Man pours a wine on a wine glass using Coravin wine preservation system

How Do You Pour Wine With A Coravin Wine Opener?

Man pours a wine on a wine glass using Coravin wine preservation system

If you open the cork of a wine bottle, there is a chance that oxygen from the outside will ruin the wine’s taste. To protect the wine quality for longer, a Coravin wine opener can help you take advantage of the cork’s elasticity and preserve the bottle without ruining the flavor.

This article will give you a step-by-step guide on opening and pouring a bottle of wine using the Coravin wine preservation system. Let’s jump right in.

Step 1: Place the Clamp

Open the Coravin’s clamp all the way and place it on top of the foil of your desired wine bottle. Ensure the needle guide is on top of the foil/cork, and the clamp goes all the way down before you let go. There shouldn’t be any blank space between the needle guide and the top of the foil.

Step 2: Clear the Coravin Wine System

This step is crucial. You need to clear the system of any air or residual wine that might be leftover from the last bottle we opened. Do that by pressing the trigger quickly, just once. After pressing, you’ll hear a short hissing sound indicating the completion of the process. 

Step 3: Push the Coravin Needle

After clearing the wine preservation system, you need to push the needle all the way down in a swift and single press. Make sure the needle goes all the way through the cork. You don’t need to push harder. Just give it a natural fluid motion.

Step 4: Hold the Wine Bottle

Hold the bottom of the bottle in one hand and the handle of the Coravin wine opener in the other. Keep the bottle in a past-horizontal position over your desired wine glass. Lower the spout of the bottle so that the needle is in contact with the wine inside it.

Step 5: Press and Pour

Press and release the trigger quickly as the tube starts pouring wine into the glass. To minimize the argon gas used, do short presses. Whenever the wine flow slows down, give it another short pulse of press and release. When enough argon gas goes into the bottle, the wine should start flowing naturally.

Step 6: Stop the Flow

To stop the flow of pouring wine, tilt the bottle to an upright position when you are done. Hold the bottle’s base with one hand and the Coravin wine opener's handle in the other. Give it a fluid motion pull all the way upward. Lastly, remove the clamp from the foil and enjoy your glass of wine.


You can hardly ever finish a bottle of wine in one go. And since it’s a shame to let a good and aged wine spoil just like that, using a wine preservation system like Coravin is a perfect choice. Revolutionizing the wine industry, this nifty wine opener is very convenient and guarantees spill-free pours every time.

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