25 St. Patrick's Day Drinks That Are Not Green Beer

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St. Patrick’s Day Drinks: Green Beer Alternatives

Happy St. Patrick’s day! It’s that time of the year again where people have an excuse to drink green beer. But if you think this beverage is overrated, why not try these delicious and gorgeous St. Patrick’s day drinks instead?

1. Green Dublin Apple CocktailGlasses of Green Dublin Apple cocktail with natural apple

One of the classic St. Patrick’s day drinks is the sweet and tangy Green Dublin Apple Cocktail. This is not your usual apple martini, as it uses Irish whiskey instead of the typical vodka. The cocktail also incorporates cranberry juice for that extra sour hint.

2. Irish Eyes A glass of Irish Eyes with lemon and cinnamon sticks

While most St. Patrick’s day drinks are housed in highball glasses or martini glasses, Irish Eyes uses a lowball glass to showcase the beautiful green and white color combination. This cocktail only uses three ingredients: creme de menthe, Irish whiskey, and some cream. 

3. Tullamore Irish WhiskeyA bottle of Tullamore Irish Whiskey

Not a fan of cocktails? Grab a glass and pour in this smooth and citrusy Irish whiskey. The medium and mellow finish of this liquor is perfect on its own. You can also use it as a base for cocktails such as the classic whiskey sour.

4. Shamrock Juice CocktailA glass of Shamrock Juice Cocktail with straw and slice of orange

Shamrock Juice Cocktail should definitely be part of the eye-catchy St. Patrick’s day drinks. The blue and green ombre colors are beautifully layered. This cocktail may just look simple, but it indeed hits you to the core. The combination of gin, vodka, rum, tequila, and blue curacao gives off a bitter yet citrusy hint in every sip.

5. Irish Cream and CoffeeA glass of Irish Cream and Coffee

Coffee and booze lovers will surely enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s with the home runner Irish Cream and Coffee. Sweet and creamy with a kick of caffeine and Irish whiskey will keep your senses awake for partying and merry-making the entire day. If you got some pastry in the oven, this warm beverage is a good match.

6. Bailey’s Coffee FloatA glass of Bailey's coffee float with beans and vanilla ice cream

Give your usual vanilla float a whole new twist by incorporating coffee and Irish whiskey. Bailey’s Coffee Float is every smoothie lover’s dream. The combination of vanilla ice cream, Irish cream, cold brew coffee, and chocolate syrup creates a sweet and creamy treat you would want to have several times.

7. Grasshopper CocktailTwo glasses of Grasshopper Cocktail in a tray

Another green drink on the list, the Grasshopper Cocktail is a sweet and mint-flavored drink that is usually served every after a meal. The calm color of light green is from the creme de menthe, which gives off a cool and minty hint. It also uses creme de cacao for that semi-sweet chocolate taste.

8. The Irish MuleTwo copper mugs of Irish Mule with limes and mint

Probably one of the most refreshing St. Patrick’s day drinks is Irish Mule. This cocktail is made of ginger beer, Irish whiskey, and lemon juice which is a perfect marriage of sour and bitter flavors. This twist on the usual Moscow Mule uses whiskey instead of vodka for that extra citrus note.

9. Mini Beer ShotsBeer shots

St. Patricks’s day is a beer holiday, but this doesn’t mean that you need to keep drinking green beer! Welcome aboard the adorable mini beer shots with cream on top. If you think the additional cream won’t do much, you are wrong. The cream adds more sweetness and texture to the beer’s bitter taste.

10. Peppermint MartiniTwo glasses of Peppermint Martini

Peppermint Martini is not just exclusive to Christmas. It is an all-rounder cocktail that is also ideal to have during celebrations such as St. Patrick’s day. This beautiful white drink has a cool and creamy texture derived from the white chocolate liqueur, vanilla, vodka, half & half, and peppermint extract.

11. Vanilla Matcha SmoothieTwo glasses of Vanilla Matcha Smoothie

While liquor is a staple for celebrating St. Patrick’s day, those who prefer zero-proof beverages can enjoy the creamy Vanilla Matcha Smoothie. Aside from the green color, this St. Patrick’s day drink is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that are good for your immune system! You only need some banana, vanilla, almond milk, and matcha powder.

12. Green Jello ShotsGreen Jello Shots

You can never have much “green” stuff on this day. The Green Jello Shots is the perfect fusion of a drink and dessert. These jiggly shots are explosive with lime and earthy flavors from vodka and gelatine. Plus, each mixture creates several servings for your guests.

13. Green Bloody MaryGreen Bloody Mary

If you want to skip the tomato goodness of the classic Bloody Mary, this spin-off will surely take your taste buds to a whole new level. Green Bloody Mary is a combination of tomatillos, yellow tomatoes, lime, vodka, celery, and horseradish. These ingredients create that extra sour and spicy kick that you might not feel in your “red” Bloody Mary.

14. Irish HammerA shot glass of Irish Hammer Drink with coffee beans

Another go-to drink during St. Patrick’s day is the sweet and smooth Irish Hammer. The recipe does not need many ingredients aside from whiskey, Irish mist, and Irish cream. This shot gives off honey and caramel notes with slight bitter hints from the whiskey.

15. MojitoTwo glasses of Mojito with lime and mint leaves

Mojito is really not associated with St. Patrick’s day. However, the presence of mint leaves and other green ingredients make it an excellent addition to the list. A good mojito only needs some natural sweetener from the honey, cool notes from the mint, sourness from the lime, and the citrus and bitter hints of vodka. 

16. Sour Apple Tequila Sour Apple Tequila with oranges

Channel your inner Irish with this boozy Sour Apple Tequila. Get ready to party with sweet and sour flavors, and hints of apple and lime in this bright green-colored cocktail. If you want less alcohol in your system during the festivities, you can mix this St. Patrick’s day drink in a highball glass and fill it up with lime soda.

17. Irish BuckGlasses of Irish buck cocktail with lemon slices

This whiskey and ginger ale combo is perfect when trying out the green cupcakes and pesto pasta you prepared for St. Patrick’s day. The sour and citrus note perfectly match any savory or sweet dishes.

18. Basil Lime DaiquiriA glass of Basil Lime Daiquiri with a cocktail shaker and a stirring spoon

Celebrate St. Patrick’s day with a nice glass of Basil Lime Daiquiri. This cocktail delivers bright, tart, and some spice in every sip. The basil gives a more earthy and savory touch that goes well with the rum and maraschino liqueur.

19. Shamrock ShakeA glass of Shamrock Shake

    One of the most kid-friendly St. Patrick’s day drinks is the homemade version of McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. This green mint-flavored milkshake is loaded with whipped cream, ice cream, vanilla, and peppermint extract. While this is great for your non-alcoholic friends, you can always opt to add some whiskey, rum, or tequila to spice up the flavor.

    20. Irish MargaritaA glass of Irish Margarita

    Every celebration always calls for a glass of margarita. But you can add a little extra to the classic recipe by tweaking some ingredients, like including blue curacao. This Irish Margarita will remind you of a summer escapade on the beach. It has a sweet, sour, and tangy flavor paired with gorgeous gold sugar in the rim of the glass.

    21. Sparkling Green SangriaGlasses of Sparkling Green Sangria with strawberries and oranges

    Another great alternative to St. Patrick’s day green beer is the Sparkling Green Sangria. This concoction is a product of mixing Moscato wine, triple sec, cucumbers, seedless green grapes, green apple, lemon, lime, and sparkling water. It may seem like a lot because you’re going to have to put everything in a punch bowl, but the mixture creates a light, sweet, and sour beverage perfect for easing the heat.

    22. Guinness Beer A glass of Guinness Beer

    Celebrating St. Patrick’s day is never complete without the staple Guinness Beer. Irish people or everyone who commemorates this occasion usually drink millions of pints in just a single day! This Irish beer is known for its “malty sweetness” and “hoppy bitterness,” with some hints of coffee and chocolate.

    23. Drunken LeprechaunA glass of Drunken Leprechaun with cherry

    Drunken Leprechaun is one of the best St. Patrick’s day drinks. This cocktail contains two Irish ingredients, whiskey and Guinness, which create robust, citrus, and sour flavors in one glass. Sounds yummy, right?

    24. Liquid Marijuana ShotLiquid Marijuana Shot glasses with a cocktail shaker

    This popular shooter does not contain any cannabis. Instead, it is a combination of melon liqueur, sweet and sour, pineapple juice, and blue curacao. The result? A sweet and tangy shot that has a beautiful grass green hue.

    25. Jalapeno Margarita Glasses of Jalapeno Margarita with sliced chilies

    If you are a brave soul, you should try this Jalapeno Margarita. St. Patrick’s day just comes once a year, so you might as well spice up your drink. This cocktail is a perfect marriage of the bright flavor of citrus, the tequila’s smoothness, and the jalapeno peppers’ kick.


    Don’t you think these St. Patrick’s day drinks are way more fun to have than the regular green beer? So grab your bar tools and ingredients, and get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s day with these delectable and beautiful party drinks!


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