23 Malibu Coconut Rum Mixers To Make Enjoyable Caribbean Treats

23 Malibu Coconut Rum Mixers To Make Enjoyable Caribbean Treats

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When it comes to tropical cocktails, the Malibu Rum is often seen in almost every drink recipe. This coconut-flavored liqueur is crafted from Caribbean rum and was made in the 1980s, particularly to make the famed Piña colada cocktail.

This delicious and sweet spirit pairs perfectly well with various tropical flavors, such as fruit juices, carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic ingredients, and even sparkling water, making it ideal for cooling and invigorating beverages.

If you enjoy the best Malibu coconut rum drinks, we will explore 23 different mixers to help you make your parties into a true Caribbean celebration!

So what are you waiting for? Get mixing!

Our Top Picks

Pineapple juice with slices on a white board.jpg
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Best for Tangy Cocktails - Pineapple Juice

• Versatile ingredient
Complements the tropical coconut taste
Adds sweetness and sourness

Orange Slices and Orange Juice.jpg

Best for Citrus Cocktails - Orange Juice

• Great source of Vitamin C
Mixes well with many ingredients
• Bright citrus taste

Most Refreshing - Sparkling Water

• Available in unflavored and flavored
Bubbles make drinks more exciting
• Easy to make cocktails

Flavored Vodka
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Best Alcoholic Mixer - Flavored Vodka

• Makes variations of classic cocktails
Adds alcohol content to cocktails
• Complex and robust flavors

Cup of hot chocolate with spoon
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Best Mixer with Rich Flavor - Chocolate Liqueur

• Indulgent taste
Great for sweet and creamy cocktails
• Adds complexity

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The Best Mixers for Malibu Coconut Rum

Fruit Juices

1. Pineapple Juice - Best for Tangy Cocktails

Pineapple juice with slices on a whiteboard

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Pineapple juice and coconut rum mixture are among the best things the cocktail industry has ever come up with. A sip of this duo would already feel like a tropical vacation in your mouth. It would be like munching on some coconut milk-dipped pineapple slices; their characteristics just match beautifully together!

If you don't believe us, try the Bikini Martini! This recipe only needs coconut rum, pineapple juice, vodka, and ice.

You can also try the Caribou Lou cocktail or a delicious tropical variation of the Moscow Mule—the pineapple Moscow Mule! You'll also need a reliable set of copper mugs for this recipe.

2. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice with whole cranberries in a bowl

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Cranberry juice is a go-to mixer for coconut rum if you want a bit of tartness and color for your cocktail. In addition, we suggest that you use unsweetened cranberry juice. This is because the coconut rum tastes already sweet itself, and adding cranberry juice with added sugar would just let the other flavors be overshadowed with sweetness.

The Malibu Bay Breeze is a famous cocktail with coconut rum and cranberry juice. People who have tried this cocktail say that it's a smooth, light drink that is well-balanced. Aside from its taste, this tropical drink is also known for its excellent layered look, especially when served in highball glasses.

3. Lime Juice

Lime juice in glass and jar with whole limes

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Lime juice is a classic alcohol mixer as it can contribute vibrancy and freshness to any drink. Also, its acid is actually a good stabilizer for the alcoholic drink and sweetness, which is why it goes well with a sweet-tasting drink such as coconut rum.

A Coconut Lime Daiquiri will be a nice starter if you're trying Malibu rum and lime juice. It's a frothy cocktail made with only three easy-to-find ingredients: coconut rum, fresh lime juice, and coconut cream! The coconut cream gives the drink a creamy texture and smoothness.

Lime juice is one of the most utilized ingredients in many cocktail recipes. Whether used among the main ingredients or as an enhancer, it is undoubtedly an indispensable ingredient in bars.

4. Lemonade

Lemonade with mint and glasses and a pitcher

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Lemonade would be a quick, easy, and budget-friendly mixer for Malibu Coconut Rum. The sweetness and coconut notes present in the liqueur taste good, together with the lemonade's bright sour acidity.

You can use store-bought lemonade for quick preparation. But you can also make homemade lemonade so you are assured that it is fresh and so that you can adjust the sweetness.

Malibu Coconut Rum with lemonade is usually made in large servings for an afternoon picnic! You'll need 6 cups homemade lemonade, 2 cups coconut rum, ice, lemon slices, and Maraschino cherries. The last two will be used for garnish. It's easy to combine everything in a sturdy glass pitcher!

5. Grapefruit Juice

Freshly pressed grapefruit juice

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Malibu coconut rum and citrus fruits are meant to go together like peanut butter and jelly. So it's not a surprise that you'll find grapefruit juice on this list. Grapefruit juice is similarly close to orange juice, but it has a bit of a bitter finish; but it is still a good coconut rum mixer.

Try the mouthwatering Pineapple, Grapefruit, and Coconut Rum Cocktail to add even more fruitiness to the grapefruit-coconut blend. The addition of the tangy taste of the grapefruit to the iconic pineapple and coconut rum duo makes a huge difference. If you want to make it more interesting, you can use sparkling grapefruit juice instead to add bubbles to the drink.

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6. Watermelon Juice

 Watermelon juice in tall glasses with slices

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The stimulating and uplifting flavor of watermelon juice meets the tropical taste of coconut rum in your mouth when you mix them. The fruity and crisp characteristics of the fruit harmonize with the rum's roundness and faint vanilla notes.

Watermelon is considered a summertime favorite, and what better way to enjoy a watermelon-forward cocktail than with friends? A Watermelon Coconut Rum Punch is all you need! You need fresh watermelon, coconut-flavored sparkling water, coconut rum, and coconut flakes.

7. Orange Juice - Best for Citrus Cocktails

Orange slices and Orange Juice

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A Malibu coconut rum and orange juice mixture can be recognized as the Malibu Driver cocktail. The coconut rum's role in this drink is to balance out the orange juice's citrus, sweet, and tart qualities. The result is a light drink with no trace of roughness.

The revitalizing citrus taste of this cocktail will have you feeling summer all year round. This bright, fruity drink has orange juice for your vitamin C intake. This concoction isn't potent but is rich in flavors. Some people like to throw in a few ice cubes to make it more refreshing.

Other cocktails that feature the Malibu rum and orange juice combo include Malibu sunset, Caribbean punch, Cake by the Ocean, and more.

Carbonated Drinks

8. Lemon-lime soda

Glasses of lemon-lime soda

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One of the best ways to enjoy coconut rum's unique flavors and aromas is by combining it with a mixer that won't mask its true taste. One example is a lightly sweet lemon-lime soda. It provides invigorating notes and a light sourness for your palette without compromising flavor integrity or authenticity! It also shares its effervescence with the rum.

An invigorating blue-colored cocktail called Electric Smurf Cocktail is the perfect example of a drink made with a Malibu rum and lemon-lime soda mixture. This drink has four simple ingredients: Malibu rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, and lemon-lime soda.

9. Cola

Four glasses of cola with ice

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The Cuba Libre cocktail is a pretty famous concoction; you've probably had it at least once. A similar but lesser-known cocktail would be the Malibu coconut rum and cola, which is like the fruity variation of Cuba Libre. The cola adds fizz and sharpness to the coconut rum's sweet and fresh qualities.

Another malibu and cola cocktail is the Malibu Coco-Cooler—everything about this drink screams island party! It's so energizing and has a summer vibe. You just need Malibu coconut rum, cola, chopped lime, and Angostura bitters to make this delicious drink.

10. Sparkling Water - Most Refreshing

Tall glasses of sparkling water with lime wedges

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Sparkling water is available in unflavored and flavored versions and has always been an easy alcohol mixer for various alcoholic beverages. It contributes fizz and a slightly acidic bitter taste. 

If you're going to make a coconut rum cocktail with flavored sparkling water, you have to make sure the latter's flavor complements the former.

If you haven't had Malibu coconut rum with sparkling water, try the Sparkling Cojito. It requires a bunch of ingredients, including fresh mint, water, sugar, lime juice, Malibu rum, and seltzer water or sparkling water. This is the perfect fizzy concoction to drink on a warm Sunday afternoon or any day of the week.

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11. Ginger Ale / Ginger Beer

Glass of Ginger Beer with ginger and lime on Yellow Background

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If you're a fan of Dark 'N' Stormy, you'll most likely appreciate the Malibu Coconut Rum and ginger ale or beer cocktail. A lot of people are saying they taste similar. However, the coconut rum and ginger drink combo offer sweeter and more subtle notes.

On the other hand, if you like colorful summer mixed drinks, we suggest the "Blue Cocktail," which will only require blue curacao, coconut rum, and ginger ale. There's also the Classic Rum Punch to share with friends.

12. Tonic Water

Two glasses of tonic water

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Coconut Rum and tonic water make a great Malibu drink when you are in the mood to enjoy some island flair. The classic Gin and Tonic is the inspiration for this combo. This version is light on the palate and has just enough sweetness from its fruit notes, but not so much that it’s overwhelming.

If you want to incorporate a bit of Vitamin C into the Malibu coconut rum-tonic pairing, make a nice glass of Hawaiian Barbie Cocktail. This light-tasting drink includes pineapple juice, tonic water, and Malibu coconut rum, making it rich yet easy going on your taste buds!

Alcoholic Drinks

13. Dark Rum 

 Glass of Rum and mint on a dark background
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There is no better area to enjoy a nice cold drink than the beach. And what better way to enjoy the beach than drinking a Bahama Mama cocktail? This cocktail features two alcoholic drinks —dark rum and coconut rum. The former gives the cocktail extra ABV but also richness and complexity.

To make this rum-forward cocktail, you'll need dark rum, coconut rum, grenadine, pineapple, orange, and lime juice. The dark rum in this cocktail is an ideal ingredient as it gives a spicy dimension to stabilize the coconut rum.

14. Sparkling Wine

Glasses of sparkling wine

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Sparkling wine, be it a Rosé Champagne or regular Champagne, is pleasant to drink alone, and some people just leave it at that!

But some adventurous souls like to experiment by making sparkling wine as a mixer for Malibu cocktails. It is one of the mixers that work amazingly with coconut rum because its acidity helps cut out the coconut rum's inherent sweetness.

One cocktail you shouldn't miss is the Hawaiian Mimosa. This festive and thirst-quenching cocktail is made of coconut rum, cold pineapple juice, and cold Prosecco or Champagne. 

And to make this Malibu drink more presentable, you can stick some pineapple slices or cherries with the best cocktail picks and place them in the glass. The unique taste of this drink is one that'll take you to Hawaii!

15. Flavored Vodka - Best Alcoholic

Flavored Vodka
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Flavored vodka is a nice addition to Malibu cocktails because it offers extra flavor without masking up the alcohol strength and adding too much sweetness.

Since there are a variety of flavored vodka flavors, the trick to partner coconut rum with the right flavors. If you want to play safe, choose tropical-flavored ones such as pineapple, lemon, or lime.

A Coconut Martini is just what you need to get the best out of the coconut rum and flavored vodka idea. This amazing concoction consists of Malibu coconut rum, vanilla or lime-flavored vodka, cream of coconut, and pineapple juice. You also need some coconut flakes and pineapple slices to garnish the cocktail.

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16. Sauvignon Blanc Wine

Bottle and glass of Sauvignon Blanc With Slices of Cheese

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Malibu rum isn't only a good partner to sparkling wine but also white wine, specifically Sauvignon Blanc. See for yourself and make the Malibu Sangria! This recipe is easy and fast to put together. If you like the Sauvignon Blanc, it's time to up your game with the Malibu Sangria recipe.

You'll need frozen tropical fruit, pineapple, lime juice, Malibu Rum, Sauvignon Blanc Wine, and Soda Water for this drink. This fabulous drink is a perfect blend of sweet and sour. The aroma will have your mouth puckering with every sip, thanks to the tangy lime juice as well as the Malibu rum finishing it off beautifully! 

17. RumChata

Bottle of RumChata on a wooden table

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Since both Malibu coconut rum and RumChata are Caribbean rum-based, it's a no-brainer that they both go well together. Furthermore, both also have vanilla notes on the palate. But, since they're both known for being sweet, you need to be careful when mixing them so the malibu drink doesn't become overwhelming. 

The Choco-Coco Mudslide would be a great dessert Malibu rum drink. It's a unique spin on the known cocktail called Frozen Mudslide. Posing as an irresistible treat, this delicious creation includes a blend of coconut rum, RumChata, Kahlúa, heavy cream, and vanilla ice cream.

Non-Alcoholic Ingredients

18. Hot Chocolate

Cup of hot chocolate with a spoon

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Spiked Coconut Hot Chocolate is the perfect way to warm up on a cold day. You can make this tasty drink in your own home with just three ingredients - Malibu coconut rum, whole milk, and hot chocolate powder.

The rich and creamy texture will leave you feeling warm and cozy. Furthermore, the chocolatey and coconut-y flavors dance across your taste buds giving off an intense depth that only pure cocoa could provide.

On the finish, you'll get to notice the coconut rum's low ABV and even catch some vanilla and spicy notes. The coconut rum definitely provides the drink with an unparalleled flavor.

19. Sherbet / Sorbet

Various fruit sorbet and sherbet

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Coconut water is considered among the best thirst quenchers of all time, but it's time to step up summer with coconut rum and a little sherbet or sorbet! It's best if you choose a tropical-flavored sherbet to really feel the summer vibe. The sherbet adds texture, coldness, and flavor to the coconut rum.

A recipe we'd like you to try is the Malibu Sherbet Floats. It comprises five ingredients—Malibu rum, freshly squeezed orange juice, lemon-lime soda, tropical sherbet such as pineapple or orange, and toasted coconut. One sip of this blended Malibu rum drink, and you're in for a surprising twist!

20. Coffee

Cup of black coffee and coffee beans

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Coffee is an interesting turn from the mixers above that make vacation Malibu cocktails. While some great drinks do not taste good together, coffee and coconut liqueur aren't like those!

Do you remember the Dalgona trend at the beginning of the pandemic? How about we bring the trend back but with a bit of spice? Introducing the Dalgona Coffee With Coconut Rum! The ingredients are hot water, instant coffee, and sugar for the creamy top. You'll need milk, Malibu rum, and spiced rum for the liquid drink.

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21. Coconut Cream

Coconut Cream in a Coconut on a Bamboo Mat

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When coconut cream and coconut rum are together in one sentence, only one thing comes to mind - piña colada! Of course, other cocktails include both ingredients, but the piña colada has got to be the most popular. White rum is supposedly the original type used in the said cocktail, but the Malibu infuses a more tropical hint to the drink.

A Malibu piña colada is made from pineapple juice, Malibu coconut rum, coconut cream, and lime juice. When you sip this drink, your mouth is hit with the tangy and sweet flavors of pineapple combined with rich coconut cream, then finishing off with the taste of rum.

22. Grenadine Syrup

Grenadine syrup in a bottle with fresh pomegranate

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Grenadine syrup has always been a classic mixer for coconut rum and adds vibrant red color. Numerous delicious recipes call for grenadine syrup with coconut liqueur, including the Malibu Sunset or Malibu Sunrise.

The beautiful Malibu Sunset cocktail not only offers a deliciously-flavored cocktail but also has a beautifully crafted appearance that imitates the colors of a sunset, hence its name. This cocktail is sweet, but it's not over the top. Its ingredients are pineapple-orange juice, Malibu coconut rum, Grenadine, and Maraschino cherries.

This syrup brings sweetness and tartness with a fruity finish to the coconut rum. Malibu, with this mixer, is a tropical adventure and is ideal for summer and spring.

23. Chocolate Liqueur - Best Mixer with Rich Flavor

Bottle of chocolate liqueur on a wooden table

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There are only two words to explain a chocolate liqueur and coconut rum union—sweet and decadent. The dark complexity of chocolate liqueur is matched by the light sweetness of coconut rum. Both drinks are sweet and have vanilla notes, so it's not surprising that they go well together. It's a delight for all cocktail lovers that have a sweet tooth.

One excellent cocktail that presents the deliciousness of chocolate liqueur and Malibu rum is the Malibu Coconutini.  Mix Malibu Rum, Irish Cream, and chocolate liqueur to indulge in something luxurious! This cocktail can be best served in an old-fashioned glass filled halfway up, so you get all the aroma before drinking.

Coconut Rum Mixers - What To Look For

There's a lot of experimentation when it comes to mixing two drinks. So to help you decide, check out these factors before choosing which mixer to blend with Malibu coconut.


Perhaps the most important factor to note first is knowing what Malibu coconut rum tastes like. It is generally described as being sweet and has flavors of coconut and almonds. Many consider it easy to drink and versatile in terms of mixing.

Then, know what a specific mixer tastes like so you can evaluate if it would be compatible with the flavor profile of the rum. If you're choosing a sweet ingredient, be sure not to add too much so it won't be overwhelming.

Moreover, if you want to go along with the Caribbean theme, then choose tropical fruit juices, which will add a nice tartness to the rum. It's also important to note that Malibu can be mixed with more than one of the mixers mentioned above, so make sure that all their flavors play well with each other.

Alcoholic or Not?

Mixers can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. While both impart flavor to the overall drink, they affect the alcoholic content of the beverage differently. If you want to incorporate more depth and strength to your mixed drinks, you can opt for alcoholic mixers. In contrast, if you want to have a lighter beverage, choose non-alcoholic mixers.

If you use multiple non-alcoholic mixers in bigger proportions than the alcohol, the alcohol content of the drink will be less than the ABV of the alcohol alone.


Sometimes, the cocktails you make will depend on what season it is. For example, if it is wintertime, you'll probably crave a hot, chocolatey, or creamy cocktail. For this, you can choose hot chocolate, coffee, or Rumchata.

On the other hand, if it's summer, then you'll need a refreshing drink to beat the heat. This calls for juices and carbonated drinks. But some mixers are quite versatile in that they can be used for any season, such as alcoholic ones.


Some Malibu mixers are more expensive than others. The most common ones are usually cheap and easily accessible, such as juices. But if you want to try making unique cocktails, you may need to spend more for wine, vodka, or other rum. It depends and what drinks you intend to make and on your budget.

Mixers for Malibu Coconut Rum FAQ

1. Can I use two or more types of alcohol or soda with Malibu coconut? 

Yes, depending on a particular cocktail's recipe. But if you are experimenting, make sure not to go overboard with the combinations to avoid overwhelming the drink's flavor profile.

Usually, cocktails only require one type of carbonated drink, but you can mix a flavored one like ginger beer with a neutral-flavored one like sparkling water. And in terms of alcohol, you can use more than one but be mindful of how strong each one is so you can adjust the ABV of the overall drink.

2. What garnish can you use with Malibu coconut cocktails?

It depends on the vibe or theme of the cocktail. Tropical drinks would be best with fruit garnishes, while decadent or homey drinks would be great with chocolate shavings or cinnamon sticks.

3. Which is better to mix with Malibu coconut: fresh juice or bottled juice?

It depends on your preference. Bottled juices are more convenient, but some of them may contain too much sweeteners or preservatives that can alter the cocktails' taste. On the other hand, fresh juice requires more preparation time and tools like lime and lemon squeezers and juicers, but you are assured that they are natural and contain more vitamins and minerals. 

4. Do I use different proportions of different mixers when blending with Malibu coconut?

Yes, because mixers have different tastes, densities, alcohol content (or absence thereof), and even colors that affect a particular drink.  It also depends on what cocktail recipes call for each mixer.


If you're a fan of Caribbean cocktails or just like to enjoy something a little sweet and tropical, Malibu coconut rum is the perfect spirit for you. With its smooth, mellow flavor and sweet taste, Malibu is also ideal for mixing into all sorts of delicious drinks and other ingredients.

When you do the right pairing, you are assured of enjoying the unique flavors of the Caribbean without leaving your home. You can also try other Malibu rum flavors for more variations.

Which tropical drink are you most excited to make with Malibu rum? We'll be happy to chat in the comments below!

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