Bottles of homemade Irish cream

How To Make DIY Baileys Irish Cream

Bottles of homemade Irish cream

Bailey’s Irish cream is a delicious, creamy alcoholic beverage that has become popular worldwide. This beverage is best as a component for a shot, cocktail, or drank on its own with ice.

Making your Bailey's Irish cream at home is fun and easy! You just need a few ingredients, such as Irish whiskey, cream, milk, and other flavorings, then blend them up until smooth. If you want to make homemade Bailey’s Irish cream, keep reading for easy steps and useful tips.


This recipe makes about two to three bottles of DIY Bailey’s Irish cream.

Tools & Equipment

  • Blender - This powerful and versatile equipment can make your DIY Bailey’s Irish cream almost in an instant. Some of the ingredients are viscous, like the sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream or half and half, and chocolate syrup, so a blender ensures that they are incorporated well.
  • Measuring cups/spoons - These are used to measure ingredients precisely. Personal preferences may determine how you make your homemade Irish cream, so change the measurements if needed.
    However, if this is your first time preparing an alcoholic beverage, it's a good idea to start with a benchmark so you can see where you can improve in the future.
  • Bottles with tight-seal caps - Your beverage will stay fresh and chilled in an airtight container. You won't have to worry about leaks or spills with a properly sealed container.
    Putting homemade Bailey’s in individual bottles also allows you to present them as Christmas gifts or for any other occasion to your friends and family.
  • Funnel - The top of the funnel has a wider opening than the bottom, making pouring and transferring the mixture from the blender to the individual bottles easier.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Prepare the ingredients and measure them out accordingly.
  2. Combine the cream, sweetened condensed milk, Irish whiskey, instant coffee, chocolate syrup, vanilla extract in a blender.
  3. Put on the lid of the blender and click on high for 30 to 60 seconds. Don't blend it too long, or the Irish whiskey will curdle the milk.
  4. Take out your bottles and place the funnel on the opening.
  5. Pour the homemade Irish cream slowly into the glass bottle, leaving a small space from the mouth.
  6. Place the caps or seals and store the bottles.

How to Store Homemade Irish Cream Liqueur

Woman putting a bottle in the refrigerator

Liqueurs do not have a long shelf-life. Irish cream liqueur is similar to dairy products. When improperly stored, the liqueur spoils fast. Refrigerating your homemade version is a simple method to keep it safe.

If you keep the drink at a high temperature for too long, lumps of curdled cream will form and become attached locally before spreading throughout the drink, turning it sour! Please don't store it in the freezer since it contains cream, which hardens when frozen. Doing so may damage the liqueur's texture and make it difficult to pour.

When cream liqueurs are exposed to air, they might spoil. Oxygen may spoil your mixture by causing browning and texture changes. After you've poured some homemade Bailey’s into your drink of choice, put the cap on it right away to avoid oxygen exposure and put it back in the fridge.

What to Mix with Irish Cream at Home

Bailey’s is an excellent cocktail mixer, but it's not only for the bar. You may use it to give your favorite beverages an additional kick as well as a creamy, rich sweetness. Although Bailey’s is a liqueur, you must be responsible for your consumption!

Cold Brew Coffee

Pouring Irish cream into cold brew coffeeDIY Bailey’s Irish cream and cold brew coffee are a match made in heaven. You may create your iced lattes or frappuccinos at home throughout the summer when you need something to chill down.

Pour the homemade liqueur into your favorite glass to make a delicious Bailey’s cold coffee. Then, put in some cold brew and ice for added authenticity!

Ice Cream

Bowl of chocolate ice cream with mint

DIY Bailey’s Irish cream is much more than a cocktail mixer. Add one or two shots of homemade Irish cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup for a sweet and creamy variation on traditional ice cream.

Many excellent ice cream flavors will go nicely with this easy recipe, like chocolate chip cookie dough, rocky road, strawberry cheesecake, and so on - whatever floats your boat, since Bailey’s taste is an ideal addition. It's the perfect ending to any meal!

Hot Chocolate

Cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows

Bailey’s is the ideal addition to any cocoa drink. There are so many ways that delicious Irish cream may enrich your drink, whether you're enjoying hot chocolate with friends or trying to fulfill a sweet appetite in between meals!

With Bailey’s, you may want to go for a darker, less sweet cocktail because it helps to balance the entire glass. Top it with whipped cream, marshmallows, and a drizzle of chocolate syrup, and serve it with baked goods to make it even more delicious. With some stir-and-serve Swiss Miss, you may also add Bailey’s.


Pouring cream into English Tea

Tea is a soothing way to start the day, but if you want something with a little more kick, try adding Bailey's cream. Tea has a unique flavor and fragrance combination that is difficult to match. If you're tired of drinking bland teas, this drink will delight your taste buds! It just takes three ingredients to make: homemade Bailey’s, tea, and water.


Guinness Glass Filled With Beer

The world of alcoholic beverages is broad and exciting, with many combinations to explore. The Irish Car Bomb is a good example! This drink may be made with a shot of Bailey’s, Guinness, and whiskey.

These three components will add a new depth of taste to your drink and make it even more delightful. However, because Guinness is acidic, it will curdle when combined with Irish cream. But if you sip your shot fast enough, you may still enjoy a classic drink on St. Patrick's day or other occasions.


Two jars of Milkshake with straws at the side

Do you like a special treat? Bailey's milkshake is a must-try! This alcoholic, sweet and creamy shake is ideal for any occasion. It has precisely the right amount of alcohol to balance off the sweetness of the shake.

Any ingredients or flavors that your taste buds desire can be added to this simple recipe. The milkshake pairs perfectly with homemade Bailey’s Irish cream, giving an exciting and unique combination that will not disappoint milkshake lovers searching for something new.


Glasses of bourbon with ice cubes

Bailey’s will become stronger, less sweet, and creamier with the addition of bourbon. The added alcohol's acidity cuts through this sort of mixer well. As you taste citrus fruits, smoke, and grains in your whiskey, you'll discover that it has a variety of flavors.


Martini cocktail with Baileys

There are several martini variations to try. If you want to make things easy, you'll only need two ingredients: Bailey’s and vodka. It has a distinct, rich, and creamy flavor that will satisfy your taste buds!

Once you've mastered this basic recipe, you can start exploring the vodka and homemade Bailey’s combination by adding other ingredients.

Tips and Tricks in Making Unique Irish Cream

Use other types of whiskey

Different bottles of whiskey

The base for Bailey’s Irish cream is said to be Irish whiskey, hence the name "Irish cream." Jameson Irish whiskey is perhaps the most famous. However, you are free to use whichever Irish whiskey you want. There shouldn’t be any rules when making homemade Irish cream at home, right?

Now is your opportunity to try a new cocktail recipe. After you've experienced Irish whiskey, you may use whatever sort of whiskey you like, including American, Scotch, Canadian, Japanese whisky, and so on! You'll discover how different types of whiskeys influence the outcome of the homemade Irish cream.

Use instant coffee rather than ground coffee beans

Instant coffee in spoons

Use instant coffee or espresso granules to achieve a rich and strong coffee taste for a homemade Bailey’s recipe. Instant coffee granules offer a stronger flavor than ground coffee beans, making them more convenient and producing just what you need.

Plus, if you're using ground beans, it'll take a while for them to dissolve entirely and give their full flavor.

Try a dairy-free version

Vegan alternative non-dairy milk

You might be set off by homemade Bailey’s if you don’t like dairy because it contains heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk. But, with a few tweaks, even lactose intolerant people may enjoy a great bottle of Bailey’s Irish cream!

Many people replaced heavy cream with coconut milk, almond milk, or non-dairy creamer. Coconut milk has a distinct flavor that is delicious and can be used in a mix. They said their homemade Irish cream becomes rich in texture and is pleasing to the taste buds.

As an alternative to regular sweetened condensed milk, you can use dairy-free sweetened condensed milk. There's no stopping you from making your own Bailey’s Irish cream now.

Make alterations to the recipe

Bowls of cocoa powder, almonds, and chocolate

You might as well make a signature if you're creating your own Bailey’s Irish cream at home. And you may accomplish that by trying out different ingredients.

Accidents may sometimes lead to wonderful things, so take a chance! After tasting the classic version of the Irish cream recipe, you may now assess what needs to be improved depending on your choices.

The first step is to adjust the measurements to your preference for sweetness, richness, alcohol level, and consistency.

Meanwhile, people who do not have access to the ingredients will benefit from this suggestion. If you don't have chocolate syrup, you may use cocoa powder.

Reduce the sweetened condensed milk and replace it with evaporated milk if you want your Irish cream recipe to be less sweet. Other flavorings, such as almond extract, orange extract, caramel syrup, and others, are free to be put into the mix.

Use a vanilla bean for fuller flavor

Vanilla Beans


By adding the finest, most intense vanilla flavor, you can make your Bailey’s Irish cream even more special. Use a vanilla bean or pod to get it right.  Just cut the vanilla bean, scoop out the good stuff, and add it to the mix.

Your creation will be filled with taste and refinement with the vanilla flavor. If you're on a budget or just want something easy, using vanilla extract could be a better option.

Make your own Half & Half

Milk in Jug

To achieve the perfect mix of creamy and watery in your Bailey’s Irish cream, do the half & half method. Use a half cup of whole milk and a half cup of heavy whipping cream in this recipe.

If you simply use milk, your Irish cream may not be thick enough to be called Irish cream. It will be too runny and will have a watered-down quality. But your Irish cream will curdle if you simply use heavy whipping cream. Half & half will strike the ideal balance between the two.

Use a mixer if you don’t have a blender

Electric mixer in yellow background

Everyone may enjoy Bailey’s Irish cream and make their own at home. If you were in the middle of reading a homemade recipe and were suddenly saddened when you saw the word "blender," don't worry. You can still prepare it using an electric mixer or a whisk.

Simply combine your ingredients in a mixing bowl and blend with an electric mixer or a whisk until the ingredients are mixed. Because certain blenders might cause the mixture to curdle, you'll find that mixers are a safer option.

The downside is that it takes some time and effort. However, if you don't mind, you can use these tools.


Bailey’s Irish cream is a fantastic addition to any drink. The liqueur has excellent consistency, flavor, and versatility, making it a perfect staple in any bar or kitchen cabinet. Start trying your version, and let us know in the comments how it turned out!


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