What Is The Difference Between Boston Shaker And Cocktail Shaker?

What Is The Difference Between Boston Shaker And Cocktail Shaker?

, by Randy Woodward

A cocktail shaker is a must in making shaken cocktails. There are 3 kinds of cocktail shakers in the market but the most popular of the three is the Boston shaker. The other two shakers are cobbler and Parisian. 

1. Boston Shaker 

The Boston shaker is a type of cocktail shaker composed of 2 pieces, one usually is a glass and the other is stainless steel. The more recent ones are all made of stainless steel pieces, with the bigger piece usually weighted. The weighted shaker tins are sturdier, causes less strain to the bartender, and makes the cocktails chilled in a shorter time. 

Users of glass and stainless steel pieces, on the other hand, argue that the glass piece allows the bartender to see the contents of the shaker. Because it does not have a strainer, bartenders usually use the Hawthorne strainer to strain out ice, pulp, and other ingredients you don't want in your cocktail. 

2. Cobbler Shaker

The cobbler shaker is usually composed of three pieces - body, built-in strainer, and cap. This is the second most popular shaker but the most common issue is the cap getting iced and stuck when the shaker becomes too chilled. The built-in strainer can have big holes that some pulp and muddled ingredients are poured out together with the cocktail.

3. Parisian Shaker

The third type is the Parisian shaker is composed of two parts - the body and the cap. It calls for a Hawthorne strainer since it does not have a built-in one. Its design is not recommended in heavy bar settings since the cap can also be stuck just in the case of the cobbler shaker. It can be unstuck by running it under hot water. 

Difference between a Boston shaker and cocktail shaker

The cocktail shaker is the general term when we consider all shakers available in the market. Boston shaker, on the other hand, is the specific shaker composed of two parts, each with different capacities. The smaller part usually contains up to 18 ounces while the bigger part contains up to 28 ounces. This is the most commonly used cocktail shaker of bartenders. 


If you are in a busy bar scene, your best choice for a cocktail shaker is a Boston shaker because you can work faster on it. It does not get stuck much and if it does, all you need is to give the upper tin a good smack to dislodge it. 

\However, for a home bar, both the cobbler and Parisian shakers are good choices, especially if you get nervous using the Boston shaker for fear of spills and leaks. If you’re fairly new to bartending, here are some basic moves you have to master. Here are some skinny cocktail recipes you might also want to try to stay in shape while enjoying life.


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