Form & Function: Why Is A Bar Spoon Twisted?

Form & Function: Why Is A Bar Spoon Twisted?

Mixing cocktails using a bar spoon

Every bar should have flair, and the bar tools used should not be just for style. A bar spoon’s twisted handle, for instance, aids in layering alcohols in a drink as well as keeping your hand comfortable while stirring cocktails. Read on to learn more about this unique feature.

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The Origin of Bar Spoon

The spoon is one of the oldest known utensils used by mankind, dating back to ancient Egypt. However, the bar spoon that we know today was modeled after the so-called Sucket spoon and Mazagran spoon used in Europe. 

Used in Germany mainly for eating fruit desserts, the Sucket spoon has a spiraled stem and was designed with a scoop on one end and a two-pronged fork on the other. The spoon then made its way to England, where it was named after an English dessert. In the mid 19th century, bartenders served it to customers along with their drinks so they could stir and pick up the fruit garnish simultaneously. 

Around the 18th century, the Mazagran spoon was created by French apothecaries to make medicine by crushing and stirring ingredients with it. It featured a spoon and a muddler at the other end with a twisted handle. It was only used in the 19th century to stir beverages and crush sugar cubes, which was later known simply as a bar spoon.

How is the Twisted Bar Spoon Handle Helpful?

The bar spoon handle’s twisted design serves two purposes:

  • Layering Alcohols

Bartender layering drinks in a shot glass

With layered shots and cocktails on the rise, the twisted handle of a bar spoon is handy for layering certain alcohols with different densities in a single vessel. It makes for an amusing appeal in a drink. Layering drinks is best done with a European bar spoon because the disc at the end compliments the twist well. The alcohol is poured down the spiral handle, creating a slow and smooth flow. The disc provides more control of the alcohol and lets it float on top of the drink.

  • Efficient Stirring

Female bartender mixing cocktail with a bar spoon

There is a distinctive way to stir cocktails compared to other beverages. As the bartender stirs, the twists on the bar spoon’s handle go along with the motion to make it smooth. This ensures that the concave part touches the ice during the process to prevent splashes. The bar spoon’s twisted handle also dilutes the drink faster since there are no interruptions when stirring.


The bar spoon came a long way to fulfill its purpose in the bar. It’s a good thing that they used every aspect of it, including the twisted handle to make the best drinks possible. If you like this topic and want more, let us know in the comments.

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  • It sure was interesting when you said that drinks can be diluted faster when you use the bar’s twisted handle since it ensures that there won’t be interruptions when stirring. This reminds me of bar restaurant owners that aim to shop for block 5" cocktail stirrers for the benefit of their customers. I could imagine how the right stirrer could make it easy for the customer to ensure that their drinks will taste the best.


    Shammy Peterson

  • Fascinating stuff!


    Scott Pascoe

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