a touch of special to it. Although these are not real glasses, with proper cleaning and storage, it can last for 100 uses.

16. The Original BenShot Shot Glass with Real 0.308 Bullet

The Original BenShot Shot Glass with Real 0.308 Bullet - AdvancedMixology

BenShot glasses are known for their eccentric design featuring an embedded bullet to the side of the glass. This bulletproof shot glass is a bestseller among veterans and their families, hunters, and those in active service in the military. Take your shots as you regale everyone of your glory days in the army. Perfect as a homecoming or retirement gift for our heroes. 

17. Circleware Shot Heavy Base Shot Glass

Circleware Shot Heavy Base Shot Glass - AdvancedMixology

Break free from the classic shot glass shapes and enjoy your drinks from these colorful shot glasses shaped like a cute tulip-shaped beer glasses. Each glass in the 6-pc set can hold 1.7 oz of vodka, whiskey, or brandy. As in tulip-shaped glasses, this glass highlights the aroma of the drinks by directing the vapors to the nose of the drinker. This is also a great gift or glass to use during Pride celebrations with its colorful base. 

18. Stanley Adventure Nesting Shot Glass Set

Stanley Adventure Nesting Shot Glass Set - AdvancedMixology

True to the Stanley tradition of bringing comfort to the wild, they bring you these stackable 2-oz shot glasses nestled in a tough carry case. Using food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, the shot glasses and carry case are also rust-resistant, BPA-free, and can be washed in the dishwasher. No need to tread on glass since there's literally no glass around here. 

19. Blue Panda Party Favors Shot Glasses

Blue Panda Party Favors Shot Glasses - AdvancedMixology

Go wild on your last night as a single (but not too wild that you'll have a hangover on your wedding) by spending it with your best buddies. Give these 2-oz shot glasses to your groomsmen, best man, and one for yourself. 

20. Enindel Carved Patterns Shotglass

Enindel Carved Patterns Shotglass - AdvancedMixology

Another intricately-designed 1.7-oz shot glass that you can add to your collection. It's elegant enough to be used in high-end bars, restaurants, and hotels and is on the low-maintenance side since it is dishwasher-safe. Lead-free, too, so it's totally safe to use for alcoholic drinks. 


Why are shot glasses called shot glasses?

There is no definite story behind the name of the shot glass but there are a lot of theories surrounding its name. 

One theory revolves around the earliest shot glasses that were not actually used for drinking, rather as a vessel to hold a "buckshot" or pellets used for shooting at game. Usually, the pellets are not removed during the cleaning and cooking process so anyone who happens on a buckshot pellet places it into the shot glass.

Another theory was from the sound of the slamming of the whiskey glasses (likened to a gunshot) on the wooden bar counter in English pubs in the olden days. 

From the old Wild West comes another theory of the shot glass. A random shot placed a hole in the wooden whiskey barrel. The saloon owner, to conserve the whiskey used small glasses to save the spilling whiskey from the "shot" side. 

The more modern take on the shot glass was that it was named after Friedrich Otto Schott who invented the borosilicate glass. These glasses were sometimes called "shot glasses" and the name eventually stuck.  

Is a jigger the same as a shot?

Technically, a jigger and a shot are two different things. A jigger ranges in measurement from 3/4 oz to 2 1/2 oz while a shot is usually between 1 1/4 oz to 1 1/2 oz. When making cocktails using a recipe where the ingredients are listed in ounces or mL, a jigger is typically used. In recipes that call for shots in measuring ingredients, be sure to use the same shot glass every time so the measurements remain consistent. 

What is a pony shot?

A pony shot equals an ounce which is lesser than the standard shot (1.5 ounces), hence the name. The shot glass used to serve this measure of drink is usually squat and wide.

What is a double shot?

This is usually used to refer to coffee, especially espresso where a shot is equivalent to about one ounce. This formulation uses 7g of finely-ground coffee beans. Thus a double shot is equal to 2 ounces which uses 14g of finely-ground coffee beans. This term was first used in the 90s by a leading cafe in the US. In liquors, however, a double means twice the amount of the standard shot which is 1.5 ounces. So a double shot of tequila means 3 ounces of it.

Why is a shot 1.5 ounces?

This is not a case in all states in the US. In fact, it is only in Utah that you can get the true 1.5 ounces (shy of 45ml) if you ask for a shot. In other states, a shot may range from 3/4 oz to 1 1/4 ounce, depending on the event. If you are a paying client, then you usually get 1 1/4 ounces of your drink while paying for the full measure of it. The legislation is yet to be passed to address this issue. In other countries, though, the ounce can differ slightly depending on the measure that the country is using (UK vs US measure). However, the difference is almost negligible (0.85ml). 

What is the difference between a shot glass, a jigger, and a shooter?

A jigger is a standard bar measuring tool to get the precise amount of ingredients for each cocktail. The more common jigger has two cavities, hence the name double jigger, and can measure in increments of 1/4 oz to a total of 2 ounces. A shot glass, on the other hand, is purposely for drinking shots but can also be used as a measuring tool. A standard shot glass has a capacity of 1.5 ounces or 45 mL. A shooter is another shot glass that is slimmer and taller and can hold almost the same amount of liquor. Shooters and shots are interchangeable and usually even mean the same. It is usually used to serve drinks such as the layered shots such as the B52 shot or colorful yet potent drinks such as Kamikaze or Jagerbomb. It is also sometimes used to serve straight shots of rum, gin, or whiskey. 

Drinks Served in a Shot Glass

Drinks that are best served in shot glasses are Liquid Marijuana (no actual cannabis there), Buttery Nipple, Irish Pancake Shot, or Green Tea Shot and other shots, both layered and mixed. 


Before you decide which is the best shot glasses, be sure to know what you are aiming for in the party you are hosting. If you're serving layered shots, the best glasses to buy are standard or tall shot glasses. You can go for colored or even metal glasses if you'll serve straight shots since there is no need to showcase the colors of the shots. Personalized shot glasses are also a good option to double as party favors or just to celebrate the day you are legally allowed to take shots. 

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