Best red cocktails for Valentine's Day

20 Valentine's Day Red Cocktails To Swoon Your Heart

Best red cocktails for Valentine's Day

Love is in the air! And what better way to celebrate than with a delicious red cocktail? Whether you're looking for something sweet or something spicy, we've got you covered.

Check out our list of 20 recipes for the best red cocktails for Valentine's Day. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect drink for your special someone. Cheers!

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1. Apricot Pie

Two glasses of Apricot Pie

For a sweet, sophisticated dinner cocktail this Valentine's Day season, try the Apricot Pie Cocktail. It features rum as its base and has apricot brandy and grenadine, which together create a light yet flavorful drink.

It is the perfect drink for anyone who loves their cocktails sweeter than you could ever imagine but doesn't want it dominating every last bit of their night.

Get the recipe here.

2. Gin Campari Sour

A glass of Gin Campari Sour

The Gin Campari Sour cocktail is one of the best red cocktails to enjoy on Valentine's Day. With its elegant flavor, it falls in line with being more refined than some other drinks out there, but not so much that it becomes overbearing or difficult to consume.

Get the recipe here.

3. Bishop

A glass of Bishop

The Bishop is a classic cocktail that you can enjoy any time. Whether it's with your partner or by yourself, this drink has the perfect flavor to match whatever occasion comes up!

You'll never guess how easy these are made—just mix up the ingredients in a mixer until they're well combined, then pour over glassware of choice before serving away!

Get the recipe here.

4. Crantini

Glasses of Crantini

This year, don't just settle for a Cosmo. Instead, try out the new and improved Crantini! Made with vodka and cranberry liqueur, this simple mix can be made by anyone to create a beautiful red cocktail that will not disappoint.

Get the recipe here.

5. Red Lotus

Glasses of Red Lotus

For a truly unique Valentine's Day, try out this special cocktail. The Red Lotus is made with lychees and vodka to create an exotic flavor that is sure to please any palate. This drink pairs well with food or can be enjoyed alone as a sophisticated dessert option. 

Get the recipe here.

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6. Singapore Sling

Glasses of Singapore Sling

If you're looking for something special to make your Valentine's Day celebration even more memorable, look no further than the Singapore Sling!

This delicious cocktail combines Benedictine and cherry brandy into one amazing drink that will leave your loved one feeling spoiled. With its sweet and floral taste, the Singapore Sling is sure to put a smile on everyone's face.

Get the recipe here.

7. Pama-Ginger Tini

Glasses of Pama-Ginger Tini

February is a month for celebrating love, and what better way to do that than with a delicious cocktail? This Valentine's Day, mix up a Pama-Ginger Tini for a drink that will tantalize your taste buds. With sweet pomegranate, grapefruit juice and ginger root, this cocktail is sure to please.

Get the recipe here.

8. Red Velvet Shortcake

A glass of Red Velvet Shortcake

Red Velvet Shortcake cocktail is the perfect dessert for those who love desserts but also enjoy the taste of their favorite alcoholic beverage.

This recipe only calls for four ingredients, strawberries, vodka, lemon juice, and cream soda, making it easy to make at home without any special equipment needed. Plus, with all those strawberries in the mix, you can't help but indulge!

Get the recipe here.

9. Poinsettia

A glass of Poinsettia

Valentine’s Day is a time for celebration that includes a nice glass of champagne. If you're looking for something different this year, we recommend the Poinsettia Cocktail.

It's an easy to prepare cranberry mimosa with bright citrus flavors that you can serve anytime. Plus, it has the added benefits of being both festive and delicious!

Get the recipe here.

10. Dubonnet Cocktail

A glass of Dubonnet Cocktail

What's more romantic than a glass of delicious cocktail on Valentine’s Day? The Dubonnet Rouge is the perfect drink for when you want to show your significant other just how much they mean in life.

Made with rich and flavorful gin, this classic French cocktail will have them asking, “Why didn't we start dating earlier?" so make sure not to miss out by making it tonight before dinner!

Get the recipe here.

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11. Vermouth Cassis

Glasses of unstirred Vermouth Cassis

With the Crème de cassis’ black currant flavor, the Vermouth Cassis is a modern take on one of Hollywood’s most classic cocktails: The Martini. This drink simply delivers an impressive yet flavorful experience for your guests that they'll be hard-pressed to resist!

Get the recipe here. 

12. Commodore

A glass of Commodore

With a flavor so rich and delicious, the Commodore cocktail will leave you feeling like a celebration is in order. Featuring rum mixed with grenadine syrup plus lemon juice, raspberry syrup, and some egg, not only is this drink tasty but is also pleasing to the eyes.

Get the recipe here.

13. Saratoga

Glasses of Saratoga

Looking for a cocktail that is both sweet and strong? Try the Saratoga. This drink is made with whiskey, brandy, and vermouth—giving it hints of sweetness while still strong enough to be called dinner-worthy. 

Get the recipe here.

14. Union Square

Union Square

Finding a unique and exciting drink to add to your party menu this heart’s day can be a hassle. 

But stop the search because this strawberry and basil gin cocktail, aka Union Square, is your best bet this coming Valentine’s Day. This drink is perfect for any occasion, and it's easy and affordable to make too!

Get the recipe here.

15. Evening Shade

A glass of Evening Shade

The taste of this drink is one you'll want to experience for yourself. It combines peach purée with cucumber, whiskey, ginger, and Pama liqueur, creating an electrifying but not too overwhelming flavor that's perfect whether it be a night in or celebrating something special!

Get the recipe here.

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16. The Merchant’s Wife

Glasses of The Merchant's Wife

A summer favorite for anyone who loves a refreshing cocktail, the bright and zesty watermelon gin drink is perfect for hot days. With four main ingredients—watermelon, Aperol, gin, lemon juice, and club soda—this drink will be incredibly easy to make at home with your friends or family!

Get the recipe here.

17. TiNegroni

Glasses of TiNegroni

We all know that Negronis are delicious. But if you're looking for a cocktail with just enough flavor to satisfy your taste buds without overdoing it, then look no further! This new concoction, TiNegroni, has just the right amount of kick and is so refreshing—perfect for any occasion!

Get the recipe here.

18. Lose Your Shoes

Glasses of Lose Your Shoes

Lose Your Shoes is the perfect drink for anyone who wants to feel like they're in an altogether different world. This Champagne cocktail has a particularly floral and herbal flavor that's sure to not only get your shoes off but also make it difficult (if not impossible) to put them back on again!

Get the recipe here.

19. Moradita

A glass of Moradita

When you want to drink something both healthy and spicy, the Moradita from Mexico is just what your body needs. This blood-colored tequila cocktail has beets that give off their own unique flavor profile but not too much to overpower other ingredients.

Get the recipe here.

20. Roffignac

Glasses of Roffignac

Watch out! There's a new drink on the block! The tangy and sweet raspberry shrub is perfect for any Valentine’s date. It tastes like pure heaven with just enough kick from that telltale hint of alcohol in Cognac to let you know it's been steeped well. Go ahead, make one and take a sip.

Get the recipe here.

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