What Is A Jigger? Types & Measurements


Jigger with a glass of ice

Jiggers are among the vital bar tools. Many seasoned bartenders pour directly from a bottle with the aid of a pourer. But unless you have impeccable estimation skills, you won’t have a consistent taste in your cocktails. 

So to keep your guests and patrons coming back for more, you should not take the jigger for granted. Read on to learn more about this bar essential.

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Types of Jiggers

There are numerous styles of jiggers, each with its nuances. Pick the one that is most functional to you and will make your work the easiest. 

  • Double Jiggers

Double jiggers with cocktail shakers

Double jiggers are also referred to as the basic bar jigger. They can come in different styles and measurements. As its name signifies, it has two cavities - one with a bigger capacity than the other.

  • Japanese Jiggers

A bartender pouring liquor into a Japanese jigger

Technically, a Japanese jigger is a double jigger. It is slimmer than the traditional double jigger, which is shorter and bulkier. However, the Japanese jigger is easier to maneuver around the bar.

Jigger Measurements

A person slowly measuring a liquor into a jigger

Jiggers come in a variety of measurement graduations. Some jiggers have inner markings, either etched or printed on the jigger’s side marked in ounces, milliliters, or a combination of both.

How many ounces are in a jigger?

The jigger’s most common capacity is 1 oz. (30ml) on one side and 1 ½ oz. (45ml) on the other. Other types have 1 ½ oz. on the larger side and ¾ oz. on the smaller side. 

Some jiggers have 2 oz. on one end and 1 oz. on the other. Usually, a jigger shot is 1 ½ oz. based on the standard jigger’s capacity, while the smaller 1 oz. capacity is generally called the pony shot.

How many ounces are in a shot?

One-shot equals 1 ½ ounce or 45 ml. There are cocktail recipes that call for one shot of rum, whiskey, or gin as an ingredient, while others ask for a double shot. Depending on the country where the recipe originated, a double shot could mean 2 oz. (60ml) to 3 ⅓ oz. (100ml). 


Jigger comes in various types and offers different measurements. So when using one, ensure that you are consistent in the kind of jigger you are working with to accurately prepare cocktail recipes. We recommend getting the ones with both imperial and metric markings for versatility.

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