3 bottles of wine, one with Coravin system attached, and a wine glass filled with red wine

How Do You Replace a Coravin Needle?

3 bottles of wine, one with Coravin system attached, and a wine glass filled with red wine

Coravin wine preservation systems let you enjoy your favorite glass of wine whenever you want while preserving the contents of an unfinished bottle. When the Coravin needle is worn out, you can easily replace the old needle by unscrewing it, sliding it out, and screwing the new needle back in.

At first glance, the Coravin wine preserver’s mechanism may seem a bit complex, like changing the needle or the argon tube, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to replace a Coravin needle and what type of needle you should use.

When to Replace Your Coravin Needle

The Coravin engineer team specially designed the Coravin needles to pierce through the natural cork or a Coravin Screw Cap. Each needle can be inserted through corks up to 300 times. After that, the needle needs to be replaced with a new one. Or If the needle starts offering resistance, it’s time to change it. 

Anatomy of a Coravin Needle

3 Coravin Replacement Needles with parts label

Each needle has three parts named The Grip, The Shaft, and The Eye. As their name suggests, the grip will help you screw or unscrew the needle, the shaft is the longest part, and the hole to collect wine is called the eye.

How to Change a Coravin Needle

A woman holding a Coravin Preservation System attached to the wine bottle

Step 1: Unscrew the Needle

Hold the needle’s grip and start unscrewing it until the needle drops down to the needle guide. 

Step 2: Tilt the Needle and Take it Out

Carefully tilt the needle a little bit and take it out of the Coravin wine opener. Remember that the needle is sharp, so handle it with care.

Step 3: Slide in the New Needle

Hold the needle by the grip and slide the Coravin needle’s eye back through the needle guide, tilting it slightly.

Step 4: Screw the New Needle

Start screwing back the new needle into the wine preservation system by the grip until you feel the needle click into place and is attached to the Coravin wine preserver securely.

What Type of Coravin Needle Should You Use

Standard Needle


▸ Ideal for most bottles
▸ Ships with System

Fast Pour Needle


▸ 20% faster than the Standard Needle
 For corks in good condition

Premium Needle


▸ Combines gentleness of Vintage Needle with speed of Fast Pour
▸ Perfect for any bottle or cork

Vintage Needle


▸ A gentle needle used for older bottle or delicate corks

Not every wine bottle has the same quality of cork. Depending on the type of bottle you have, it would be best to use a compatible Coravin needle. Coravin, Inc. offers four kinds of needles to choose from.

Standard Coravin Needle

The standard needle is the ideal solution for most wine bottles. You can recognize it by the black circle on the lower part of the needle’s grip. The standard needle is identical to what was initially included in your Coravin system.

Fast Pour Coravin Needle

If you want your wine glass to be filled quickly, You should choose the fast pour needle. It can pour wine 20% faster than the standard needle. The fast pour needle is perfect for the wine bottles that have their corks in good condition. You can recognize this type of Coravin needle by the red circle on the lower part of the needle’s grip.

Premium Coravin Needle

The Coravin premium needle incorporates the vintage needle’s gentleness and the fast pour needle’s speed for a premium feel. This Coravin needle is perfect for any kind of corks. The way to recognize the premium needle is to look for a golden circle on the lower part of the needle’s grip.

Vintage Needle

When you are concerned about the cork’s quality or want to open a vintage collection, the vintage needle is the one to choose. With a slightly thinner gauge, this Coravin needle is perfect for an antique wine bottle or one with a delicate cork situation. You can recognize the vintage needle by the grey circle on the lower part of the needle’s grip.

How to Clean Your Coravin Needle

If you buy a full set of Coravin wine system or a three-needle kit, you’ll get a needle cleaning tool along with the package. You’ll mainly need the tool to clear the remaining cork particles within the Coravin needle.

First, use the cleaning tool to clear the eye of the needle. Then insert the tool through the top of the needle by the needle grip and slide down to push any cork particles towards the eye. For the full list of instructions, read “How To Clean Your Coravin Wine Preservation System.”


With Coravins’s user-friendly design, it’s that easy to replace a Coravin needle in your wine Coravin preservation system. Just follow the instructions carefully, choose the correct needle for your wine bottle, and you’re good to go!

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below. And if you think this article might help a fellow wine enthusiast, feel free to share away.


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