Escape To Your Own Summer Getaway With Malibu's 6 New Rums

Escape To Your Own Summer Getaway With Malibu's 6 New Rums

Oh, summer!  What could be more picture-perfect than dazzling images of clear, blue skies; endless stretch of sandy beaches; and the sweet taste of tropical fruits in season? And what better way to get into this colorful summer spirit than by trying all six of Malibu’s new cocktail offerings.

So, what are you waiting for? Cool down with Malibu’s wide range of tropical fruit-flavored rums and grab your family and friends for an unforgettable summertime adventure.

Who is Malibu?

Malibu is the best-selling natural coconut-flavored rum in the world. Its iconic white packaging perfectly captures the drink’s carefree Caribbean vibe. It is famous for its Malibu Black and Malibu Island Spiced rum varieties.

Malibu was originally manufactured in Curaçao. Over the years, it has been sold to several international distilleries including the West Indies Rum Distillery, Ltd., Diageo, and Allied Domecq before finally being sold to its present owner, the French group, Pernod Ricard.

New Flavors

Recently, Malibu has come up with six new tropical products that are perfect for the hot summer days­­––and nights, whenever you like it. This new collection is a perfect blend of tropical fruit goodness in a smooth rum finish.

  • Malibu Mango – Tease your taste buds with the mouth-watering mango and creamy coconut taste of Malibu Mango. Pair with ginger beer and lime for an invigorating and delicious cocktail experience.

  • Malibu Lime – Want something bold and fresh this summer? Malibu Lime is the perfect mixer with its bold and delightful taste with a refreshing lime finish. Mix with lime juice and simple syrup for a sassy and sexy frozen lime daiquiri.

  • Malibu Pineapple – Pineapple is the quintessential summer fruit and Malibu just made it even better by infusing it with coconut flavor and the smoothness of rum. Recreate a classic piña colada recipe with the Malibu Pineapple by mixing it with coconut cream, pineapple juice, and fresh pineapple.

  • Malibu Black – Party all night with this bold combination of rum and coconut liquor in a bottle. Try it with a lemon juice, yellow chartreuse, syrup, and fresh pineapple for an aptly named cocktail recipe­­––Caribbean Sunshine. It’s the ultimate drink to keep your summer spirits up for endless fun this summer.

  • Malibu Passion Fruit – If the summer days are just too hot to handle, quench your thirst with a seductive mix of passion fruit, coconut, and rum. Turn up the heat even more with the Porn Star Martini, a scintillating cocktail recipe made up of Malibu Passion Fruit, Absolut Vanilla, Passion Fruit Puree, apple juice, vanilla sugar, and Prosecco. The mouth-watering combination is guaranteed to whet your appetite and make you cry out for another glass.

  • Malibu Tropical Banana – Enjoy long, lazy summer afternoons with a glass of refreshing ice cold Tropical Banana & Coconut Water recipe. Made with one part Malibu Tropical Banana and two parts Coconut water, it is the perfect drink when you just need to relax after a scorching summer day.

Can’t get enough of these exciting fruity cocktail flavors from Malibu? Try also a refreshing glass of ice-cold Moscow Mule to quench your thirst this summer.


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