10 Best Lime Squeezers For Your Kitchen and Bar

10 Best Lime Squeezers: Buying Guide and Reviews
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We all know that life gives us lemons, but it also gives us limes. Limes are one of the extensive citrus family and is a hybrid fruit and have many different kinds. Like all citrus fruits, limes are a great source of vitamin C and have a higher sugar content and acidity than lemons.

The pulp is juicy, yellowish-green, and tender. When you plan on making something delicious with lime, perhaps a pie or juice, you grab a knife, slice the lime in half and simply squeeze the juice out with your hands. While this is effective since you can extract the juice, it is not as efficient because you’re not making the most out of it.

When you just squeeze using your hands, the juice of some pulps are not thoroughly squeezed and they are just lingering there. However, there is a tool that can help you extract lime juice down to the last pulp. This tool is none other than the lime squeezer. It is very simple to use, efficient, and is so helpful when you’re whipping something up in the kitchen or the bar.

Speaking of bars, the most prominent pair of lime is good old tequila. You would want to use a lime squeezer to serve delicious drinks in no time. But, how do you know which one is the best? Keep on reading and you’ll know.

Our Pick

Most Versatile: Top Rated Zulay Premium Quality Metal Lemon Lime Squeezer 
Most User-friendly: Chef'n FreshForce Citrus Juicer Most Durable: Bellemain Premium Quality Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer with Silicone Handles 
Most Affordable:  Cucisina Lemon Squeezer 
Most Versatile: Prepworks by Progressive Dome Citrus Juicer

      Things to consider when buying a lime squeezer

      There are many types and brands of lime squeezers out there and you might say that they’re all the same and they just differ in the brand. However, some details make each one different from the other and people don’t have the same preferences. Here are some guidelines on how to choose the best lime squeezers that are ideal for you: 

      1. Price

      When buying something, the first thing you take into consideration is the price because you don’t want to put your money to waste, instead, you invest in them. Most handheld lime squeezers are very affordable but they still vary for a couple of dollars. And you would want to see if the price is justified by the features and the life span of the product. Choose the one that you can afford and are reasonable given its function.  

        2. Design

        A product’s design distinguishes it from the other. Though lime squeezers have the same purpose, which is to extract juices, they differ in design, may it be from color, size, or structure. Some are designed with double bowls, some with silicone handles. Take note, though that just because some products are absent of these special features or don’t have fancy colors, it doesn’t make them any less. There are just some people who consider a little bit of the aesthetics of their products. 

        3. Hygiene

        When you cut lime or lemon and you get a little juice on your hands, it feels a bit sticky and you don’t like that. Some models ensure a mess-free operation and that no single drip or splash of juice gets into your hands, ensuring clean food and drinks. This applies to handheld squeezers because you get the juice by pressing, compared to a manual juicer wherein you twist the fruit to get the juice. 

          4. Comfort

          Get a squeezer that is easy to use, with soft hinges, and can withstand the strongest pressures. Sometimes, lime and other citrus fruits are quite firm and thus require you to exert extra effort. While this is okay for a small batch of squeezing, it may be difficult when you’re squeezing for a big batch. Choose those that let you have a firm grip, perhaps those with silicone handles and those that have sturdy but soft hinges for easy squeezing so you won’t risk having hand fatigue and hand aches. 

          5. Material

          Most lime squeezers are made from metal, some from stainless steel. These are the main things that make the product work. To ensure the durability and long life span of the product, choose those that can resist the acidity of the fruit and prevents it from corroding the material by forming rust. Some have enamel coating for extra protection. When your squeezer is rusty, it may compromise the hygiene factor as well. Also, consider choosing models that have soft but strong hinges to prevent your hands from aching. 

            6. Versatility

            There is more than one citrus fruit but the most commonly used in the kitchen and bar are lemons, limes, and oranges. Do you need separate squeezers for the three? You can, if you have the money, but it wouldn’t be efficient. Some handheld squeezers have bigger bowls that can fit even oranges. Since limes are smaller, it wouldn’t be a problem. Some models feature two bowls that accommodate both lemons and limes. Squeezers are small items so they can be easily stored anywhere in your kitchen. 

            7. Usability

            There are kitchen products that only adults can use because kids don’t have the capacity or strength to use them. Kids can use lime squeezers too especially those that have soft hinges so they won’t have to bother their parents anymore the next time they have a lemonade sale. Citrus squeezers are not that complicated to use and don't require extra components. Just make sure that you choose a lime squeezer that fits your hands well to exert minimal effort and at the same time, get the job done. For extra support, some squeezers feature silicone handles to ensure a firm grip and no slipping. 

            Top 10 Best Lime Squeezers

            Now that you have the idea on how to choose a good lemon squeezer, there are numerous types of lime squeezers. To make things easier for you, we have laid out the top 10 best lime squeezers. Check them out!

            1. Zulay Premium Quality Metal Lemon Lime Squeezer


            • Made of solid metal
            • Durable
            • Great for arthritic hands
            • Catches all the seeds
            • Dishwasher-safe


            • Paint fades easily
            • Handle can break

             What customers are saying about this product:

            Staci says that this squeezer is well made, a quality product for the price and that she was able to squeeze 14 lemons in one sitting without any stress or strain. She recommends cutting bigger lemons in quarters so squeezing is no trouble. Overall, she recommends this and would buy again (1st photo). Meanwhile, Cat is happy to say that after 2 and a half years, she is still using this squeezer and added that she has used it for hundreds of lemons and oranges. For her, it is a must-have kitchen tool and it’s durable (2nd photo). 

            10 best Lemon Squeezers, Zulay Premium Quality Metal Lemon Lime Squeezer

            Why we think this is a great product:

            It squeezes until the last drop, the Zulay Lemon-lime squeezer is one helpful kitchen tool that even your kids can use. This citrus press has two bowls, one for lemons which is slightly bigger and the other one is for limes.

            Who should buy it:

            If you like to have your limes and lemons squeezed in different bowls but in one tool, this is the best choice.

            2. Bellemain Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer with Silicone Handles


            • Heavy-duty
            • Easy to use
            • Durable
            • Free from corrosion and chipping
            • Extracts almost all the juice
            • Perforated for catching seeds


            • Silicone grips move a bit

            What customers are saying about this product:

            Bozho shares that after a month of using this product, he can say that it is great and is the best one in its class of squeezers. He added that it is a must-have solid tool in the kitchen (1st photo). Ruth loves this squeezer.  For her, it’s a quality made product and it’s good for limes and lemons. She is glad that this isn’t plastic because they would just break. Instead, it is of solid metal and even has rubber handles (2nd photo). 

            10 Best Lime Squeezers, Bellemain Lemon Squeezer

            3. Chef'n FreshForce Citrus Juicer


            • Ridges at the bottom of the bowl to hold the lime in place
            • Has geared hinge for less application of hand pressure
            • Sturdy
            • Extracts a lot of juice
            • Easy to clean
            • Durable


            • Pricey
            • Some customers complained that it too big for limes 

            What customers are saying about this product:

            S.A.A. comments that this juicer is beautiful and so easy to use. He added that it even works if you have achy hands. Not only does it look good but also sturdy and cleans up very quickly. It is heavy-duty but also light, and the smooth surface makes it easy to grip. Overall, it feels good, looks good, and works well (1st and 2nd photo). Meanwhile, Bridget says that this is somewhat larger than other citrus juicers she had and it works well as it gets enough juice from even less ideal fruit. It also does a great job of keeping the seeds out.  

            10 Best Lime Squeezers, Chef'n FreshForce Citrus Juicer

            Why we think this is a great product:

            Say goodbye to sticky hands from using manual presses. Chef’n juicer has two bowls, the smaller one is made from stainless steel and the rest is of durable nylon, ensuring a long lifespan of the product. It has an innovative dual gear mechanism that ensures easy and more pressing power that produces 20% more juice and prevents your hand from aching. 

            Who should buy it:

            If you appreciate a juicer that has a distinctive and cool look, this one’s for you. 

            4. Cucisina Lemon Squeezer / Lime Juicer / Citrus Press


            • Very affordable
            • Well-made
            • Fast shipping
            • Lightweight
            • Nice enamel coating
            • Very easy to use and clean


            • Juice can drip by the side
            • Hinge can move
            • Handle can snap

            What customers are saying about this product:

            Net bought this lime squeezer on Amazon even with the negative reviews she read but given the price, we went ahead and tried it. When it arrived, she used it to juice 2 bags of lime just to try it. Now, she makes juice from 4 limes every day and calls this squeezer her morning workhorse (1st photo). On the other hand, Blessed sunflower expresses that she has wanted one of these for a long time because she always squeezed lemons and limes with her hands. For her, this is awesome and says that it gets so much juice and keeps the seeds out. Overall, she is happy with it (2nd photo).

            10 Best Lime Squeezers, Cucisina Lime Juicer

            Why we think this is a great product:

            A perfect way to extract juices from fruits is by doing it mess-free, easily, and fast. You can achieve all of these with Cucisina Citrus press, whether you’re working with lemons, limes, or orange, it’s got you covered. 

            Who should buy it:

            With its bright red color, this makes a cute gift to a friend or family member. 

            5. Nuvantee Lemon Squeezer


            • Solid construction
            • Strains seeds and pulps
            • Easy to clean and store
            • Works for almost any citrus fruit
            • Doesn't chip


            • Doesn’t squeeze the maximum amount of juice
            • Takes effort to press

            What customers are saying about this product:

            Leonard says that he was attracted to this because it’s all stainless steel. He remarks that others are cast aluminum with a coating that’ll chip off. Shortly after receiving this, he juiced dozens of limes and it performed flawlessly (1st photo). Fran claims that this is the best manual citrus juicer she ever had. She says that it is heavy-duty and has a loop on top that can be used to hang it. She was also amazed at how much juice is extracted from half a lime.  Overall, she couldn’t be happier with it (2nd photo). 

            10 Best Lime Squeezers, Nuvantee Lemon Squeezer

            6. Prepworks by Progressive Dome Citrus Juicer


            • Well-made
            • Easy to clean
            • Rubber padding on the bottom
            • Affordable
            • Has measuring cup
            • Spout for easy pouring


            • Doesn’t catch the seeds and pulps
            •   Parts don’t fit easily

            What customers are saying about this product:

            C says that he loves this juicer. He originally wanted a squeezer but ended up with this one. He cuts his lime in half and pushes and twists them on the juicer. The juice came flowing down the container and with the measurements, he found that he extracted about ¼ cup of juice from an average-sized lime (1st photo). Marcela also likes this manual juicer because it keeps the juice fresh without transferring to a separate bowl. The cup also helps in measuring liquids when she bakes (2nd photo). Finally, LethalVows says that the quality is great as advertised. The bottom of the juicer has a rubber ring that prevents it from sliding and gives a better grip when juicing (3rd photo). 

            10 Best Lime Squeezers, Prepworks by Progressive Dome Citrus Juicer

            7. New Star Enameled Aluminum Lemon Squeezer


            • Kitchen staple
            • Nice color
            • Well-made
            • Easy to clean
            • Ideal size 


            • Some received broken products upon arrival
            • Not very durable 

            What customers are saying about this product:

            Allen says goodbye to fake margarita mix since this product gets all the juice and it is fast to use. He added that he may get the lemon version too. LoveToBuy comments that this has great quality and price. He uses this every week either for lemon water or over his seafood dinners. Finally, Heflin says that this lime squeezer is awesome and he also uses it all the time. For him, it is well-made, easy to clean and he loves the lime green color. 

            Why we think this is a great product:

            Simple as it is, it’s a very effective tool and surely one of the favorites in the market. It is also available in lemon and oranges so, truly, New Star accommodates the three top citrus fruits. 

            Who should buy it:

            No matter where you are, at a bar, restaurant, or at home, and no matter what you’re making, a drink or a lovely dinner, New Star will not disappoint because it nails its job every single time.

            8. Gelindo Single Press Lemon Squeezer


            • Perforated to catch seeds and pulp
            • Heavy-duty
            • Easy to clean
            • Comfortable grip
            • Must-have in the kitchen


            • Hinge sometimes locks
            • Corrodes 
            • Bowl shape warps over time

            What customers are saying about this product:

            Dave expresses that this was exactly what he wanted to make fresh lemonade with. It is solidly constructed and feels quite substantial in your grasp. He suggests loading the half lemon with the cut side down. When squeezed, it will turn inside out and flow out. Overall, he loves it (1st photo). AzonLady says that she often cooks Mediterranean food and she’s glad she has this squeezer. She was initially impressed with the weight and quality. She is very happy because she wastes less lemon juice and she is cooking very easily and simply now (2nd photo). 

            10 Best Lime Squeezers, Gelindo Single Press Lemon Squeezer

            Why we think this is a great product:

            Its optimal bowl size ideally fits lemons, limes, and small oranges. Its durable zinc construction allows you to exert maximum pressure without having to worry about breaking it. Because it features I- beam handles, it won’t ever bend no matter how hard you’re pressing. For a very reasonable price, you can enjoy freshly-squeezed juices anytime without any hassle. 

            Who should buy it:

            If you often need big batches of citrus juice for dinners or cocktails, then this is the best tool to use.

            9. Rasse Lemon Squeezer


              • Versatile
              • Sleek design
              • Comes with zester
              • Not messy
              • Takes less effort to use
              • Doesn’t chip when cleaned


              • Not rust-free
              • Can bend
              • The handle is not slip-free

              What customers are saying about this product:

              Jenny loves this thing because it is super heavy duty and does not feel flimsy. It is easy to use and leaves no mess. She never hesitates to squeeze a lime or lemon in her water or for anything else because she has this squeezer. She says she’s getting one for her kids too (1st photo). Meanwhile, Lena uses this for culinary school and is thrilled that she can use it at home too. The zester is a bonus too, she added. She was pleasantly surprised at how heavy-duty it is and heavy and lightweight at the same time (2nd photo). 

              10 Best Lime Squeezers, Rasse Lemon Squeezer

              Why we think this is a great product:

              Rasse lemon squeezer is made from the highest quality and durable stainless and ergonomically designed with enamel coating making it resistant to rust, stains, heat and moisture, and of course the acid from the citrus. One cool thing about it is that it comes with a stainless steel lemon zester FOR FREE. 

              Who should buy it: 

              If you’re cooking salmon, baking a pie, or making a delicious cocktail and you need some garnish or lemon zest, you can do so by using the lime squeezer and zester combo. 

              10. Vremi Lemon Squeezer Press


              • Enamel coating
              • Non-slip handle
              • Easy to clean and store
              • Catches seeds and pulps
              • Sturdy


              • Juice can seep over the top edge
              • Doesn’t squeeze most of the juice

              What customers are saying about this product:

              Laura says that this squeezer makes it so easy to squeeze the lemon juice into her water. The hand has an amazing grip enabling her to squeeze in one hand. It’s also durable and overall, she found it great (1st photo). Andrew says that it is so good when you have the right tools. He added that this is a great product and even his daughter could use it with ease (2nd photo). Meanwhile, Amazonian has no complaints on this squeezer because it is strong, has great quality and the grip is great.  He uses it for cooking, baking, and cocktails (3rd photo).

              10 Best Lime Squeezers, Vremi Lemon Squeezer Press

              Why we think this is a great product:

              It is strongly constructed and can withstand pressure from squeezing and ensuring you get the last drop. You can choose between colors yellow, red, and green or you can have them all if you like, besides, it comes at a very affordable price. 

              Who should buy it:

              This is a great addition to the kitchen since it gets the job done with ease. It can also be given as a gift to the citrus lover. 


              Q: Is a lemon squeezer the same with a lime squeezer?

                A: They work the same way, they just differ in size as the lime squeezer is slightly smaller than the lemon squeezer. 

                Q: Can you use a lemon squeezer for limes?

                  A: Yes, lime can also fit in a lemon squeezer because it is smaller and can be squeezed very well.

                  Q: How do you juice a lime with a squeezer?

                    A: It is very simple. Just take a halved lime or lemon, place it with the flat side facing the bowl with the holes in it. and gently press the lever and it should extract the juice without seed or pulp residue. You can either put a bowl under when squeezing to collect big amounts of juice or directly squeeze onto your food. 

                    Q: How do I cut the lime before squeezing them?

                      A: the best way to cut a lime is crosswise because that way, it will perfectly fit the bowl of the squeezer as opposed to cutting it lengthwise. 

                      Lime Sour Recipes

                      With all the lime squeezing, you can’t be expected to drink it directly. Your face will just twist from all the sourness. You need to make something delicious out of it. Try these lime sour recipes to enjoy perfectly squeezed lime juice. 


                      If you like lime juice or lemonade, you would have to collect large amounts of lime or lemon juice so you can share it with your friends and families too. You don’t want to be squeezing citrus by your bare hands or keep twisting them all day, do you? That’s what the lime squeezers are for. They make your life easier and your lime and lemon concoctions ready in seconds. Before you get to use a lime squeezer, you would have to cut open a lime first. You would need a sharp knife and of course a cutting board to do it properly So, check out these cutting boards and pick your favorite to go along with your lime squeezer. 

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