5 flamed shot glasses with colorful background

[Infographic] How Many Ounces In A Shot Glass?

, by Loren Quimbo

5 flamed shot glasses with colorful background

After a fun-filled night of drinking, you woke up with a headache and an upset stomach. Recalling what happened, you only had around 1 to 2 shots of your favorite spirit. But why did you feel nauseous and very tired? When asked how many ounces in a shot glass, most of us would answer “one”. But that is not the case.

In Utah, their definition of a shot is 1.5 oz while elsewhere in the U.S., a shot can range from 1.25 oz to 1.5 oz. There is no standard size of a shot as it varies on the glass and the country you are in. Why is knowing this important? Being aware of how many ounces in a shot you are drinking helps prevent any unwanted incidents while you are under the influence of alcohol.

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How Many Oz in a ShotMeasuring Cup

Shot glasses are the standard measuring tool we are familiar with when drinking. Since we count every shot as one, we were made to believe that a shot glass is equal to 1 oz of alcohol. But in reality, these small drinking glasses usually hold around 1.5 oz to 2 oz of liquor. 

How Many Tablespoons in a Shot?

If by any means you cannot find a shot glass, using a tablespoon to measure how many ounces in a shot is a good option. A tablespoon holds around ½ oz of liquid. Taking into consideration the U.S. standard size of a shot, you will need around 3 tablespoons of liquor to come up with a single shot. When a tablespoon is not around, you can also use a teaspoon as an alternative. A 1.5 oz of liquor is equivalent to 9 teaspoons.

How Many mL in a Shot?

The average ml in a shot glass is 44 ml. This is the counterpart of the 1.5 oz measurement. However, the amount can vary depending on the size of the shot glass. For a small shot glass, the liquor is around 30 ml. A medium-sized one is at 44 ml. Whereas, the larger shot glass has a total of 89 ml content.

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Things to Consider When Measuring How Many Oz in a Shot

As you may have understood already, the answer to how many ounces in a shot glass is not certain. There are several factors to consider when identifying the total liquid content in every shot.

Size of the Shot Glass

Shot glasses come in unique sizes and styles. Because of this, the amount of liquid poured can have different measurements. Take for example cheat glasses. These types of shot glasses have thick and sturdy bottoms that create an illusion of a full poured liquid. However, the glasses can only hold ⅔ of an oz.
Different glaases filled with liquor

The Country

Believe it or not, the country where you drink has various qualifications of how many oz in a shot there is. In the United States, a single shot is at 1.5 oz or 44 ml. In Australia, it ranges from 30 ml to 60 ml. While in Germany, the standard shot is only 20 ml to 40 ml. Here are the rest of the countries and their conversion of a shot.

How Many Ounces In A Shot by AdvancedMixology.com

Why‌ ‌is the ‌Precise‌ ‌Measuring‌ ‌of a ‌Shot‌ Important?‌

Man drinking at a bar with a shot glass

Knowing the exact measurement of a shot of alcohol means that you are well-aware of the amount of liquor you are getting into your system. It may not be significant at first but when you are already feeling ill because of drinking too many shots, you might start counting how many ounces in a shot is your limit. You don’t want that to happen, right?

Also, if you mix your drinks at home, the precise measurement of a shot can make or break the taste of your spirit. So to ensure that every cocktail recipe is followed accordingly, the usage of a shot glass is advisable.


There is more to a shot glass than we think, right? Next time when you look at those small glasses, we hope that you take into consideration the amount of alcohol content you might be consuming. After all, you don't want to go beyond your drinking limit, just to be safe.

Share us your funny stories involving these small but terrible shot glasses in the comment section below.

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