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What You Need To Know About Flavored Sparkling Water

A glass of blue liquid

Sparkling water’s popularity was at its height in 2018, and it shows no signs of fizzing down. This fantasy-esque concoction came to be by accident when an English chemist suspended a bowl of water on top of a beer vat at a brewery and saw bubbles forming in the water. Today, there are different types of flavored sparkling water, ranging from fruits to classic soda.

This article will talk about the best soda makers for flavored sparkling water, how to make your flavorings, and the top flavored sparkling water recipes.

Can You Make Flavored Sparkling Water with SodaStream?

Yes, SodaStream is one of the best soda maker brands that only takes a few seconds to make delicious sparkling beverages. 

But choosing a soda maker isn't as simple as picking out which drink you want from the vending machine. Each has different features, so choosing the best one that works for you is vital. Here are the starter pack soda makers from SodaStream: Fizzi, One Touch, and Aqua Fizz.

FizzThe starter pack for the Fizzi Classic includes a carbonating cylinder and one 1L plastic bottle. This soda maker doesn’t have carbonation levels. Instead, it’s measured by the amount of burst you put in each drink. 

SodaStream recommends 2 or 3 bursts for the optimal fizz, but you can add up to 4 bursts. If you do 5 bursts or more, there’s a chance for your flavored sparkling water to turn into a water fountain (as exciting as it sounds, you don’t want that to happen).

You can also experiment with this soda maker with small bursts. But practice caution because you could end up destroying the machine if you’re not careful.

One Touch

The One Touch starter pack comes with a carbonating cylinder and one 1L plastic bottle. This fancy-looking soda maker is decked out with LED lights that show you different fizz levels: light, medium, and strong. Since it has pre-settings for carbonation, not a lot of experimenting can occur. It’s worth mentioning, though, that it is not recommended to carbonate an already fizzy drink.

This soda maker is powered by electricity and recommended for people on the go, especially those who don’t have time to think about the number of bursts, eliminating your worries with ready-made carbonation levels.

Aqua Fizz

The starter pack for the Aqua Fizz includes a carbonating cylinder and a 620ml glass carafe. Apart from the beautiful glass bottle, this soda maker functions the same as the SodaStream Fizzi. The reusable glass carafe looks great, but you have to be more careful when experimenting as shattered glass is possible.

If you don’t like hand washing, this soda maker is for you. You can place the used glass bottle in the dishwasher and store it afterward. Less hassle than manually washing a plastic bottle.

Different Flavors for Sparkling Water

An assortment of sliced fruit on a wooden tray

Before creating flavored sparkling water with SodaStream machines, we have to tackle the different flavors themselves. These varieties were devised for all kinds of people with distinctive sets of wants and needs.

1. Classic Soda Flavors

Classic soda flavors include Cola, Dr. Pete, Rootbeer, and other sodas you can buy in a convenience store or groceries. While these flavors already exist, you can customize them to suit your palate better. They come in caffeinated and non-caffeinated, so you have the option to make something energizing or something for leisure.

2. Diet Soda Flavor

Diet soda flavors are for the weight-watchers and nutrition warriors out there. They contain low levels of fructose, so they’re perfect for health-conscious soda drinkers. They come in with the classic soda flavors like Cola and Dr. Pete and a strawberry and watermelon flavor. They also have an energy drink flavor if you want a little bounce in your step.

3. Organic Flavors

If you’re looking for natural healthy flavors, organic is what you’ve been looking for. They have an assortment of flavors such as lemon, raspberry, grapefruit, and kombucha. They’re unsweetened and contain zero artificial flavorings, so sugars don’t shadow the fruit’s pure taste.

4. Fruit Flavors

Classic fruit flavors are no strangers to drink orders or juice boxes. Unlike the organic, the fruit flavoring is enhanced by sugars to emphasize its sweetness. These flavors are fitted for the fruit-lovers and the sweet-tooths who can’t get enough of that taste. They come in tropical, and berry varieties for that vacation feel.

How to Make Your Own Flavors for Sparkling Water

While there are ready-made flavors, you can heighten your SodaStream flavored sparkling water experience with these recipes.

  • Fruits

You can infuse your sparkling water with actual fruits; just follow these steps.

  1. Prepare the fruits by slicing or dicing them.
  2. Carbonate water with your soda maker.
  3. Add the fruit or fruits of your choice to the sparkling water and let it infuse overnight.
  • Mixed Flavors

You can use 2 or 3 flavors and experiment with the taste you like the most.

  1. Pick out 2 or more flavors that you think would go great together.
  2. Measure a cap for each flavor and mix it in a small glass.
  3. Test the taste before adding it to your sparkling water.
  4. Adjust the flavors as needed.
  5. Carbonate water with your soda maker.
  6. Add the solution to the sparkling water, and enjoy!
  • Combination of Fruits and Mixed Flavors

Since the two previous methods significantly improve soda flavors, you can use both to get the ultimate flavored sparkling water. This all depends on your palette, so keep trying new combinations that you might enjoy.

  1. Pick 2 or more flavors and fruits you think would go great together.
  2. Measure a cap for each flavor and mix it in a small glass.
  3. Test the flavor’s taste and adjust when needed.
  4. Next, prepare your fruits by slicing or dicing them.
  5. Carbonate water with your soda maker.
  6. Add your solution of flavors in the sparkling water along with your fruit/s.
  7. Mix the whole thing. You can drink this now or let the fruit infuse more.
  • Syrups

If you don’t like the flavors sold online or in stores, you can make your own using household ingredients. There are two ways to create syrups:


  1. Boil water.
  2. Add sugar into the boiling water. Mix until dissolved.
  3. Add in your fruit or fruits of choice.
  4. Stir until the color is opaque.
  5. You can strain the syrup or keep the fruit chunks in.


  1. Fill ¼ of a jar with fruits you want for your flavored sparkling water.
  2. Add a cup of water.
  3. Mash the fruits with a hand blender and strain the muddled fruits into another container.
  4. If you don’t have a hand blender, you can use a regular blender, food processor, or do it by hand with a fork and bowl.

Can You Use Cold Water in SodaStream? A close-up of ice cubes

Yes, cold water is highly recommended to use with soda makers. It’s safer to use cold water than hot or warm water as it lessens the chances of water bursting out of the bottle. Freezing temperatures have less energy than hot temperatures. Thus, the molecules in your drink don’t move around too much.

You can enjoy your flavored sparkling water immediately with cold water. But you don’t have to worry if you infuse your drink when it’s warm; just let it chill or add some ice. Warm water does have an advantage when it comes to flavors seeping into the water.

Top 3 Sparkling Water Flavors

A wooden tray full of sliced citrus fruit and apples

  • Lemon, Lime, and Cucumber Water

The classic lemon and cucumber water has been associated with the rich and famous, and they swear by the luxurious effects of this drink. Lemons and limes are two different types of citrus fruits. But both are rich in vitamin C, which is suitable for sustaining a healthy immune system. 

Cucumbers are gourd fruit with 95% of their body consisting of water. They’re excellent for hydration. You can also add mint leaves to this concoction to give out a refreshing taste and help with indigestion and cold symptoms.

Both bright red fruits are no strangers to cocktail-making, but you can also use them for your flavored sparkling water. Grapefruits help reduce insulin resistance and cholesterol levels, while pomegranates have high antioxidants that give them their anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Apple and Cinnamon

The taste of apple pies is within your grasp with this delicious flavored sparkling water. Apples are high in fiber and promote a healthy heart. On the other hand, cinnamon is known as the dessert spice, which lowers blood sugar levels and helps improve motor function.


The world of flavored sparkling water using SodaStream is ever expanding by the day. Make sure to try out these different flavors or experiment with some of your favorite fruits. Who knows? You might discover the next trendy soda water.

So, which soda maker do you want to try? What’s your favorite flavored sparkling water? Let us know in the comments.



  • When it comes to ingredients, you can use just about anything to flavor your sparkling water. Common ingredients include fruit juices, syrups, and even herbs and spices. You can also add a bit of sweetness with sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, or stevia. To get started, simply fill your machine’s reservoir with cold water before adding your ingredients. Once you’ve added your ingredients, you can press the button to start the machine and enjoy your own homemade flavored sparkling water machine.


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