What Cocktails Can I Make With Vodka?



Vodka is an iconic drink that you can mix with just about any cocktail drink In fact, it is the perfect combination for drinks such as Vodka Martini, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, and Moscow Mule.  

History of Vodka

But where did vodka originate and how did it become such a popular drink?

Vodka or “Voda” means water in Russian. It first became popular in the Middle Ages when it was believed to contain medicinal properties. This drink, however, did not reach worldwide recognition until the 1930s when some prominent vodka makers in Russia migrated to the United States and brought the drink with them.

One of them is the Smirnov family headed by the father Piotr and his son Vladimir. Although already a well-known Russian brand of Vodka, Smirnov later Smirnoff became famous after appearing in a number of James Bond movies in the 1960s. To this day, Smirnoff is still one of the most famous vodka brands in the market.

Vodka-Inspired Cocktails

Now that you know more about the fascinating history of how vodka became an important part of drinking culture, why not make yourself a nice and cold cocktail drink using some of the recipes we have listed for you.

You will need the original ingredients and preparation for the Classic Moscow Mule but add fresh strawberries to the mix. If you want, you can top off the mix with a few cranks of black pepper to bring out the strawberry goodness in your drink.

  • Bloody Mary – This one is another classic cocktail combination that uses Vodka. Tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce give the drink its distinct red colour. Combine ingredients with ice and vodka then add celery salt, cumin, and ground pepper to taste. Pour the concoction into a glass rimmed with a lemon wedge and a combination of sea and celery salt. Garnish it with olive, red pepper, gherkin, hot pepper, and celery stalk for the ultimate drinking experience.

  • Blackberry Basil Smash – If you want a fruity vodka concoction with a touch of herbs, then you must try this luscious recipe made up of an odd but surprisingly delicious combination of blackberry and basil.

    This recipe is easy to prepare. Just combine muddled blackberries and basil with ice, lime juice, simple syrup, and vodka. Then, simply pour both ice and ingredients into a glass and garnish with blackberries and basil leaves.

  • Peach Mint Mule –Another fruity and refreshing alternative is a Peach Mint Mule. It is a delightful combination of vodka with peaches, mint leaves, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer

Can’t wait to try all these recipes? Let us know which ones you liked best and what other vodka-inspired cocktail mixes you want us to feature next.


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