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We at Advanced Mixology aim to please our valued customers so we decided to go a little further and pull together some of the most loved items on Amazon to help cut down your research time to high-rated bar tools and accessories with good reviews.  

For making cocktails

Making cocktails can be fun if you have the proper tools. Get the right measurement for your liquors, liqueurs, syrups, and every liquid ingredient by using the proper measuring tools. Check out the double jiggers: classic, Japanese, and bell jiggers, single chamber jiggers, and even novelty jiggers. The jiggers come in different finishes you can choose from to suit your home bar design. Muddle your ingredients with the choice of wooden, stainless steel, and composite material muddlers to get the most out of your herbs, berries, and fruits.

If you prefer freshly squeezed juices for your cocktails, you can never go wrong with the citrus squeezers we included in this list. 

Shake everything up with your choice of shakers, we have both cobbler and Boston shakers that are sold in solo or sets. The shaker and shaker sets come in stainless steel, copper, matte black, and rose gold finishes. Some of the shaker sets come with organizers too so you can organize your home bar tools in one place. If you are not very fond of shaking, you can always opt for the mixing glasses. 

For your virgin cocktails and shakes on the go, you can opt for shaker bottles; some even come with a stainless steel shaker ball for better mixing of your ingredients. Choose from the many designs and colors that will fit your personality.  

Strain out your ingredients and ice chips with a variety of Hawthorne, julep, and fine mesh strainers, sold in singles or in sets. They also come in a variety of finishes so you can keep the theme of your bar tools without sticking to a single brand or design. 

For opening bottles

Whether you’re opening wine bottles, beer, soda, or ginger beer bottles and cans, we got you covered. Choose from a variety of foil cutters and corkscrews for opening wine bottles and bar keys of all types, including classic and novelty designs. 

For chilling and serving your drinks

Serve your beer, soda, wine, and champagne chilled with coolers for single wine bottles to a bucket of beers. Take your pick from the utilitarian beverage tub to trendy wine buckets. Have a good supply of ice nearby in the trendy ice buckets that come either with a scoop or a pair of ice tongs. If you are not fond of watered-down whiskey and old-fashioned cocktails, try the high-quality chilling stones. Some come in sets with a couple of whiskey glasses so all you need to whip out is the whiskey. 

We also have reviews for some of the items on this list. Check them out to make better decisions before purchasing your next bar tool.


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