15 Best Moscato Wines In 2021: Top Choices Reviewed

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Our Pick

Ready to buy your Moscato but still need some push? Here are our top picks from this list.

1. Most Used in Cocktails

The Stella Rossa Platinum is the most cocktail-friendly in this list. White and perfectly carbonated, this is neutral enough in flavor and color not to intervene with the other ingredients of the cocktail.

2. Most Versatile

The most versatile in this list is the Torres Viña Esmeralda. Not too sweet to drink on its own, this vintage wine is good enough for citrusy cocktails.  It also pairs well with a variety of dishes.

3. Best in Social Responsibility

The Stein Family Wines, makers of the esteemed Stein Family Magic Hour White Moscato 2011, had lived true to its name. It has committed to providing scholarships for the children of the vineyard workers, even when profits are low. Such a dedication to change lives one at a time deserves the distinction. Not only that, but the wine itself is also very good and truly earned the Magic Hour name.

15 Best Moscato Wines

1. Stella Rosa Platinum, Italy 

Made from a blend of select grape varieties, this wine is naturally carbonated and has the flavors of green apple, vanilla, and elderflower. The grapes used for the making of this wine comes from the region of Asti in Piedmont, Italy. Piedmont grapes are usually known for their characteristic sweetness, firm tannins, and aroma of roses. The Stella Rosa Platinum is made from white grape varieties including Arneis, Cortese, Timorasso, and Muscat.

Best used for wine-based cocktails.

2. Quinta Nova Pomares Moscatel 2014, Portugal

Strong citrus, tropical fruits, and fresh herbs dominate the aroma of the Quinta Nova Pomares Moscatel.  Made in Quinta, Portugal, in the valley of Duoro, the grapes produced here make wine that is full-bodied and dry.

Pairs well with fish and seafood dishes, such as the grilled herring with mustard and basil dressing and mussels with wine and chorizo.

3. Torres Viña Esmeralda 2014, Spain

Excellent aromatics of lime blossom and acacia honey with notes of Muscat grape, citrus and passionfruit and the acidity of grapefruit. This is an excellent wine for Thanksgiving, no need to mix up into a cocktail as this is good on its own. One of the best wines in the world, as one renowned sommelier claims, its white grapes come from the Penedes region in Catalunya. This is also where the world-famous Cava hails from. At 11% ABV, you can enjoy this wine without having to endure the high alcohol content.

Pairs well with fish and seafood dishes or appetizers such as freshly fried herring and smoked salmon spread served with pita bread or tortilla chips

4. Brooks Terue Dry Muscat 2010, Oregon

Incredibly beautiful nose and excellent floral aromatics of gardenia, white lilacs and jasmine and exotic aromatics of lychee and mango, this is a perfect dessert wine. A product of organic and biodynamic farming, you can enjoy your wines knowing it was produced with the most ethical agricultural standards.

Pairs well with appetizers and fish dishes. 

5. Zind-Humbrecht Muscat 2013, France

Best served as an aperitif or with shellfish, this intense Moscato is perfect for summer drinks because of its fruity and floral aromas. With a wine-making experience dating back as far as 1959, it gained a good score because of just the right amount of acidity and fruity flavors.

Perfect with light fish dishes and vegetable dishes like the garlic and herb-marinated mushrooms or easy fish ceviche.

6. Ruffino Moscato d'Asti 2014, Italy

Peach and orange blossoms and a bit of carbonation greets your senses as you drink this wine, making it a true delight of wine lovers. Produced in Asti in Piedmont, also the source of world-renown Barbera. With ABV of 5-6% and gentle sparkling, this wine also has flavors of grapes, apricot, lychee, and rose petals.

Perfect drank as an aperitif drank with salami, cheese plates, melon, and delicate desserts. It also pairs well with Asian dishes such as the Korean-style fried chicken and chicken teriyaki.

7. Jaboulet Beaumes de Venise Muscat 2012, France

Perfect for cocktail mixing due to its clear color, this wine boasts of intense peach, grape, mango, lychee and apricot aroma. With just the right amount of sweetness and acidity, robustness and elegance, this wine have 15% ABV for those who want stronger wines. The white grapes, Grenache Blanc, Clairette,  and Bourbelenc, used in Jaboulet wines come from the Northern Rhone in France. These grapes are known for their low acidity and high alcohol content and notes of citrus and herbs.

Pairs well with fish and chicken dishes and desserts. Check out the creamy caramel flan and deep-fried cheesecake filled strawberries.

8. Don Rodolfo Moscato 2015, Argentina

Fermented using the traditional method, this Moscato has peach and honeysuckle aroma and just the right sweetness. It is made from Muscat grapes in what was known as the highest altitude vineyards of Argentina. The wide temperature variations during the day and the night in this country forces the vines to produce grapes that are more concentrated to make up for their lower yield. This delicious Moscato is evident that something wonderful can come out from a lot of struggling and adapting, such as the Muscat grapes of Argentina.

Pairs well with spicy Asian dishes such as the Spicy Ginger Szechuan Beef. For more spicy Asian dishes, check out here.

9. Caposaldo Sparkling Peach Moscato, Italy

This sparkling wine has delicious aroma and flavors of peaches, honeysuckle, and citrus fruits. A little history on this wine tells of a famous horse named Caposaldo who competed in 4,000 races in 24 years during the reign of Emperor Nero. The horse logo on the label of all Caposaldo wines pays tribute to the outstanding standards and quality evoked by this wine. Produced from grapes coming from Veneto, Italy. Caposaldo is a non-vintage wine, sold on the year it is fermented. Non-vintage wines are made by mixing the newly fermented wine with the reserve wine. It has to be at least 50% new wine to be considered non-vintage.

Perfect with fresh sorbets, pastries, and fresh fruits. Check out this video for pastry puffs to go with your Moscato here.

10. Rosatello Moscato, Italy

Best served chilled, this Moscato from Lombardy, Italy has the refreshing aroma of citrus and mint with peach and candied orange flavor. Lombardy is known to be the source of high-quality grapes that produce good quality wines, including the Rosatello Moscato.

Best with cheese platters with lots of dried fruits like dried mango and dried pineapple.

11. Bodegas Botani Moscato 2014, Spain

This vintage from Spain has the aroma of Muscat grape, apple, and mandarin orange and has the flavor of citrus. This is a dry wine from the Muscat grapes in Malaga, Spain, fermented in stainless steel vats. The red slate soil in the area, mixed with white quartz, produces an interesting varietal of Muscat grapes that are used to make this wine.

Best for Asian and spicy Indian dishes.

12. St. Supery Moscato 2014, California

This American Moscato is one of the most popular of its winery. Pale yellow with hints of green, this wine has the aroma of mandarin and peach blossoms with flavors of peach and nectarine. St. Supery Estate Winery and Vineyards are Napa Green Land and Napa Green Winery. Napa Green certification is awarded to those who adhere to biodiversity and sustainable farming.

Perfect for cheesecakes and fruit salads. 

13. Yalumba Museum Reserve Muscat, Australia

Given the distinction as one of the top 10 wines in 1998, this Moscato is made from red and pink clones of the Muscat. It has a deep tawny red color, with rose petal and orange rind aroma and nuts, spices flavors. Yalumba has some of the oldest vineyards in the world, reaching as far as 1889 Grenache. To keep the environment healthy, Yalumba continues the tradition they started in 1990 where they plant a hectare of grapes with one hectare of native vegetation.

Best with chocolate cake and caramel mousse

14. Stein Family Magic Hour White Moscato 2011

Rosé wines from the Stein Family Wines, as the other rosé wines are pink and made by fermenting grape juice with the skin for a few days as opposed to the long fermentation for the production of red wines.  Donating 5% of their annual income for the scholarship of the children of the vineyard workers, the Stein Family Wines ensures that this tradition will help improve the lives of these families. This wine, made with 86% Moscato and 14% Cabernet Franc, boasts of a light wine with low alcohol content, this is perfect for evening appetizers and end-of-the-meal conclusions.

Pairs well with grilled pork tenderloin or lamb dishes, cheese platters, and vegetable dishes. 

15. Quady Elysium Black Muscat 2014

Another wine that California can be proud of, this black Muscat boasts of cherry, strawberry, and lychee flavors made more interesting by the rose-like aroma. Made by experts of sweet wine, Quady Winery adheres to strict standards to produce rare vintages fermented from grapes of Napa Valley.

Perfect with desserts such as cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, and dark chocolate pudding.


Whatever you choose, remember the Moscato is meant for celebration and drink moderately. If you are watching your weight or your sugar intake, try the Brut Moscato which has the least sugar per glass, just 10g per liter, compared to the sweet which has 30g per liter. You might as well skip dessert if you are serving Moscato. A night of celebration doesn't need to end up as a disaster. Enjoy your parties with your favorite drinks!

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