10 Best Cocktail Shaker Sets in 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

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List of 10 Best Cocktail Shaker Sets in 2020

A cocktail shaker, no matter what type it is, the main function of it is to properly integrate the ingredients of a cocktail, martini, shot, or any drink that has 2 or more ingredients into one deliciously flavored drink. A good bar should not go without this tool. 

This lists the top 10 (plus 2) of the best cocktail shakers in the market to help you decide from the countless (and enticingly beautiful) shakers. But beware that beauty doesn’t equal performance and efficiency. So, check this list for suggestions.

Our Choice

To help you more, here’s our personal choice - the Boston shaker. We consider it one of the best cocktail shakers because of the ease of use and cleaning. The absence of a built-in strainer is easily solved with the purchase of a separate Hawthorne strainer that fits most shaker cups. A lot of Boston shakers are now sold in sets so you need not fret.

What is the Purpose of a Cocktail Shaker?

What is a Professional bartender without the cocktail shaker? This is one of the most essential bar tools that make a cocktail mixed well, chilled, and diluted. 


While stirring will do the mixing, who doesn’t love a professional bartender doing some tricks with the cocktail shaker? Shaking, however, hastens the dissolving process of sugar and other ingredients that need to be dissolved. When stirring, the drink will be watered down before the sugar is fully dissolved. That is one problem that the shaker has solved. How are cocktail shakers able to do this? The ice speeds up the movement of the liquid inside the shaker.


The stainless steel material of the shaker chills the drink in less time compared to other materials such as glass or plastic. The ice in the shaker also moves around the shaker during the shaking process, making the drink colder in a short time.


For the best cocktail to taste as it should, it needs to take on water without diluting it too much. Without the ice during the shaking process using chilled ingredients, the cocktail may be mixed and cooled but not diluted, it will come out too strong and nothing like the cocktail you were used to.

How its use began

Tradition has it that the first cocktail shaker used as a bar tool were actually just two glasses, much like the Boston shaker is now. The first patent for the cocktail shaker was owned by W. Harnett in 1872.

Things to Consider When Buying a Cocktail Shaker

There is no one set of rules on how to choose the best cocktail shaker. Here are a few tips to consider when buying your cocktail shaker. Make sure to read them to make the best purchase decision. 

1. Level of expertise

    Consider your level of expertise when buying your cocktail shaker. For budding bartenders, the cobbler shaker is a good start since it does not need advanced skills to use. For professionals, they prefer the Boston shaker although the French shaker is making its way to more bars.

    2. Purpose

      You can use a  cobbler shaker at your home bar since it will be used occasionally. For busy bars, the Boston shaker set is the best choice since it can be used to mix several drinks because of its large content, ease of use, and ease of cleaning.

      3. Design

        Aesthetics play a small role in choosing a cocktail shaker set but it sure does not hurt to choose something that is easy on the eye. You work with it every day, it pays to choose a tool that you are most comfortable with. Something that will suit your home bar. 

        A good weight should also be considered, depending on your preference. Weight adds rigidity to the shaker and helps for a more comfortable and quieter shake. Find one that’s comfortable to use without compromising quality.

        4. Material

          Choose stainless steel material since it is durable, chills drinks easily, and sounds good. The glass cup of the Boston shaker can be good but its downside on durability makes us reconsider buying the set with glass cups. 

          Plastic is a no-no if you are a professional because it defeats the purpose of fast chilling and it sure sounds terrible. You don’t want to work with something that can potentially damage your ears. Okay, that’s a bit too much but you get it.

          Copper shakers are also a no-no in professional bars because it is not dishwasher-safe. You have to take extra measures to keep it looking good or you need to throw it out unless you want to gross out your patrons.

          5. Versatility

            Select a cocktail shaker set that can be used through the years and for all types of cocktails. While choosing the best cocktail shaker, make sure you are looking at it for long term use. 

            6. Capacity

              All good cocktail shakers are usually large enough so it can accommodate a large volume of ingredients, especially the ice to chill your drinks. A 28-oz Boston shaker cup is a good choice.

              Why does my cocktail shaker get stuck?

              There are three reasons why your shaker gets stuck: when some syrup got between the cap and the body and when the metal has contracted because of the very low temperature in case of the cobbler shaker, or when the cups don’t match in the case of the Boston shaker.

              To unstick the shaker, your best bet is to soak the shaker in hot water. The hot water will work with the solidified syrup that got your shaker stuck and allow the shaker to return to its original size due to the heat. To prevent stuck-up shakers, use 2 to alternate so the shaker doesn’t get too cold. You can also soak the shaker in hot water after a few uses. A few seconds of soaking will be good enough.

              For the Boston shaker, give it a few whacks on the tilted part of the cup to try to straighten the tilt and remove the stuck cup. Be sure to use matched caps to prevent this.

              What size is the ideal cocktail shaker?

              The cocktail shaker comes in different sizes - 18oz to 28oz. In the case of Boston shakers, the bigger cup usually ranges from 20oz to 28oz while the smaller cup is usually 12oz to 16oz. This is the biggest capacity for the shakers. For cobbler shakers, the smallest is at 16oz and the biggest is 24oz. Be sure to select something that is comfortable to use, especially if you have smaller hands.

              Difference between a cocktail shaker and a Boston shaker?

              The Boston shaker is a type of cocktail shaker. There are actually three kinds of cocktail shakers in the market now.

              The Boston Shaker

              The Boston shaker is composed of two separate cups, sometimes two of steel or one steel and one glass. The newer ones are usually made of stainless steel because it is not prone to breakage. One of the cups is weighted for more efficiency. 

              What we love about it

              • Seldom gets stuck
              • Easy to seal and reopen
              • Easy storage due to its conical shape
              • Usually comes in similar sizes so when one cup is damaged, it is easy to purchase a replacement, not the whole set
              • When using a glass cup, it is easy to see the cocktail inside
              • Can be shaken using one hand as long as it is sealed tight
              • Easy to clean


              • Need for a separate strainer
              • Needs more practice to master
              • Plain looking
              • The glass part of the shaker is prone to breakage

              Cobbler Shaker

              The type of shaker is a user-friendly shaker that needs no extra practice to perfect its use. It is slightly smaller than the Boston shaker and is best for single drinks. These are great cocktail shakers for the bar at your home. 

              What we love about it

              • Easy on the eye with the different designs 
              • Three-piece construction is easy to assemble
              • Comes with a built-in strainer
              • Cap can be used as 1oz jigger
              • Less dilution as it uses less ice
              • Easy to use for beginners


              • Built-in Strainer has large holes
              • Prone to leaking and spillage
              • Not suitable for recipes calling for eggs due to dirt traps around the cap
              • Prone to freezing if used in quick succession

              French Shaker 

              The French or Parisian Shaker is a hybrid between the cobbler and Boston shaker. With just two parts, eliminating the built-in strainer of the cobbler and incorporating a cap instead of another cap to the Boston shaker, this is also one beautiful shaker you will surely love.

              What we love about it

              • The set comes with a 17 oz cobbler shaker, Hawthorne and julep strainers, muddler, bar spoon, and 2 liquid pourers
              • Black matte finish for a classy style
              • Also comes with a cocktail recipe 
              • Made of high-quality stainless steel
              • Scratch-resistant
              • Sturdy and durable
              • Chill drinks fast
              • Easy on the eye
              • Seals tightly
              • Easy to clean
              • No dirt traps


              • Can be difficult to open
              • Needs a separate strainer
              • Handwash only

              How do you properly shake a cocktail?

              1. Whatever is your choice for a shaker, it is the shaking that determines its success. Follow these steps to properly shake your cocktail. 
              2. Add the ingredients.
              3. Close your shaker until you get a proper seal. Make sure the lid is tight. 
              4. Hold on to the parts of the shaker to avoid accidents and mess.
              5. Give it a good, vigorous shake until condensation appears on the outside of the shaker, about 15-20 seconds. However, some recipes call for shorter shaking, especially if it does not have sugar or other solid ingredients that need dissolving or a lot of dilution.
              6. Opening the cocktail shaker can be a bit tricky. The cap for the cobbler shaker can get stuck or the smaller cup on the Boston or French shaker may need a whack to open it up.
              7. Always use the appropriate strainer to avoid pouring the ice or bits of fruits into the cocktail. Always use new ice if the cocktail needs to be served with ice. Do check if your shaker has a built-in strainer.  

              List of the 10 Best Cocktail Shaker Sets in 2020

              1. Cressimo Cocktail Shaker Set


              • Amazon bestseller
              • Easy assembly; screw-on cap lessens getting stuck
              • 24 oz capacity
              • Comes with a double jigger, bar spoon 
              • Free cocktail recipe cards
              • Made of high-quality steel alloy
              • Durable and sturdy
              • Dishwasher safe
              • 2-year worry-free warranty

              2. Modern Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand


              • Comes with a stylish wooden stand for easy storage
              • Comes with the basic tools in the bar - cobbler shaker, Hawthorn strainer, tongs, spoon, jigger and bottle opener - no need to buy individual items
              • Free cocktail recipe cards
              • Made of high-quality steel alloy
              • Dishwasher safe
              • A good choice as a gift for cocktail lovers
              • 100% customer service guarantee (money-back guarantee)

              3. Appolab 18oz Cocktail Shaker Bar Set


              • Comes with other tools for a complete bar set up - cobbler shaker, jigger, spoon, muddler, tongs, and 2 liquid pourers for less messy pouring
              • Versatile use
              • Stainless steel cocktail shaker
              • Sturdy and durable for high volume use
              • Scratch-resistant and anti-dents
              • 550ml (18oz) capacity

              4. Elite Cocktail Shaker Set by Barillo


              • 24oz capacity for efficient preparation of cocktails
              • Shaker Set comes with cobbler shaker, muddler, spoon, double jigger, and 2 liquid pourers
              • high-quality stainless steel cocktail shaker with high grade inner for chemical-free drinks
              • Comes with a velvet bag for easy storage and travel
              • Comes with an exclusive cocktail recipe booklet and ebook for new techniques, tips, and recipes
              • 100% money-back guarantee

              5. Perfect Home Bartending Kit with Gun Metal Bar Tools


              • Classy black shaker set comes with shaker, spoon, Hawthorn strainer, ice tongs, double jigger, muddler, bottle opener, and 2 liquid pourers
              • Comes with a rustic wooden crate tool holder that can be hung for easy storage and access
              • Made of high-quality material and rustproof
              • free access to the exclusive online catalog of cocktail recipes
              • Handwash only
              • Best for people that have a home bar
              • Comes with 3-year extended warranty for your peace of mind

              6. Premium Cocktail Shaker Set by Top Shelf Bar Supply


              • Comes with 28oz weighted cup and 18oz unweighted cup
              • Designed for spill-free shaking
              • Stainless steel cocktail shaker set
              • Sturdy and durable
              • Dishwasher safe

              7. Vinobravo 12-Piece Boston Cocktail Drink Shaker Set


              • Comes with 28oz weighted cup and 18oz unweighted cup
              • perfectly weighted for balance and ergonomics
              • Designed for a tight seal for spill-free shaking
              • Comes with a Hawthorne strainer, mesh strainer and julep strainer
              • Also comes with ice tongs, muddler, double jigger, spoon, and 2 liquid pourers
              • Includes a booklet of cocktail recipes
              • Made of high-grade stainless steel, thicker than most options in the market
              • Sturdy and durable
              • Dishwasher safe
              • 100% risk-free customer satisfaction guarantee

              8. Aloono Drink Shaker, 11-Piece Bar Set Cocktail Maker


              • This bar set Comes with 28oz weighted cup and 18oz unweighted cup
              • Designed for a tight seal for spill-free shaking
              • Comes with a Hawthorne strainer, mesh strainer and julep strainer
              • Also comes with ice tongs, muddler, double jigger (4 measurements) bar spoon, and 2 liquid pourers
              • Made of stainless steel
              • Sturdy and durable, will not rust or warp even in high-volume use
              • Dishwasher safe

              9. Mixology Bartender Kit by Mixology & Craft


              • The set comes with a cobbler shaker, double jigger, ice tongs, Hawthorne strainer, muddler, spoon, bottle opener, and 2 liquid pourers
              • Also comes with a wooden stand for easy storage and access
              • Designed for a tight seal for spill-free shaking
              • Made of stainless steel
              • Scratch-resistant
              • Sturdy and durable
              • Handwash only
              • Three-year 100% product warranty

              10. Premium Cocktail Shaker Set by Trendy Bartender


              • The set comes with a 24 oz shaker, 12oz shaker, and a double jigger
              • Black and silver finish fits in any bar setup
              • Also comes with a cocktail recipe eBook for easy access anywhere
              • Made of stainless steel
              • Scratch-resistant
              • Sturdy and durable
              • Dishwasher safe


              On that note, Choosing the best cocktail shakers is the quintessential tool for successful bars. The essential chilling and slight diluting of your favorite cocktails usually depends on the cocktail shakers. So, next time you want to whip up a good drink, be sure you have a hood shaker at hand. Happy drinking!

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