Man pours white wine using Coravin model one

Wine Aeration With Coravin Wine Opener: Is It Possible?

Man pours white wine using Coravin model one

Wine aeration is the process of exposing the wine to air before drinking it. By allowing the wine to breathe, you can change its chemistry to enhance its flavor and aroma. But can you aerate wine while using the Coravin wine opener? Thanks to the Coravin Aerator, this is now possible.

Specially designed for the Coravin wine preservation system, the Coravin aerator enables you to pour perfectly aerated wine without removing the cork from the bottle. By mixing the right amount of air to the wine as you pour, this wine aeration device eliminates the need for long hours of decanting but provides the smooth, silky taste of decanted wine.

Why Aerate Wine?

Most bottles of wine give out an unpleasant smell when you open them for the first time. It could be a medicinal scent due to the ethanol content or a whiff of rotten eggs caused by the sulfites added to it to protect against microbes and too much oxidation. 

Aerating the wine will let these compounds evaporate and disperse the unwanted initial odors, releasing the beautiful wine aroma for you to enjoy.

Aerating the wine quickens its aging, giving the drinker a glimpse of the wine’s full cellaring potential. By improving the wine’s flavor, aroma, and taste, aeration ensures that you get the most out of the wine.

How the Coravin Aerator Works?

A man pouring a wine using Coravin wine Aerator

The Coravin aerator is a piece of accessory that features 24 strategically sized and positioned holes. 

Utilizing the Coravin wine preservation system’s pressurized argon gas, it forces wine through these holes, creating small jets of wine when pouring. These thin streams of wine expand the surface area of wine exposed to air, optimizing the wine’s oxidation.

This wine aeration tool fits securely on the spout of all Coravin wine openers. By installing it in your Coravin wine preserver, you can aerate any amount of your favorite wine while simultaneously preserving it. 

According to the preliminary tests conducted by the Coravin team, using the Coravin Aerator is comparable to decanting your wine for approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Which Wines to Aerate?

A woman pouring a wine using Coravin wine Aerator

In general, most red wines taste a lot better after going through aeration. They contain high levels of pigment molecules that react to oxidation by changing their flavors. Earthy-flavored red wines that have undergone long-term aging in a cellar, for example, reveals a greater range of flavors after aeration.

However, it is important to remember that not all wines benefit from aeration. Sometimes it does not improve the wine’s flavor, and other times it ruins a perfectly great bottle of wine. To prevent this from happening, we suggest tasting the wine first before you consider aeration.


With the new wine aeration technology, Coravin offers wine lovers around the world the freedom to enjoy a sip of aerated wine while pouring with a wine preservation system. Bring out the best in every glass of wine with the Coravin aerator and preserve the rest with the Coravin wine opener.

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